How to create an Internet cleaning service apartments with a monthly turnover of 800 thousand dollar

In large cities, cleaning services for apartments are gaining popularity. The reason for this phenomenon is the lack of time for busy citizens. Alexander Onishchenko, PR-manager of the Hop-Hops project, spoke in detail about the specifics of the development of a effective management, cooperation with clients and the development of new strategies for promoting “Thirst”.

The idea of creating and starting an activity of  Internet cleaning serviceInternet cleaning service

Creating an online service for cleaning is quite an innovative idea for the Russian market. Nevertheless, interaction with customers through the Network is becoming a prerequisite for business development, and in Hop-Hops this is clearly understood.

Features of cooperation with the clientInternet cleaning service

The company Hop-Hops cleans Petersburg apartments since the middle of 2016 and has already earned a reliable reputation. To achieve results it is possible thanks to a parity of the price, quality, and convenience. In addition, the company organizes monthly pieces of training for employees, expands the technical base and raises the level of training. Does everything to optimize work, cleaning and become even closer to customers. Read more: How to create an online store to sell online

Services for self-order through the site or application

Companies of the first type in St. Petersburg hundreds, the second – a maximum of ten. So far, the segment of Internet harvesting is developing, and businessmen are eyeing such a model of work. In turn, Hop-Hops manages to successfully develop and move forward.

Financial activitiesInternet cleaning service

Hop-Hops holds an average market price: the basic cleaning service of an apartment will cost 1490 rubles. The company is also working on additional proposals. Express and post-construction cleaning will appear in the near future. Express will be held in a supporting format and will take 2-3 hours, which will reduce the cost. As for cleaning after repair, the company decided to purchase additional equipment and chemistry. The CleanTeam experience has shown that in work with building pollution, vacuum cleaners of increased capacity and facilities that will cope with glue, putty, sealant and other consequences are necessary. For this work, additional personnel will be needed, focused on the specifics after the repair. Read more: How to set up a food business with little money

As for payment, Hop-Hops offers two options: a bank card and cash. To pay cashlessly, you must bind the card in the user’s office. After cleaning, the funds will be debited from the account. If it is necessary to pay for cash, it is enough to transfer them to the liner, also after the cleaning is completed.

Quality service – the key to successInternet cleaning service

Hop-Hops differs from its competitors in the extended segment of the services offered and the increased level of professionalism. The basic order includes cleaning of rooms, corridor, kitchen, and bathroom. In each room, the cleaners will conduct a dry and wet cleaning, they will rub the surfaces and even take out the garbage. On request, the client can choose additional services: washing windows, ironing clothes, wet cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the oven, microwave oven, etc.

Company achievementsInternet cleaning service

The company managed to achieve good results from the very start and reach 80 orders a week later six months later.

The corporate style was worked out, which appears everywhere, starting from the overalls of the clinics, finishing with the design of the site. In the near future, it is planned to launch the application for users, since the application for the clinics is already ready. At the same time, the company is promoting the web, which brings about 80 orders a week.

The interactive segment is a promising platform for promoting its own product, an excellent platform for communicating with users, establishing promising business contacts.

Staff and project teamInternet cleaning service

At the moment, the company has about a hundred clerks. Some work on an ongoing basis, others work part-time in their spare time. The clerk himself indicates the days and hours when available, so it is possible to plan and distribute orders. The project seeks to be more secure and automates the interaction of users with the service. With regard to employment, the clinicians undergo rigorous selection.

In addition to planners, the project employs about twenty people – marketing, advertising, technology, administrators, developers and others.

Special offersInternet cleaning service

Hop-Hops offers discounts for regular customers. So, every sixth cleaning for one address is free of charge. In addition, the company develops special offers, one of the last – washing windows at a seasonal price. In the near future promised to release promotional codes for new users.

Plans and prospectsInternet cleaning service

Despite certain achievements in the market for cleaning services, Hop-Hops is not going to stop in its development. The plans of the management are strategic promotion and expansion of the project.


In modern conditions, when a person spends a lot of time not at home, it is very difficult to clean the apartment. Many people get tired at work so much that there is no time and effort for even a daily cleaning. And about the general and nothing to say. On weekends, you just want to rest, and do not waste precious time cleaning the premises. For example, any landlady will say that washing windows takes several hours. But after all the general cleaning is a whole complex of actions, and you do not have time to do them in one day.

Today, many began to contact Internet cleaning service apartments for cleaning. Cleaning is becoming more accessible every year. There is this for many reasons. One of them is high competition in this sphere. Each company is trying to offer the most favorable terms to customers.

To choose which company you’d better contact, look for information on the Internet. Now almost every company has its own website, which specifies the specifics of cleaning, prices for services, publishes photos of the result of works. You can ask friends and acquaintances – may be one of them turned to specialists and advise you on the best option. When you call the operator of the company, analyze how he talks to you: if he imposes expensive and unnecessary services, then it is not necessary to address them.


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