Do You Really Need Wood Floor Underlay?

Choosing to invest in wood floors can be an expensive decision even before you consider accessories. Though wood flooring looks amazing, it is not the cheapest material you could choose for your home. Add in the cost of things like wood floor underlay, and you may be looking at quite an expensive renovation overall. Is wood floor underway really necessary? Let’s take a look.

The house at Dunham Massey

The National Trust has a large collection of properties in Cheshire but one of the best of them is Dunham Massey. Easily accessible from the M6 it is a Deer Park, with lots of them still in residence, a fine stately home and a garden with a nice big serviceable lawn. The whole place takes a lot of work but you can be sure that the gardeners there will be very busy looking at their mowers and ordering Mountfield Parts if they need them. What is the story behind this grand stately pile?

What is a composite?

When two materials are combined to make a material that is stronger than either alone, they make a composite. The materials can be natural, such as wood, or artificial, such as polyester. A composite usually combines a matrix material and a reinforcement material. In fibreglass, for example, the glass fibres provide the reinforcement to the matrix made of resin.

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Examples of common composites in everyday life

In the modern world, we are accustomed to composite materials and take them for granted. Our cars, floors, baths and clothes are all commonly made of composite materials.

Nickel alloys are strong at high temperatures, second only to tungsten and molybdenum. This makes nickel composites extremely useful in making turbine components.

Where are composites used?

Fibreglass and polyester resin is a composite commonly used to make bathtubs, shower stalls, boat hulls and car bumpers. The durability of the resin combined with the structure and durability of the fibreglass makes a strong, waterproof material.

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Flooring, decking and garden furniture can be made of sawdust and thermoplastic. This creates a composite material with the attractive appearance of wood but with a longer lifespan that doesn’t need treating and won’t rot. Concrete reinforced with steel rods holds its structure and is stronger than concrete alone.

What are the benefits?

Creating a composite material can provide the benefits of both materials. Composites can be designed to be stronger, more durable, or more efficient than the original materials; for example, nickel composites can be stronger than nickel alone.

Which industries depend on composites?

Many industries depend on composites – airlines, transport, home furnishing, fashion, technology, construction and more; in fact, it is hard to think of an area of modern life that composites don’t underpin. Our food comes packaged in plastic and cardboard composites, while our poly-cotton shirts and blouses keep us looking smart without needing as much ironing as cotton alone. We enjoy sturdy furniture made of wood and resin composites, then use our carbon fibre bicycles or our composite-laden cars to get to work or school. Our phones and tablets respond to our touch as a result of the indium tin oxide coating on the glass screen, which is another composite.

Engineering composites for specific purposes has driven technology and society forward and given us many of the developments we take for granted in our daily life.

Make winter a time for light!

As we enter a new year, we can look forward to the oncoming spring and summer. But are autumn and winter really all that bad? As the clocks go back in October, we can spend the winter months bathed in the warm light and rich colours of our homes. A time to hunker down and make the most of our cosy retreats.

Every October, the clocks go back one hour. The idea was first proposed by William Willett who spent his days trying to persuade people that putting the clock back was a good idea. People doubted it at first but then it was adopted in law in 1916.

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So how much light do we get in October?

The sun gives us about 11 hours of daylight on average and about 13 hours of darkness compared with the height of summer, which can be as much as 16 hours a day light.

During the day this reaches its lowest in December with the lowest level of an average of only eight hours to an average of 16 hours of darkness per day.

However, did you know that darkness does not exist?  There is only light. Scientifically, darkness is only the absence of light. Simply put, it is the lack of illumination.

We are all familiar with how a dimly lit room can make you feel a little gloomy or tired. In the same way, a light or ambient room can make you feel more awake or relaxed. Combine lighting with stunning fixtures like Ceiling Roses to get the most from your illumination. For a selection of ceiling roses click here

The great masters of literature, including Shakespeare himself often used the metaphor of darkness to evoke fear, as with characters such as the “prince of darkness” in King Lear.

We’ve all heard about “using the dark side of the force” in Star Wars, evoking the dark side of our emotions. And we are all familiar with how darkness can make us feel. We understand that darkness can affect our mood and brain to stop producing so much serotonin, or “happy chemicals”. So, knowing this, it’s important to get your winter lighting right.

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Autumn and winter are not to make us sad but to look at the bright side and how we can make our homes light, bright, welcoming and warm. The dark of night makes you appreciate arriving home to your warm, comfortable home. And of course, the delightful little lights that lift our spirits are a treat to see.

Adding lights and replacing bulbs helps to raise the overall lighting levels and in turn can lighten your mood! We need to be bathed in a warm glow to feel comfortable and relaxed. Darkness strips the homely feel of our living space. Even the most stylish elegant home can look sad in the dim light. Darker houses seem less friendly than the house that is well lit. Why not just add a touch of brightness?


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