How much weight you can lose walking 1 hour per day?

Walking is an activity that will always take more ground due to restrictive measures against indoor activities, started in the spring of 2020. Many people are approaching this weight maintenance and many of them will certainly continue after returning to normality. And many people wonder if and how much weight they lose, for example by walking an hour a day. Let’s see how much weight you can lose walking 1 hour per day?

How much weight you can lose walking 1 hour per day?

If we google “fast walking “the result is 9 km / h, a frankly ridiculous value.

Anyone who has tried to measure walking speed will have realized that:

  • 5 km / h, you walk at a good pace
  • 6 km / h, you walk quickly
  • 7 km / h, you walk very fast
  • 8 km / h, the gesture begins to be very unnatural and most will experience joint discomfort after a short time

Nine km / h is certainly feasible but can only be maintained for a long time if the subject is trained and prepared for walking. The vast majority of people cannot even think of approaching 9 km / h, still walking naturally enough to continue at this speed for several tens of minutes. The mental effort to maintain such a gesture would be very demanding because it is an unnatural gesture! At this point, it’s best to use Weight Loss Balloon.

The goal is to walk at the maximum speed that can be maintained, with a still coordinated and natural gesture, which does not cause joint problems and allows us to breathe correctly. The gesture should be a bit “forced.” You shouldn’t just walk, but walk very energetically. But always natural.

How many calories? It depends on the speed!

The calories of the walk are calculated with this formula:

CAL = KM x P x 0.7

Where is it:

CAL is the calories (kcal) consumed in walking

KM is the kilometers traveled

P is our weight in kg

Let’s take some examples:

A 60 kg woman who runs 7 km will consume 60x7x0.7 = 294 kcal;

An 80 kg man who runs 7 km will consume 80x7x0.7 = 392 kcal.

For example, a 70 kg person traveling 5 km will consume 70x5x0.7 = 245 kcal.

If you are a little familiar with calories, you will understand that walking is not very expensive. Walking an hour a day means consuming a plate of pasta, small in the case of a female subject, weighing around 60 kg, medium-sized for a male weighing about 80 kg.

It is not a little, but at least it should be done every day. If we want to have a tangible impact on the calories consumed, a significant increase allows us, for example, for the same diet, to lose 1 kg a week.

Is it possible to walk every day?

If you walk an hour a day, yes, you can certainly walk every day. Of course, you can also walk 2 hours one day, and zero another … Or 1.5 hours one day and half an hour the next.

In short, you can walk 7 hours a week, dividing them as you like (without exaggerating: don’t walk 7 hours on Sundays and that’s it!

You can also take one day off, and do two 90-minute workouts, two days a week, and all other days, 60 minutes. Manage the volume and intensity of your training according to your feelings, without exaggerating but without even sitting on your laurels.

Final words,

Walking an hour a day will certainly help you lose weight. Obviously, you can follow Spatz balloon doctor’s reviews. It can be obtained just by eating exactly as before, counting only on the calories consumed while walking, to generate the caloric deficit necessary to establish weight loss.

It is very important to understand that walking uphill will allow you to consume many more calories, up to almost double. This will make you lose weight much faster, with the same calories introduced with the diet.

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