Knitted Clothes: Bringing Back Old-School Trends

Knitting is an old-school activity where people manipulate yarn to create fabrics. There are various methods of knitting clothes, while hand-made knits and machine-made knits are the most common forms. So, one might have seen their parents or grandparents knitting clothes during their childhood, but in today’s scenario, people don’t hand-knit clothes as often.

How can you be a successful fashion editor?

What comes to mind when you think of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada? An astute editor-in-chief, whose fashion sense combined with business acumen, made her magazine the sole authority on fashion trends. Her character may be fictional, but her job is not. Read on to know what you can glean from the right fashion degree to set you on a successful career path in this glamorous industry.

All about Bralettes: Closet Necessity or High-end Fashion Garment?

Lingerie shopping is indeed a tedious task. The diversity over endless brands and types often leaves buyers confused. Categorisation and influencer marketing are two methods that anyone can agree to have “cleared the air” and given users a better understanding and the choice to purchase products of their liking.

The fashion evolution has changed people’s perspective of clothing. Although a bralette by definition is an unstructured bra having no underwire or lining and minimal padding, it is also worn as a crop/vest top as it offers a more natural fit for all bust sizes.


This sleek and comfortable garment was initially designed for fashion reasons but became an accessory that was mainly substituted for an everyday bra over time due to its versatile nature. Even today, it is considered a stylish, fashionable garment but is more affordable and chic.

Besides fashion, bralettes play a massive role in supporting women who’ve undergone surgery, pregnancy, and other breast-related health issues. Although it doesn’t provide lift and shape, These garments deliver one hundred per cent comfort, its fundamental feature.


Prevalent bralette types are – Strappy, Classic Lace Halter, Aesthetic Racerback Fit, Triangle Semi-Bra Look, and Longline Bralettes. Styling this apparel is a prevalent fashion trend. A few ways to design them are:

  1. A refined look comprises a button-down shirt or sheer top paired with jeans, heels, and accessories of one’s choice.
  2. Casual overall – a normal/oversized t-shirt with denim shorts or sweatpants and shoes will set the vibe for this look.
  3. Show-off – If the bralettes match one’s favourite colour or pattern, they can, by choice, be worn with a skirt or leggings as a top and footwear of one’s choice (based on overall outfit choice)

These garments have an aesthetic component that makes them versatile and a funky replacement to regular everyday bras or crop tops.


When it comes to size, lingerie and bras often have confusing fittings for different brands. It doesn’t vary as much with bralettes and is easier to pick a size corresponding to under and overbust measurements. Sizing up is recommended for buyers in between sizes and sizing down if they prefer something more snug.



The brand, fabric, and style decide this factor, and it’s mainly on the affordable side as it doesn’t require much effort owing to the different types of bras available in the market.

  • Accessibility:

The manufacture of this apparel now exists in almost every country and can be easily purchased from branded lingerie stores or on their online websites.

  • Comfort & Coverage:

The key element one looks for in lingerie they purchase is the comfort factor. It shouldn’t make the user conscious of the fact that they have a brassiere on! Since bralettes are technically unstructured bras, they’re often the chosen ones when it comes to everyday wear.

This garment is the best suit for deep-necked or low-cut tops/dresses due to its variety.

  1. Protection from Heat: In countries like Australia, with summers for a good four months and an easily accessible beachside, bralette-based fits are often preferred due to their airy and light feel.
  2. Travel: This apparel can easily be a travel staple due to its versatile nature and suits almost every body type. Be it a vacation with friends or family, bralettes can never let anyone down!
  3. Health Conditions:

Certain conditions specific to the female body type prefer the use of bralettes than regular bras simply because of its comfort factor:

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome): During this period, breasts are subject to swelling and other conditions, making it uncomfortable to have a bra on all day.
  • Pregnancy: This situation involves breastfeeding and extreme hormonal changes and causes uneasiness, sometimes making it hard to even breathe with a usual bra on.
  • Surgery: Cancers and breast-reduction, etc., are common treatments women these days undergo, and their one support system in terms of lingerie can be bralettes.

3 Luxe Fashion Items and Accessories for Your Workout

Have you been devoting a lot more time to your physical well-being as of late? Has working out become part of your regular daily routine? If so, why not treat yourself to a little luxury when it comes to your fashion items and accessories that you wear while working out? These items can enhance the quality of your workout and even boost your mood.

The Secret to Making Any Outfit Amazing and Classy

Have you noticed how those movie stars, Instagram celebs, and other famous people always look amazing in their photos, and yet they are not always dressed up in haute couture clothes? In fact, they look incredible even when they are just wearing ordinary things such as jeans, T-shirts or sweaters. The truth is you don’t have to be born on the red carpet or have a team of personal shoppers to look like million dollars. Heck, you don’t even need to have a million dollars! With some clever fashion tips, you can always look your best, even when you are buying groceries, having a cup of coffee with friends, or taking your kids to school.

Learning how to care for thinning hair

Learning how to care for thinning hair is very easy once you understand what to look for and what to avoid. Hair loss is a problem that affects many people around the world and although most of us would like to think we’re not the ones suffering from this problem, there are so many things that could be causing it that it really doesn’t matter who you are or how much you spend on your hair each month. A good reason to take action in this department is that there are ways you can prevent this problem from getting worse. The first step towards learning how to take care of thinning hair is learning what kind of hair is in your head and what makes it grow.

6 types of skirts and how to wear them

Why always wear the same type of skirt? Get out of the routine and learn about 6 types of skirts and how to use them so that you can always give a very different look and so that in each event you attend you are the one that attracts the most attention.

Learn about the different types of skirts and how to combine them in your looks below.

  1. Pencil skirt or pencil

They are skirts very close to the body that is in fashion. They give you a very sophisticated and elegant style and you can use it for any event in which you will look groomed without so much effort.

Wear these skirts with shoes that visually lengthen your leg and if your legs are thick avoid wearing shoes with straps at the ankles. You can also combine them with ankle boots for more modern looks.

  1. Flared skirt

These types of skirts, as the name implies, come in the shape of a bell and are glued at the top and become looser as they reach the knee. Combine flared skirts with loose-fitting blouses, jackets, and even chunky knitwear.

eye! Avoid wearing these skirts with peplum tops, very delicate fabrics, or collared tops, unless you want to go retro.

  1. Pleated skirts

This type of skirt has transcended and has gone from being simple skirts to being found in designs such as maxi skirts, chiffon skirts, and even leather skirts. Wear the most form-fitting styles with tops and chunky knitwear to balance the volume and textures of your look.

With this, you will not have the blouse and the skirts equally loose, nor both equally close to the body.

  1. Origami skirts

These skirts, not so well known by many, are generally short and as a characteristic style, they have irregular peaks usually in the front, giving them that chic touch of folding.

Use them with square blouses that give structure to the whole outfit, T-shirts, and jackets, but the most important thing is to use a shaped purse, not a bag type.

  1. Skirts with transparencies

These types of skirts can be very difficult for many to combine, but the important thing is to maintain the balance between the sophisticated and the sexy without falling into the vulgar and showing more than it should.

If you will wear a long skirt with transparencies, it is best to style it with pointed shoes that will attract the eye vertically, making you look slimmer.

  1. Skirts with opening

Ideal for a sexy and sophisticated look, these skirts can become an all-in-one if you know how to combine them. The important thing in this garment is to avoid revealing too much in the upper part since you can not have a neckline in the blouse and in the skirt because it would look too loaded.

And now that you know these 6 types of skirts, do not hesitate to use them and remember to combine them with the most fashionable accessories and accessories that enhance your outfit, without forgetting shoes that make your legs look slim and stylized.