Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the current scenario. It has many applications ranging from automation to UI design. However, it is used mostly by web developers. The language is compatible with most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Javascript is used to make dynamic websites and as an added layer to the basic HTML5 skeleton, just like CSS. This allows developers to add creative forms, sleek animations, and smooth movements of various elements. There are other tools such as Node and Express, which come under Javascript that help to make the website much more interactive. With so much practicality, it is only natural that developers and interested candidates would want to learn the skill so that they can boost their careers.

Luckily, there are several online courses for individuals to benefit from. However, since there is so much variety in these courses, it is difficult to choose from. In this article, we will discuss some of the best courses available to equip candidates with Javascript knowledge so that they can make their own products and solutions.


This course is authorized by the International Javascript Institute (IJSI). It is an advanced course designed for professionals who want to solidify their stand in Javascript. The course also helps candidates who just want to test their own practical skills using the language. It teaches all the basics and helps users to understand web-scraping and utilizing open-source APIs.


Microsoft’s version of Javascript certification helps candidates to learn the fundamentals of the language. After getting acquainted with the code rules, users can apply them to the company’s technologies such as Windows server administration, Windows OS fundamentals, and interacting with DOM and HTML5 forms. The course also helps users to understand how to apply the language is security and networking.


The CIW certification helps candidates to learn Javascript and apply them to make programs for the client. Individuals get to learn how to make beautiful, interactive, and dynamic web pages. This course is great for anyone who wants to become a web developer, UI designer, or software developer in general. The course can also be used as an introduction to full-stack development.


This course is provided by Linkedin Learning, also known as the Lynda platform. It makes use of virtual labs to teach the candidates about the language. They can do small interactive projects to understand the various concepts. Not only do the applicants learn about making great web pages and form design but also learn about the best practices used in the industry to perfect their skills.


EdX is a great platform to learn about different programming languages. Javascript is no stranger to the online resource. Since it is one of the biggest languages used by web developers, it is essential that candidates take it very seriously. The course teaches the applicants about jQuery, event handling, and core concepts such as control flow. It is taught by the University of Pennsylvania faculty.


Coursera offers this course along with the faculty of Michigan University. After understanding the basics, candidates get to learn about advanced concepts such as Document Object Model and DOM handling. Besides that, they also have to submit small assignments to test their skills. As a prerequisite, candidates should know how to work with HTML and CSS.


This course by Udemy is a great help for individuals who are just beginning their web development journey. Having completed HTML and CSS, this is a fantastic course to move on to. It introduces applicants to various concepts, such as variables, events, and control flow. The program teaches candidates how to make basic interactive elements and add them to their website.


This course by Udemy helps users to understand the basic applications of Javascript and the ES6 framework. The training begins with the differences between ES6 and the previous version called the ES2015. It also includes small coding exercises so that candidates can know how much they have learned from the program and how they can make use of these skills.

Javascript is a really useful language to learn. With most of the world moving towards applied full-stack development, Javascript is turning out to be the new base language. Therefore, it is important that users who want to get into front end UI design or back end network development, learn more about Javascript to improve their employment opportunities.

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