iPhone Not Receiving Text Messages from Android Phone

Sometimes iPhone not receiving text messages from other OS base phones like android phones, there are several reasons, it could be the fault of messaging app. Or the address can be modified by the Messages app’s settings.

To solve this problem

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on the Message option

Step 3: There are SMS, Group Messaging, iMessage, and MMS are enabled.

If there are not enable. Just click on the toggle button and make them enable.

This process can solve this problem if you properly configured the Messaging settings. Though you are facing this problem and still unable to receive text messages from another OS-based phone (Android phone) then you should need more settings to enable receiving text messages from other OS-based phones. Just follow more rules and enable your phone to receive a message from an android phone.

iPhone Not Receiving Texts

Fix Network Problem

Though everything is okay in the iPhone settings, iPhone does not receive text messages due to a network problem. So check and ensure that your phone has a stable and strong network connection. If it does not display any service indicators or network lines on the top status bar, then you have to fix something else. This problem can be happed when the tower is far from you. In that case, you try to get close to the tower or you can move one place to another place and notice on network status bar on the phone display. If you notice that your network status bar has changed and increased the Network Lines but still your iPhone does not receive a text message from android then troubleshoot software problems that are preventing iPhone to receive text messages from android.

Lack of Storage

Sometimes iPhone does not receive text messages from Android or another OS-based phone. Because there is a storage problem when iPhone doesn’t have much storage to store a new text message that time also iPhone not receive a text message from Android or other OS based phones. If your iPhone is brand new then it would not happen but it is an old iPhone or you take a large number of photos, video and you have a huge document or something like that which consumes huge memory space. Sometimes iPhone not receiving messages due to lack of storage. So free up some space. To free up space you can delete unnecessary photos, videos, messages, or documents.

There are many problems also for this iPhone not receive text messages from android. Here some solutions you can try

Quit Your Messaging App Then Reload It

This solution is temporary for the messaging app. In that case, you can force to close the app as you generally do. To close the messaging app or other apps on your iPhone just follow the steps bellow

Step 1: Go Home screen

Step 2: Pause your finger on an app which one you want to close.

Step 3: Swipe your figure left or right for finding messaging app preview

Step 4: After that swipe up on the app’s preview and close it.

You can clear other background apps on your iPhone. To clear other background apps just simply follow these which are given above.

Update Apps and iOS to the Latest Version

There are many third-party messaging apps. Sometimes there are some things wrong in the app development which can be the cause of not receiving the message. Sometimes it can happen for OS. If the latest iOS is available for your phone then it will automatically download and install. But if you don’t configure your app to automatically update then you have to set it manually to check and update your iOS. The latest update fixes many bugs which existed in the previous version. To update your iPhone Apps follow the guideline bellow

Step 1: Go App Store

Step 2: Click on the Update

Step 3: You can update one by one or all together

To update iOS

Step 1: Go settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Software Update

You will see a notification for the update if the iOS new version comes and it is available for your phone then install it.

Reset Network Settings

Network error is also a reason for not receiving text messages from android phones. Fixing network error it is not a big deal. Here steps are given to fix the network problem

Step 1: Go Settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Scroll down until Reset come

Step 4: Tap on the Reset

Step 5: Select Reset Network Settings

To Reset you have to enter your passcode than click on the confirm.

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How to fix a wet laptop? Follow these tricks to use laptop again

Did you spill a drink on your laptop in carelessness or haste? All is not lost and after a few minutes of more than legitimate despair and a bit of understandable nervousness. It’s time to grab a couple of tools and try to repair the damage as thoroughly as possible, and this short guide could come to your aid.

How to fix a wet laptop

We have drawn up a small compendium that takes up point by point all the main steps to be carried out necessarily to avoid having to trash your notebook, so let’s go and see it briefly. Small disclaimer: the following guide requires a good dose of dexterity as well as some work tools. If you do not feel like it or are not equipped with it, the main advice is to follow the manufacturer’s direct instructions (or of a repair center if you are is an out of warranty device).

Don’t use rice

The first thing that comes naturally to do is to listen to numerous urban legends from social networks, such as immersing the device in rice. The truth? It does not work, indeed you risk doing worse, to introduce small unwanted fragments inside the components.

Disconnect the power and if still on turn off the device

If you notice swelling near the battery, smoke, noise of bubbles, or excessive overheating, immediately disconnect the device from any power source, turn it off (in notebooks, hold down the power button for several seconds) and be ready (if equipped) with countermeasures to deal with a possible flame.

Drain the liquid

At this point, we have created the conditions to put our hands on the device. In an equally prepared work area (therefore dry and complete with towels or absorbent sheets) try to drain the liquid from the device as much as possible.

