The City where dreams are made

When Leicester beat 5000 – 1 odds to win the premier league they took on the giants and did the unthinkable – they won! Gary Lineker, Leicester boy, former England player and lifelong supporter of the team described it as the biggest sporting shock of his lifetime, as supporters went wild with celebrations that they had never dared to dream of, and a few even won some big money! But what else is it that makes Leicester so great? It is one of the UK’s oldest cities, and has a rich and diverse history. If you are hoping for a spectacular place to spend Diwali, but the budget doesn’t stretch to a flight to India, then go to Leicester, where you will find the biggest Diwali celebrations in the world outside of India. There is a huge light switch on and many celebrations throughout the day to join. It may be a little chillier than India so take a coat!

Choosing a car battery

Battery failure is most commonly identified when attempting to turn a cold engine; as such, failures are more common in winter when more power is required to crank the engine and other services such as heated rear screens and seats are placing additional demands upon the vehicle’s electrical system.  You could charge your battery at home but you will notice when you open your Electric Meter Box that you could of bought from sites like up that your numbers are rising fast.

What makes silicone rubber so versatile?

What is silicone rubber?

Silicone rubber is an elastomer that is made up of silicone (polymer) together with several other molecules such as carbon, oxygen, or hydrogen. Its structure always consists of a siloxane backbone as well as an organic part that’s bound to the silicone. Silicone rubber’s properties can vary depending upon the chemical structure and the organic group.

Keep Your Liquor Store Running Smoothly With the Right POS System

The right point of sale system can help any business thrive. However, for a business like a liquor store, that may see a lot of business in a matter of hours, both cash and credit cards, it becomes even more vital. The best liquor store POS system can be a huge advantage and help separate your store from competitors. As you will see, the Clover system POS offers numerous benefits your liquor store will continue to rely on for years to come.

Camping Quirky facts

Not all campervans are mass-produced in factories. Some fans choose to build their own from scratch or spend hours transforming old ambulances and ex-removal lorries into unique customized campers.  How ever you make them or wherever you buy them from, you still need to have a registered mots gloucester certificate that you can get from sites like  This is to make sure your vehicle is mechanically safe to drive.