How the internet changed casinos

The internet is an amazing tool that many businesses rely on to bring them in new business and to also keep existing business and online casinos have used the internet to its advantage and if you are still looking for some sites the internet is full of them with more new platforms being added each week, online casinos are now one of the most visited platforms on the internet with them seeing millions of users pass through each week.

Contribution of Creative Digital Agencies in Promoting Your Business

The world now is under the control of digital technology. There is no way to deny that digital expansion and growth have improved the world’s economy, employment, and overall transformation. Today, you can’t imagine booking your flight ticket by going to the airport. You are so acquainted with mobile phones and access to applications for doing any job you need nearly.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen

Most of the Discord user often faces this discord screen share black screen problem. Discord is one of the most famous and popular applications among gamers. With the latest feature of screen sharing, this application became more delicate among gamers. However, this feature has a few bug problems which create some trouble among its users. Basically when you are inside of discord in a channel you are able to go live by clicking that button in the bottom left then you can either pick an application or share your entire screen at once.

Though sometimes when people are watching the stream it turns out that the stream is black. They are not able to see anything and sometimes they won’t be able to hear anything. Fullscreen mode, various permissions, using the option of Latest Technologies, etc are the main reason for this discord screen share black screen error. How exactly do we fix this? Well, usually if things are working properly or have worked properly in the past then a simple restart of your pc will be more than enough. Otherwise, if simply restarting discord or your PC hasn’t helped then there is a couple of fixes that we can get into that will hopefully work for you.

Here below are some solutions for fixing the discord screen share black screen problem.

Run Discord with admin

This error mostly occurs due to a permission conflict between discord and the application that you are sharing. The gaming application may run as administrator but not discord. Search Discord at the start menu then right-click on discord and click run as administrator. When permission for admin just click yes and then Discord should start up as paranormal then try to go live and see if anything has improved otherwise follow the next step.

Disable the latest technology

This option has been useful for some cases to fixing this error. Use the settings on the bottom left and then across to voice & video. Then scroll down a little bit until you find it down at the bottom Use our latest technology to capture your screen simply turn off the option beside it. Also, turn off Use an experimental method to capture audio from games. After the turn of these two close discord and restart it sees if the problem is fixed or not see if turning them can work back again.

Changing in settings

Anything that falls under the chromium umbrella will apply. At first, go to discord settings then go to voice & video scroll down and disable both OpemH26 Video Codec provided by Cisco System, Inc and H.264 Hardware Acceleration. Scroll down a little bit more to make sure that Use our latest technology to capture your screen is enable and if does not display your video disable that. Next, go to your web browser then its settings, and search hardware acceleration disable that.

Update drivers

Update your Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers.

Clear Discord cache

Close discord entirely holds start and press R there will a window pop up. Type over there %appdata% in that blank space hit the ok option. Then find the discord folder and hit enter. There you will be lots of things simply just hold ctrl+a to select everything right click and delete. If your discord is open it will clear most of the files there. Otherwise, it will run into errors where you can skip them. It may help but of course, having discord completely closed would be preferable.

Reinstall Discord

If any of these solutions do not solve your discord screen share black screen problem then go ahead uninstall discord entirely and reinstall it. Hopefully, this should work.

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How to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached Error in Chrome

While visiting some websites there is a result shown that this site can’t be reached which is quite frustrating and annoying. Chrome users most often face this problem and lots of them don’t know how to fix it. The error means that within your search query the website address which you are trying to access can’t be reached. You may make spelling mistakes while entering into the website address but mostly the main issue causes by the domain name system server it could be either fixed or reset needed. It usually appears because of different types of coding errors. The most familiar coding errors are DNS server address couldn’t be found, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. These coding errors have some meaning and there is no precise solution for them.

Here are the details of how to fix this site can’t be reached error in chrome

How to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached Error in Chrome

So, what makes these sites can’t be reached errors shown in chrome? It can be linked to various things such as the settings in DNS or chrome or Network Adapter Driver. In this article, you will learn about how to fix this site can’t be reached error in chrome by following some efficient methods.

  • Restart DNS Client: At first, go to the start menu then select run, and there you type services.msc click on ok. A file named services will appear which fills with lots of things just look for DNS Client. After finding it right-click on that and then hit the Restart option. A window named service control will pop up and there is restarted DNS Client. Now close that, restart your system and check if the problem site can’t be reached error is fixed or not.
Figure – 1
Figure – 2
  • Change IPv4 DNS Address: Go to Control Panel then click on Network and Internet. After that select Network and Sharing Center and there under Control Panel Home choose Change adapter settings. Afterward right click on the Wireless Network Connection and there hit the properties option then select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and select properties. In there change Obtain DNS server address automatically to Use the following DNS server addresses option. Two options will appear where you type on the blank spaces beside them. Type on the Preferred DNS server and on Alternate DNS server then click on Validate settings upon exit sign hit ok. Close everything and reboot your system and check whether your problem is solved or not.
Figure – 3
Figure – 4
Figure – 5
Figure – 6
  • Reset Chrome settings: Open Google Chrome there open a new tab start typing chrome://flags and enter. Don’t worry about the caution message which will appear at the top. Click on the Reset all to default option and wait a couple of moments. It will reach every setting to default. Close Google Chrome and Restart your device and check it.
Figure – 7
  • Change proxy and firewall settings: Check the proxy and the firewall. In antivirus or firewall settings let your Chrome to the network access. If it’s already there as allowed of the network’s access, remove it where it is listed and then again add it. If you work with a server of a proxy check the settings in your proxy or try to contact the network administrator for making sure the server of the proxy is working or not. In case you do not want to use the proxy server then open the Chrome menu go to settings and scroll down click on the Show advanced setting. After that click change proxy settings then select settings of LAN and deselect use a proxy server for your LAN option. Then try to troubleshoot the error by using a windows troubleshooter, finally, it shows the following error.