If you can remove the body and use a hairdryer

This step may not be immediate, as many laptops require special tools (and a certain amount of manual skill) to be disassembled; however, those have these requirements. The next step is to remove the notebook’s rear panel and start drying the device with a jet of warm air.

Inspect the battery and other components

Before reassembling everything, it is necessary to carefully check that the device’s most susceptible parts (battery and electrical contacts) are not damaged. Many contacts could be affected by corrosion or other phenomena following the pouring of acidic liquids (coca-cola, lemonade) or basic (soapy water). If everything seems normal, wait at least 24 hours, taking care to leave the device disassembled in a well-ventilated place.

Put everything back together

The real litmus test. Here an eye and a good dose of patience are required, as it is necessary to check that the system and its parts are functioning exactly as before.

Tips to fix a wet laptop

  • Disconnect the laptop from all power sources immediately. Wipe off visible water on the laptop’s surface as quickly as possible with an absorbent cloth.
  • Turn the laptop upside down and shake it gently to remove as much water as possible from the keyboard area. While the laptop is upside down and leaking, remove the battery.
  • Use the blow dryer on a low setting to try and dry pieces of your laptop that are visibly wet.
  • Place the laptop with the keyboard face down and the battery pack in a dry heat source (hot air outlet) and let it sit for a week. Do not try to turn on the laptop again until all components are completely dry
  • Reassemble the laptop and try turning it on if it appears to be completely dry. Electronic devices often work again even after getting wet, as long as they are completely dry before being turned on again.


Apple announces iPad Pro 2020 with LiDAR scanner and Magic Keyboard

The American apple has revealed to the world its new generation of smart tablets, the iPad Pro 2020, which as usual comes in two sizes: 11 and 12.9 inches. In addition to the respective increase in performance at the hands of the Apple A12Z Bionic chip, the iPad Pro 2020 has a LiDAR scanner and Trackpad support, not to mention its dual cameras on the back and compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

How to Repair A Vacuum Cleaner: Fix It Quick!


Vacuum cleaners are one of our daily needs. Mostly who are on work or even not in a work vacuum cleaner has become a must for healthy, easy, and quick cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is not just helpful in cleaning the dirt here and there. They are also accommodating to wash the messy pet hair.

Also, the persons with back issues can’t bend over all the time, and much bending can do severe damage to their back need this machine.

As it is one of the most households, almost every house in the country has this thing at least once. They can be found in different types and varieties.

They are daily needs, so no one is going to buy one every day, and as this one is a human-made machine sometimes some technical problems, you may face with these machines.

Some of the problems need to fixed by the mechanic, but some of them can be set at home if you have enough time.

Most of the vacuum cleaners come with company warranty, but here the solutions are for the time when the warranty ends, and the machine faces trouble.

Most of the time, the issues are the ones you use a vacuum cleaner for pet hair as the pet hairs jam the filter or other internal parts of the machine.

How do vacuum cleaner works?

When the name machine comes, it always seems critical. Vacuum cleaners are also machines but one of the easiest functional and easy to understand way.

The most straightforward example to understand is a coconut full of water and a straw. You just cut the coconut put one side of the straw in it, and another side of the straw in your mouth, then suck using inhalation and water fill from coconut to your mouth.

Similarly, the vacuum cleaner works. Vacuum cleaners have a powerful motor on them in which a fan runs in reverse position and sucks the dirt or pet hair, or whatever dirt you apply the machine. It sucks with the help of the nozzle and the reverse fan.

That is how simply the vacuum cleaner works. No matter whatever the design, type, or functionality of the machine, all of them work in the same way.

How to repair different parts of the vacuum cleaner?

With different problems, you may face with the vacuum cleaner. Here are the most common parts of the vacuum cleaner you may face a problem with and can quickly repair at home.

On/Off Switch

It is also known as the power switch, and this one is the most frequently used switch of a vacuum cleaner. This switch is used to control the vacuum cleaner. Every time you use the vacuum cleaner, you have to use this switch, and sometimes you have to press it several times.


  1. If your one is cordless, make sure it has no charge left in the battery. If corded, one makes sure it is not connected with any power source.
  2. Take a screwdriver that fits on your vacuum cleaners’ screws and using the screw gently remove the cover back to the power switch.
  3. Be careful when removing the switchboard if any wire that supplies power is attached to it.
  4. Now take a tester and carefully power the machines and check if the switch links are consuming power or not.
  5. If the problem is with the wire, remove it and place a new one.
  6. If the problem is with the switch, then get a new one from the market and replace the broken switch.
  7. If the switch doesn’t work after the repair, also take it to the mechanic and fix the problem.

Dirt fan

Dirt fan is one of the most important parts of the vacuum cleaner. It is the fan inside the motor of the cleaner. It remains in the gateway of the passing of the dirt from the nozzle to the dirt collector. This fan doesn’t need any repair or replacement. This one needs time to time cleanup as it functions directly with the dirt.


