How to change Reddit username from the default

What is Reddit?

Reddit is an online-based forum where users can ask a question, answer the question, post images. You can discuss anything from pop culture to politics, to news, to literature, to technology what you have in your mind. If you get into a problem just post it and anyone amount the users will respond to you. Reddit is one kind of social platform where users need an account to use it. Users can discuss or rate someone’s content by up and down vote.

How to change Reddit username from the default

Before changing the username you have to understand what is username. Username is a unique identifier that belongs to only one user. When you open an account on Reddit or other forums they will suggest some usernames. Now you can pick one of them or you can create a username yourself. But it has to be unique and this username doesn’t have any other in the same platform.

Since it is a unique identification so most of the platforms don’t allow the user to change their username. Reddit also doesn’t allow the user to change their username.

Don’t be upset there is also another way you can change your username. But for this, you have to sacrifice some things that you earn by hard work like Karma. If you are ready to accept this pain then you can follow the steps below but if you don’t need to change your username extremely then don’t do it.

The procedure of changing Reddit username is separated into two parts one is deactivated and another is set a new username.

Deactivate the current account:

When you deactivate your existing account then you can’t log in to this account and it will be deleted. Though your account is no longer exists your post remains. But these posts aren’t credited to you. And also you lost your karma point too. These points are not transferable so you can’t transfer them to your new account. You all will lose all karma points forever.

From laptop

Step 1: Login into your Reddit

Step 2: Click on the username

Step 3: After clicking on the username a dropdown menu appear

Step 4: Now select the Help Center

Step 5: On the search box write Deactivate and press enter

Step 6: “How do I deactivate my account?” is one of the results among two and click on this

Step 7: After clicking, you will see a paragraph titled How do I deactivate my account

Step 8: Read the paragraph and there will see the Hyperlink on “this link”

Step 9: Click on this link and come to another page

Step 10: Scroll down and click on the “Deactivate Account”

Step 11: A pop-up window will appear and there are two buttons “Cancel” and “Deactivate”

Step 12: Click on the Deactivate button


Step 1: Follow 1st step to 3rd step

Step 2: Click on the “User Settings”

Step 3: Scroll down

Step 4: Click on the “Deactivate Account”

Step 5: Now a pop-up window appear with two buttons “Cancel” and “Deactivate”

Step 6: Click on the Deactivate button

Set new username:

Step 1: Google the

Step 2: Click on the Sign in

Step 3: It will show you a pop-up window

Step 4: Select the “Continue with Google” options

Step 5: Another pop-up window appears with a textbox

Step 6: Write the same email address which username you want to change then click next

Step 7: Input the password

Step 8: Now write the email address in the email box and click on continue

Step 9: Right side Reddit will suggest you some usernames if you don’t like them then you can refresh them by clicking on the refresh button

Step 10: Or if you don’t want to pick a username from suggestion then you can write a username yourself but if it doesn’t unique then you see a red alert below the box “This username is already taken”

Step 11: After choosing the username then enter a password. Try to enter a strong password

Step 12: Now click on the signup button and a new window appear

Step 13: Choose at least 5 communities from the suggestion

Step 14: Click on the Finish button

Now you see your username is changed to what you want. You may also like to read, 10 laws on social media marketing.

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