How to overcome the study block? The advice of the psychologist

In reality it is a condition that does not allow you to concentrate and process the contents, even when you think you need it or want to do it. Read the advice from psychologist to overcome study block …

The students have their usual routine: early wake up, lessons and afternoon study. Planning can be our secret weapon to tackle the study and immediately impress professors, but what if we find ourselves stuck in the study? How often do you feel you cannot study despite your will or need to do it? Often, failing, the guilt can take over to aggravate the situation. In this article, the psychologist explains to us what a study block is and how to overcome it in order to avoid hindering our study.

What is a study block?

What is the study block? And how is the psychological block in the study? Sometimes this can be confused with a listlessness or a sort of laziness to pick up books and get organized, but in reality the psychological block is something else? In reality it is a condition that does not allow you to concentrate and process the contents, even when you think you need it or want to do it.

It is therefore not a matter of simple lack of energy, due to a sort of momentary weariness, but to persistent thoughts related to the fact that one cannot study as one would like. The block therefore does not allow the work to be tackled in the most appropriate way because cognitively there is a real obstacle, a limit that hinders the resources and the ability to study, to the point of inducing a student to think that he/she is incapable.

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The study block and the sense

How does it manifest? And above all, is it very frequent? Usually it manifests itself through feelings adverse to the study, difficulty in concentrating, malaise, and exhaustion, even irritability that increases if someone pressures and wants to induce us to study forcibly. Although rationally one thinks of having to study, one does not succeed and this can also produce a profound sense of guilt and inadequacy. It has happened too many and it is not at all a rare event in the life of a person, of any age.

But what does the psychological block depend on and how long does it last? It may depend on various factors linked to low self-esteem, and / or a certain cognitive fatigue linked to the fact that that material or material is difficult to process for some reason. We all, in fact, psychologically have defensive mechanisms that trigger when something we do not like, or makes us insecure, or we find it difficult to accept or understand. Even the idea of not being up to it can get to hinder the serenity necessary to work.

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The most important thing, therefore, is to understand what is happening to our mind in this blocking phase that can last a few days or even weeks, if not months. Is it just tired or we fear something? Do we have an ongoing conflict with that Professor or with that matter? Are we going through a difficult period of our life? Maybe a change in habits or lifestyle that can disorient us … Understanding the cause of the study block is therefore very important to be able to deal with it, perhaps even with the help of a professional, if needed.

Sometimes a blockage can also depend on factors outside the school, in situations that affect one’s own life, on problems that induce a general stress, both cognitive and emotional. This can involve a deep effort to face all the performances and not only the scholastic ones, but also sports for example. Most of the time, therefore, it is a passing period that can last a few weeks, but if this condition exceeds six months, it would then be necessary to go further into the question and exclude a depression or a more important exhaustion condition.

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When it comes to a period, sometimes it is enough to talk to those around us, to deal with those who may have gone through similar moments and ask the help of those who can represent a support at that time. Even studying in the company of some friends can help, someone who can be a valid encouragement. What is avoided in these cases is self-enclosure and not wanting to talk about it as a condition to hide or to be ashamed of.

How to overcome a study block

Living a difficult period does not mean being incapable or weak, but simply having to solve and overcome another test that life reserves in our path, and then come out even stronger. The personal self-esteem that each of us enjoys undergoes continuous fluctuations and at certain stages of life can undergo a real collapse, this is not irrecoverable and is not an immovable and irreversible state, but it is very important to react and do something that it allows to break that pattern of malaise and passivity and puts us back into play.

If, on the other hand, you begin to think that you have no hope of changing things or improving your condition, then you risk falling into a vortex of negativity, from which you can only go out by turning to an expert.

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