  1. Make sure the power of the vacuum cleaner is not on.
  2. Take a screwdriver and open the vacuum cleaners motor.
  3. Now with the screwdriver unbolt the fan.
  4. Using a cloth or brush removes all the dirt on the fan.
  5. Once the fan is clean, replace it where it was.
  6. If the fan is broken inside and needs a replacement, buy a new one from the market of the same category and fix it to your machine.

Beater bar

This one is the part of the vacuum cleaner, which first deals with the dirt. The beater bar consists of several brushes in it. The beater bar is considered to be repaired when the brushes on it are broken or bruised. Most of the time, it needs to be replaced in the place of repairing.


  1. Make sure all the power source is disconnected with your vacuum cleaner.
  2. The beater bar remains on the front edge of the vacuum’s housing, so put your cleaner in the position upside down and inspect your beater bar.
  3. Now remove the clips of the beater bar with the help of the tool required.
  4. If it is full of dirt, clean in, and assemble the parts again.
  5. If any of the parts are broken or need to be replaced, replace it.


With a vacuum cleaner, frequent cleaning is important as it directly deals with the dirt and pet hairs. After the use of 4 or 5 years, mostly the repairs come if the machine belongs to a better brand.

Those machines are just helpful for any cleaning we need to do. Not only help with cleaning dirt, but pet litters and furs can also be removed with these extraordinary machines.

This article is written on repairing the parts that can be done at home. Not all the parts you cannot fix if your hand is not enough good with such works.

If you face issues with such parts that are not mentioned here, seek a mechanic and take the broken machine to him for better work.

The Launch of Apple’s iPadOS

During this year’s annual WWDC 2019 Apple unveiled its latest iOS, but also made a surprising announcement of its new mobile operating system – iPadOS, a rebranded iOS to be used on iPads only. Even though new iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 are built on the same platform, iPadOS is enhanced and tweaked so that it can make better use of a large Multi-Touch display, offering new and distinguished features to iPad users.

Affordable And Portable CCTV Low Vision Aids

1.3 billion people around the world live with some form of visual impairment, either blindness or mild to severe vision loss.

In America alone, 3.4 million people over the age of 40 are either legally blind or have varying visual impairment. Luckily, medics, scientists, engineers and other professionals are working to find ways to reduce these numbers and develop advanced forms of technological aid that could help people cope with their visual handicaps.

Huawei Watch GT: A smartwatch without Android but with an incredible battery

Huawei has always been surprising for a few years now. Here on the market recently lacked a smartwatch capable of obtaining a greater autonomy than the classic day. The Chinese company with Watch GT has thought about it and succeeded. We explain why in the review.

Finally we have on the market a performing smartwatch in the classic notification operations or fitness tracker capable of keeping up for over two weeks and not for a classic day like the other devices do. Huawei Watch GT is not only this because it also reveals itself as a smartwatch with character thanks to its “calibrated” crown but also for its being always ready and effective in the notification functions, displaying fitness parameters but also measuring heart rate. And then? Its battery can last up to 30 days.

Different Ways To Upgrade The Electrical Outlets In Your Home

Electrical upgrades are one of the more useful home improvement ideas and some homes may be in dire need of this type of updating. That’s because homes without sufficient power can be more than just a nuisance, you could be left in the dark more often than you wish. Not to mention the potential for damage to your electronics and appliances and even fire hazards that exist.

The five best laptops for Gaming options in the tech market

Less than 2 decades ago, a laptop with gaming configuration was unthinkable. Now we are searching for best laptops for Gaming options. Remember those days when finding a computer with more than 8 GB of RAM and a processor more advanced than an Intel i5 was quite a feat. In the market, most of them were so expensive. That time it was more feasible to have a decent desktop computer of our own and was more than enough. We were so happy just to play that desktop computer in the comfort zone of our home.

Guess what? Now we have left those days far behind. Even the desktop computer has lost his unique position dramatically. Technological advance in the variety of laptops designed specifically for Gaming has increased tremendously. Competition between major brands such as ASUS, MSI and the creation of new processors such as the 8th generation of Intel, Coffee Lake and Optane processors has revolutionized the industry and all new options that put into them are better than ever.

Looking for Bluetooth speakers to use inside and outside the home? Here you have 5 off-road models

Portable Bluetooth speakers are not usually able to compete in sound quality with HiFi equipment, generally larger and more powerful. However, they offer other advantages, such as the ability to take them with us and move them from room to room in a simple way.

Some models, also, are designed so that we can take them out of the house and use them in the garden, the terrace or by the pool, something that is very good especially now in summer we spend more time outside our homes.