What exactly is a CCTV Drain Survey?

When you suspect a problem with one of your drains or exterior pipes, you’ll want to consider speaking to an expert. Have you heard of CCTV drain surveys? If not, these types of surveys can provide a fast and less intrusive method for determining what’s going on. For homeowners who have noticed a slow draining sink or the tell-tales signs of a blocked drain, calling on the services of an expert in this technique is highly recommended.

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The CCTV technology involved is a bit more advanced than the simple cameras that homeowners often install outside their homes, for example. By using these cameras, problems such as broken joints, scaling, tree ingress, blockages, structural issues and partial collapses can all be identified. The process is quick and non-invasive, requiring no disruption through digging up of pipelines or drains. The information is then used to provide a detailed analysis of the work that might need doing to rectify any problems.

In addition to saving time and costs, drain surveys using CCTV significantly reduce the amount of disruption that is caused by other methods of drain and pipe inspections. The advanced technology of the cameras used for this purpose are able to supply very clear images from inside a drain or pipe, spotting potential blockages and problems. The cameras are small enough that they can even fit inside pipes of 50mm diameter, so nowhere is out of bounds! For help with CCTV Drainage Surveys, go to a site like Wilkinson Environmental CCTV Drainage Surveys

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The customer is then able to view the footage on a USB or DVD, seeing exactly what is going on inside their pipes. This removes any element of distrust between the customer and the tradesperson as the evidence is clear to see for all. This offers a more beneficial and transparent relationship between the business and the customer and results in a more satisfactory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m buying a house, should I have a drain survey done?

If a surveyor has recommended a drain survey then it’s a good idea and not one that should be skipped to save money. Many potential buyers have discovered major drainage problems that would not have otherwise been revealed.

Is there a lesser option?

There is the opportunity to have something called a ‘Look See’ report done instead. This is done with the customer present to see in real time and no recording is made. A verbal report is provided and the investigation only covers one section of the system.

What does a full survey include?

All parts of the system are examined that are accessible and a full report is supplied containing images of the problems found. This will also include grading of the pipes. General recommendations and repair quotes will also be provided.

Is the survey only for homeowners?

No, the survey can be completed for residential, industrial and commercial properties. They are also regularly completed for new build developments.

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