How to clean your house if you have pets

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At this point, the benefits of living with pets for those who like them are undeniable. However, there is one aspect that we should never let go: hygiene in the home. To help you with this, we show you some tips to clean your house if you have pets.

The pets that top the list of popularity are dogs and cats. These are adorable and can bring much happiness and affection both to children and adults. However, they are also carriers of dirt and bacteria; It is an inevitable consequence of their fur and their way of life.

Since our organism works different from theirs, it is necessary that we take certain measures to preserve the hygiene of our environment. The following tips point to just that: learn how to clean your house if you have pets.

Tips to clean your house if you have pets

In order to perfectly combine the fact of having a pet that accompanies you and a healthy home, we recommend you follow these suggestions:

1. Keep your items clean


Although it is not necessary to wash the dish and the dog drinker together with the crockery we use, it must be done periodically to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and even mold. As for these objects, it is best not to locate them in the kitchen: remember that they can store remains of hair and drool.

Also, if your dog or cat has a bed, make sure it is made of waterproof material. In this way, you can apply water or wet rags for a more effective cleaning. You may continue reading: 5 best indoor plants that purify the air

2. Take care of your dirt sofa


There are animals that take control of everything in their path. The sofa, usually, is usually his first conquest. We must consider that it is a surface in which many particles can be adhered, such as hair.

In what way to avoid suffering these consequences? You have two ways: the first is to buy your pet a mini sofa so that it becomes your space for relaxation and rest.

The second, in case the first thing is not to your liking or is already too late to accustom him to use it, is to buy a protector for the sofa. Then, it will only be enough to wash it weekly to keep the area clear of harmful particles for your health.

3. Beware of the products


Many times, humans have health problems caused by the strong chemicals in some cleaning products. Can you imagine the effect that they can have on a dog, whose smell is much more sensitive?

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you be careful with the products you buy. You can consult a veterinarian or a cleaning products store for items that are suitable for use when there are pet animals living in the house.

If you prefer to look for more natural options, do not forget the beloved baking soda, white vinegar, salt, lemon, among many others. They are the best option for many problems; They will be perfectly useful to clean your house if you have pets.

4. Banuelos periodically


Each animal and each breed has a recommended frequency for bathing. In that sense, the cats can and should spend more time without a bath.

Instead, dogs will need one on a regular basis. In any case, it is not good that you overdo it, since certain races, such as the Shar-Pei, just need a couple of baths a year.

The best way to be well informed is to consult the veterinarian to know specifically the requirements of your pet in this area.

On the other hand, do not forget about your hair. Brush your pet periodically and also aspirate carpets and other surfaces where your hairs can accumulate, especially in the molting season.

Finally, if your dog regularly goes out into the yard, it would not be a bad idea to quickly wash his paws before letting him into the house. If you leave a container with water near the entrance and a towel to dry it. You will do it in a matter of minutes. Remember to reward it if it behaves and lets it clean.

5. Fight the bad smell


Something that usually happens in homes with pets is that the animal’s odors accumulate throughout the house. Of course, this does not contribute to the hygiene of a house, nor to the health of its owners.

To avoid this problem, the number one tip is to bathe the pet regularly, as we discussed before. However, this may not be enough.

In that case, you can use elements such as baking soda, vinegar or even alcohol to clean furniture and other surfaces thoroughly. Also, it can also be useful to combine these substances with lemon, a very powerful natural deodorant. Aromatic flowers are another great idea; for example, rosemary or lavender.

With these simple suggestions, you can clean your house if you have pets and coexist without any problem in a healthy environment. Remember that periodic cleaning and avoiding the accumulation of objects and dirt is paramount.


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