The 12 Tips For Start Playing Sports

Making movement and fighting a sedentary life are two goals that everyone should ask themselves, but often the desire to be physically more active is opposed by some difficulties such as time and the recognition of an activity that is not only suitable for your needs, but also pleasant and doable. How to do it then? Here are the 12 tips for start playing sports today …

The 12 Tips For Start Playing Sports

Start Playing Sports

1) It is never too late to make movement: Anyone can start playing sports, the goal is not to become an athlete, but to do a little more than what you do.

2) You can start playing sports in two levels: Devote yourself to a structured physical activity with certain characteristics (intensity, duration, etc.) and take every opportunity in the day to reduce the sedentary lifestyle.

3) Reducing sedentariness is the first step, within everyone’s reach: It is necessary to enter the perspective of finding ways to move more in everyday life. Some examples? Go up the stairs on foot instead of using a lift or escalator; park a little farther and do a stretch on foot; while waiting for a tram, a bus or a subway, to move by walking back and forth instead of waiting while standing still. They may seem small, but scientific studies show that these daily attentions also contribute to the well-being of our body.

4) Quantify physical activity: We can hardly quantify the movement we perform every day, but it is useful to be aware of it. To do this, you can fill out a daily diary or use ad hoc tools (accelerometer, pedometer). Once quantified, you can decide to gradually increase physical activity.

5) Choose a structured, enjoyable and feasible aerobic activity: We refer to a planned activity (at least half an hour a day) which involves some effort; choosing it is important that you like it and that it is realistic with your lifestyle. The plan must be feasible and perhaps variable, so in the warmer months you can choose to walk to the park, if it rains to devote to the exercise bike and at weekends you can find the time, if you love swimming, to go swimming. Each must try to identify what is in its ropes and its possibilities, introducing novelties helps not to get bored.

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Start Playing Sports

6) Find a fatigue mate: There are those who find motivating to train in company. You can devote part of the lunch break to walking with a colleague, or ask a friend to come and swim with us or find someone in the family with whom to alternate on the exercise bike.

7) Make a race with yourself: Not everyone likes to compete with others, but doing it with oneself is important: we set ourselves a given objective and once we have achieved it we try to raise the level a little.

8) Get free: Once you reach a goal you can make a nice gift: that pair of shoes you like, a weekend out, a desired accessory. Again, each one has his own personal list!

9) Keep your mind busy: In case you feel that time spent on physical activity never goes away, it can be helpful to keep your mind busy and distract it from the passing of minutes. There are those who choose to listen to music, those who think positive or make plans for the future, who watch TV while pedaling on the exercise bike.

10) Monitor physical activity: Above all those who dedicate themselves to a structured activity should verify that the exercise they are doing is in line with the indications received. It is also important to keep track of all the times you are training and the time spent.

11) Contact your doctor to set a goal: Especially to plan a structured physical activity it is essential to contact a doctor to check your health, to choose together the best activity to achieve the goal you have set and to have a correct prescription of the exercise to be performed.

12) Pay attention to the lifestyle: Physical activity does a lot, but associated with healthy eating, drinking water and not smoking, will give even greater results.

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