Reinstall Chrome

Uninstall your current Google Chrome by selecting Uninstall a program under Programs on Control Panel. After uninstalling go and download the latest version of Google Chrome install it and reboot your system.

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iPhone Not Receiving Text Messages from Android Phone

Sometimes iPhone not receiving text messages from other OS base phones like android phones, there are several reasons, it could be the fault of messaging app. Or the address can be modified by the Messages app’s settings.

To solve this problem

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on the Message option

Step 3: There are SMS, Group Messaging, iMessage, and MMS are enabled.

If there are not enable. Just click on the toggle button and make them enable.

This process can solve this problem if you properly configured the Messaging settings. Though you are facing this problem and still unable to receive text messages from another OS-based phone (Android phone) then you should need more settings to enable receiving text messages from other OS-based phones. Just follow more rules and enable your phone to receive a message from an android phone.

iPhone Not Receiving Texts

Fix Network Problem

Though everything is okay in the iPhone settings, iPhone does not receive text messages due to a network problem. So check and ensure that your phone has a stable and strong network connection. If it does not display any service indicators or network lines on the top status bar, then you have to fix something else. This problem can be happed when the tower is far from you. In that case, you try to get close to the tower or you can move one place to another place and notice on network status bar on the phone display. If you notice that your network status bar has changed and increased the Network Lines but still your iPhone does not receive a text message from android then troubleshoot software problems that are preventing iPhone to receive text messages from android.

Lack of Storage

Sometimes iPhone does not receive text messages from Android or another OS-based phone. Because there is a storage problem when iPhone doesn’t have much storage to store a new text message that time also iPhone not receive a text message from Android or other OS based phones. If your iPhone is brand new then it would not happen but it is an old iPhone or you take a large number of photos, video and you have a huge document or something like that which consumes huge memory space. Sometimes iPhone not receiving messages due to lack of storage. So free up some space. To free up space you can delete unnecessary photos, videos, messages, or documents.

There are many problems also for this iPhone not receive text messages from android. Here some solutions you can try

Quit Your Messaging App Then Reload It

This solution is temporary for the messaging app. In that case, you can force to close the app as you generally do. To close the messaging app or other apps on your iPhone just follow the steps bellow

Step 1: Go Home screen

Step 2: Pause your finger on an app which one you want to close.

Step 3: Swipe your figure left or right for finding messaging app preview

Step 4: After that swipe up on the app’s preview and close it.

You can clear other background apps on your iPhone. To clear other background apps just simply follow these which are given above.

Update Apps and iOS to the Latest Version

There are many third-party messaging apps. Sometimes there are some things wrong in the app development which can be the cause of not receiving the message. Sometimes it can happen for OS. If the latest iOS is available for your phone then it will automatically download and install. But if you don’t configure your app to automatically update then you have to set it manually to check and update your iOS. The latest update fixes many bugs which existed in the previous version. To update your iPhone Apps follow the guideline bellow

Step 1: Go App Store

Step 2: Click on the Update

Step 3: You can update one by one or all together

To update iOS

Step 1: Go settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Software Update

You will see a notification for the update if the iOS new version comes and it is available for your phone then install it.

Reset Network Settings

Network error is also a reason for not receiving text messages from android phones. Fixing network error it is not a big deal. Here steps are given to fix the network problem

Step 1: Go Settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Scroll down until Reset come

Step 4: Tap on the Reset

Step 5: Select Reset Network Settings

To Reset you have to enter your passcode than click on the confirm.

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2021 Rating of Spy Apps from Safeguarde

Modern technology can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to media consumption and distractions. Whether you want to monitor what your children see online or how employees use their time on their work devices, Spy Apps are a great way to discover what people use devices for, how often they’re used, and what they’re sharing through apps and messenger services, even if they delete this data themselves.

How To Track Person Activity With A Spy App?

Using the spy apps recommended at, you can install, activate and monitor mobile phone usage without compromising operation speed, but what can you learn using a Spy App, which devices support phone spy apps, and should you be worried about a spy app being tracked? Read on for answers to these questions and Spy Tracking Apps to try.

BBW Cams – 3 Simple and Effective Tips on Shooting A Video by Yourself

No matter what industry you work for, or whether you are a student, professional, star or teacher, you would have at least once in your lifetime, taken a video of something, either yourself or of someone else or your dogs and cats playing, for that matter. Whatever it may have been, what are the chances you manage to do it like a professional? Did you know almost 60% of the videos uploaded online are made by amateurs?