Why is google maps so slow on my computer?

I am usually pretty patient with slow computer speeds, but Google Maps is driving me crazy. It takes forever to load on my laptop and it always tells me that the “network is slow” or something along those lines. I have tried using different browsers to see if it was just chrome being stupid, but even when I use Internet Explorer the map loads slowly or it tells me that the network is slow.

Why is google maps so slow on my computer?

Why is google maps so slow on my computer

The cause of the slow speeds could be many things, but most likely it’s an issue with your network. Google Maps uses a lot of bandwidth because of all the data you need to load both the map image and user locations. If your computer is connected to a wireless router then it may just be that there are too many people currently using the router and it can’t send the needed data quickly. Keep reading: How to measure distance Google Maps on Android

If this is not the case and you are using a wired connection, there may be an issue with your internet service provider (ISP) or possibly your modem/router. If you have changed any settings on your computers such as proxies or firewalls then it could be that these are blocking the map data. It’s also possible that your computer needs to be restarted, especially if it has been running for a long time. If none of these solutions work then you may need to clear out your cache and cookies (instructions for this can usually be found on Google) or do a complete uninstall/reinstall of Chrome.

Steps to fix google maps so slow on my computer:

1. Clear Cache and Cookies

2. Restart your computer

3. Uninstall/Reinstall Chrome

4. Contact ISP Network Admin or a similar position at a different ISP for assistance if the above steps do not help fix the problem on your end of things.

Also contact Google about any larger issues with their program as they have the ability to help you in this area. Good luck!

Tips to make Google Maps faster on PC

If you want to make Google Maps faster on your computer, try the following steps:

1. Open the map in full-screen mode (click on this icon at lower right of screen) to increase speed.

2. Clear browser cache and cookies if Google Map is not working fast enough.

3. If the problem persists, try to use another web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

4. You can also clear your browsing history and data using Google Chrome’s settings menu (you’ll find it in the Settings section on the upper right).

5. Scan your computer with anti-virus software such as Avast antivirus.

6. You can also try to switch off or remove any extensions running in the browser which you don’t need anymore.

7. The problem may be with your ISP and you should contact them directly (this is a common issue and they should know what to do). However, if none of these steps work then you’ll have to wait for Google to fix the issue as they’re responsible for their services.

When your computer is processing a Google Map with lots of data, try not to go loading tabs or new windows too quickly as this can slow things down even further.

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