How to set up a food business with little money

A food business can range from a gourmet restaurant to a menu delivery business, but in this article, following the line of the last published articles, we will show you step by step how to set up a food business with little money, without this meaning that the business can not generate good income or become a big business over time.

Here are the steps necessary to set up a food business with little money:

Determine the type of food to sellfood business

The first step in setting up a food business is to determine the type of food you are going to sell; for example, if you are selling fast food (for example, sandwiches or pizzas), typical, regional or country-specific food home delivery (for example, menus), vegetarian food, etc.

To determine the type of food you are going to sell, the first thing you should do is make sure it is a type of food that you like and that you would like to prepare (it does not matter that you still do not know how to prepare it very well, since if you really like it is something that you could achieve through some course and with practice), since only then it is possible that you stay in the business with time despite the difficulties you may have.

But in addition to taking into account your personal tastes, to determine the type of food that you are going to sell, it is also recommended that you do a market research where, for example, find out what are the most demanded meals in your locality, meals where there is more competition, the taste or quality of the competitors’ meals and if you would be able to offer a meal with a better taste or better quality, etc.

 Determine how the food is going to be soldfood business

Once you have determined the type of food you are going to sell, you must determine how you are going to do it; For example, if you are going to sell it in a stand, stall or small room, in your own house (for example, in your garage), if you are going to sell it through the home delivery service (for example, in the case from a menu distribution business ), through the catering service , to companies or other food businesses (for example, in the case of providing sweets), etc.

As in the previous case, to determine how you are going to sell the food you have chosen, you should take into account your personal tastes and the market (for example, find out the best ways to have results in your locality, the media where there is more competition, etc.), but in this case you must also take into account your budget since the different ways of selling food tend to vary as far as costs are concerned.

If you are looking for a stand, stand or small place to rent where to sell your food, you should consider that, generally, the more centrally located the more expensive the rent will be but the more public you could receive, and the less central it is located the less expensive will be the rent but less public you could have, unless you offer a very good taste and quality food, which would make consumers go wherever you are.

Determine the physical requirementsfood business

Once you have chosen the type of food you are going to sell and how you are going to do it, the next step is to determine the physical requirements that you will need to set up your food business and make it work.

The physical requirements will vary based on the type of food you are going to sell and the way you will do it, but in general, some physical requirements that you might need are:

  • a kitchen where to prepare food.
  • a refrigerator in which to store food.
  • necessary supplies to prepare the food.
  • tables and chairs.
  • containers to transport the food.
  • a transport vehicle.

Preparation of a food business planfood business

If you have not yet done so, at this point it is advisable that you draw up a business plan where, in addition to indicating the type of food you are going to sell, how you are going to do it, and the physical requirements that you will need, other aspects before starting your business.

Some of these aspects that you should point out in your business plan are:

  • the name of the business and its.
  • the places where you will buy the necessary supplies to prepare your food, and/or the suppliers with whom you are going to work.
  • your promotion strategies (the ways or means you will use to promote your business, for example, if you are going to use flyers, brochures, advertisements in newspapers or magazines, website, Facebook page, etc.).
  • your prices (to determine them you should take into account above all the average market prices for the type of food you are going to sell).
  • your personal requirement.
  • your investment (the total amount of your investment necessary to acquire the physical requirements and cover other expenses necessary to start up your business).

Prepare a food business plan does not have to be a complex task, it is simply a question of pointing out the previously mentioned elements and always keep in mind the objective of any business plan that is to have a guide for the implementation and subsequent administration of a business, as well as an idea of its viability.

Start-upfood business

Once you have prepared your business plan you must put into practice all the aspects indicated in this necessary to start your food business, as well as other aspects that you might not have included in the plan, and then start to run your food business.

  • search and rent a stand, place or small local.
  • Buy or rent the furniture and equipment necessary to enable your stand, position or small premises (if applicable).
  • enable and decorate your stand, place or small room (for decoration you could simply use plants and common objects such as bottles and recycled objects, always keeping in mind the style you want to give your business).
  • order to design flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters, posters, web page and/or Facebook page.
  • perform the necessary procedures to legalize your business and obtain the operating license and other permits that could be requested in your area.
  • Search and hire staff.

Business promotionfood business

Once you have launched your business the next step is to promote it in order to encourage consumers to come to this, and/or to buy your food.

Some ways you can use to promote your business that does not require a lot of investment are:

  • distribute flyers and brochures: distribute leaflets and leaflets in the area or by the places where your target audience frequent, or go directly with them to companies or other food businesses (in case you are going to sell food to them).
  • Place posters and posters: place posters and promotional posters on the front of your stand, office or small premises (if you have one).
  • use sales promotions: use sales promotions that encourage the consumer to visit your business and/or buy your food, such as two-for-one offers and discount coupons, and then signal on your advertising material.
  • create a web page or page on Facebook: create a web page where you post images and basic information about your business, or simply a page on Facebook where, in addition to publishing images and information, you can attract followers that you can trust over time.


  • look for a unique style : in addition to a good flavor, one of the keys to succeed with a food business is to create a unique style that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, which could be, for example, in the taste of food, the presentation of this, the decoration of the premises, or customer service.
  • good service: whether you have a place to serve the public directly or not, another key to success in any food business is to provide good customer service, which could mean being polite, courteous and helpful to him, and try to always give the reason even when he does not have it.

quick attention : unless your business is a gourmet restaurant where people are going to have a good time and do not mind waiting a little to be served their food, in all food business it is important to serve or deliver quickly this, because no matter how good it is, if a client has to wait a long time to be served or delivered, it will be difficult to buy it again.

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