Must-Have Gadgets for Survival and Emergency Scenarios

It is crucial to be prepared for any given situation, whether you are living an off-grid lifestyle, training for extreme scenarios, or just enjoying your weekly camping and hiking trips. There are millions of people in the U.S. and around the world who visit national parks and go hiking, but many of them get lost, seriously injured, or worse. If you want to live and see another day, you need the best survival gadgets.

How to make a home vertical garden to decorate small terraces? (STEP BY STEP)

Create your vertical garden to decorate your beautiful and natural terrace

The vertical gardens are an original way to give your deck a unique decoration with your plants and succulents favorite, why do you teach to do it from home in an easy way. You will be surprised by how beautiful it looks!

What is a vertical garden?

It is a personal project that mixes a love for plants with a passion for decoration, it is also an original alternative to give life to your terrace. This wall houses natural plants in an embossed pattern and gives off a scent that will scent your room in the countryside.

How to make an inexpensive home vertical garden?


  • Your favorite plants – all must be sunny or shady.
  • Wooden pallet.
  • Pots of the same design.
  • Hooks.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Paint the color you like – we suggest it be white.


  • Paint the wooden pallet with the paint, give it several coats to cover it completely.
  • Drill holes into the wood frame where you would like to jam the pots.
  • Hook the pot to the hook and place it on the pallet.
  • Hang on the wall that you like the most on your terrace.

Advantages of having a vertical garden in your house

The gardens on the walls are the best idea to purify the air in the rooms and bring the countryside to urban areas, they are also the option to give a peaceful atmosphere to your terrace,  so don’t think twice and try this simple idea. that will give your mini jungle a refresh.

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What is PrimeFin and how does the forex platform work?

PrimeFin is a leading forex broker located in Malaysia. The forex is the largest and liquid market globally, where every day is estimated to exchange for billion dollars. But specifically, what is it? From the meeting between demand and offer of each foreign currency, exchanged in terms of another. There is a constant fluctuation on the stock exchange of the prices of the various currency pairs.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen

Most of the Discord user often faces this discord screen share black screen problem. Discord is one of the most famous and popular applications among gamers. With the latest feature of screen sharing, this application became more delicate among gamers. However, this feature has a few bug problems which create some trouble among its users. Basically when you are inside of discord in a channel you are able to go live by clicking that button in the bottom left then you can either pick an application or share your entire screen at once.

Though sometimes when people are watching the stream it turns out that the stream is black. They are not able to see anything and sometimes they won’t be able to hear anything. Fullscreen mode, various permissions, using the option of Latest Technologies, etc are the main reason for this discord screen share black screen error. How exactly do we fix this? Well, usually if things are working properly or have worked properly in the past then a simple restart of your pc will be more than enough. Otherwise, if simply restarting discord or your PC hasn’t helped then there is a couple of fixes that we can get into that will hopefully work for you.

Here below are some solutions for fixing the discord screen share black screen problem.

Run Discord with admin

This error mostly occurs due to a permission conflict between discord and the application that you are sharing. The gaming application may run as administrator but not discord. Search Discord at the start menu then right-click on discord and click run as administrator. When permission for admin just click yes and then Discord should start up as paranormal then try to go live and see if anything has improved otherwise follow the next step.

Disable the latest technology

This option has been useful for some cases to fixing this error. Use the settings on the bottom left and then across to voice & video. Then scroll down a little bit until you find it down at the bottom Use our latest technology to capture your screen simply turn off the option beside it. Also, turn off Use an experimental method to capture audio from games. After the turn of these two close discord and restart it sees if the problem is fixed or not see if turning them can work back again.

Changing in settings

Anything that falls under the chromium umbrella will apply. At first, go to discord settings then go to voice & video scroll down and disable both OpemH26 Video Codec provided by Cisco System, Inc and H.264 Hardware Acceleration. Scroll down a little bit more to make sure that Use our latest technology to capture your screen is enable and if does not display your video disable that. Next, go to your web browser then its settings, and search hardware acceleration disable that.

Update drivers

Update your Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers.

Clear Discord cache

Close discord entirely holds start and press R there will a window pop up. Type over there %appdata% in that blank space hit the ok option. Then find the discord folder and hit enter. There you will be lots of things simply just hold ctrl+a to select everything right click and delete. If your discord is open it will clear most of the files there. Otherwise, it will run into errors where you can skip them. It may help but of course, having discord completely closed would be preferable.

Reinstall Discord

If any of these solutions do not solve your discord screen share black screen problem then go ahead uninstall discord entirely and reinstall it. Hopefully, this should work.

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