Why is there no sound on YouTube?

YouTube is a free online video library that allows you to upload and share videos, as well as view the videos that other people and businesses have uploaded to the site. Unless a video intentionally lacks audio, the sound is an integral part of the YouTube viewing experience. If your YouTube video has no sound, and it should, the problem could be caused by one of several causes.

Computer volume disabledno sound on YouTube

Lack of sound on YouTube can be a symptom of a much broader condition: that sound has been muted or muted on all equipment. If you’re using your speakers and they’re not plugged in or turned on, for example, you won’t be able to hear sound from YouTube or any other source. Even if you use headphones, which do not require the speakers to be turned on to use them, they will remain muted if a red circle with a line through it appears above the “Speakers” icon at the far right of the Windows taskbar. That means the sound of your computer has been muted.

YouTube volume offno sound on YouTube

If the sound is smooth when using other applications and visiting other websites on your computer, but you do not hear sound on YouTube, it is possible that you or someone else has muted the application that plays YouTube videos on your computer. To check this, play a video from YouTube and click the “Speaker” icon in the lower-left corner of the video. If the bar is scrolled to the left (and especially if an “X” appears at the top of the volume meter) it means that you have lowered the volume or muted the videos. Slide the bar to the right to increase the volume.

Error uploading video

If you have trouble hearing sound in one video, try watching another. It is possible that for various reasons, be it user errors or a problem with the upload process on YouTube, the video never had sound during its stay on YouTube. Read the “Comments” section of the video in question carefully to see if other viewers have previously complained about the audio in the video. Contact the user directly and inform them of the problem, if you think they intended the video to have sound.

Sound card problemsno sound on YouTube

Sound in a computer is the result not only of the speakers or headphones but also of an internal component of the computer known as a “sound card.” If your sound card is not working properly, you will not only be unable to hear sound on YouTube but everything related to the computer. If you’ve already checked your speakers and other audio output devices, and you still don’t hear any sound, your sound card is probably not working properly, or not working at all.

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