10 most romantic destinations to visit with your partner

The most romantic destinations are always waiting for couples who wish to live a special trip. Sometimes, it is necessary to escape as a couple and travel to unknown places. It’s a way to go back to the period of falling in love, the one they would never want to end.

By life circumstances such as work, family obligations, and the economy, you forget to find time for the relationship. But you have to be a little selfish and embark on a unique journey accompanied by that loved one. They will never regret doing it.

The 10 most romantic destinations that will make you fall in love once again with your partner

If you decide to take a couple vacation and want it to be dreamed, here you will find the best places. Perhaps, it seems a very subjective choice, but once you step on these floors, you surely agree.

1. Prague

romantic destinations

The Czech city is full of historic buildings with striking beauty. From the Plaza del Reloj you can feel the presence of the characters that circulated there. Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka and great national heroes who fought for democracy.

Each tour they make through Prague allows them to obtain the most spectacular photographs. With a film architecture, with castles and bridges, you have in your possession the most beautiful library in the world. A place named by great poets like Borges that you can not stop enjoying.

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2. Venice

Among the most romantic destinations, the city of the canals has a privileged place. Climb in a water taxi and embraced, moving around the city is a wonderful plan. An adventure that can never be removed from their minds, no matter what happens in the future.

Strolling together at night among the neighborhood channels makes them protagonists of the best love story. Making a wish, running over the bridges and sitting in a bar to drink is priceless.

3. Phuket

romantic destinations

If you are from couples that enjoy the beaches, flying to Thailand is one of the great alternatives. In the south of the country is the island of Phuket with its largest beach. You will find they’re surrounded by tourists from all over the world delighting in their beauty.

To complete an album of memories in images, here you will get an amount of them. Crossing the bridge, they enter the most deeply rooted and enchanting culture. In the case of a trip of several days, there is a magical variety of more intimate beaches and places to love.

4. Santorini

Speaking of Greece does not always mean talking about the origins of some words of the language. You will find in it the most romantic destinations you can imagine, for example, Santorini.

A small town with white roofs located on dark cliffs, genera in the approaching travelers, an unforgettable optical sensation. From a distance, the first idea is that the snow covers the place, however, it is its architecture. For the older ones you have at your disposal, a special atmosphere for weddings.

5. Cartagena

romantic destinations to visit with your partner

Landing as a couple in the Colombian city is like moving to another level. It was inspired by writers recognized throughout the world for their beauty.

A sunset in Cartagena, with the colors of its houses and the walls that surround it, is unforgettable. They simply feel part, for a few days, of the oldest time. It is simply, that past life in which only feelings mattered to be happy.

6. Mallorca

One of the main islands of Spain also has its place in the ranking of the most romantic destinations. And it is ideal for those who want to relax in the privacy of their commitment.

An area where good weather is always present accompanying the beauty of its nature. If you look for the balance in the couple, feel at peace and connect, Mallorca awaits you.

7. Buenos Aires

romantic destinations

In the southernmost country in the world, Buenos Aires has the most special nights you can live. A place where the oldest styles are intermingled with the most modern ones. A combination of cultures that can coexist with balance and fascination between them.

For tourists, one of the best proposals is to visit the tango salons and to indulge in a special class. A few steps of dance generates a passionate connection that they did not remember with their partner.

8. Provence

The colors and the softest aromas are the main characteristics of the French city. Make Valentine’s Day getaway with your great love, deliver fresh flowers and a kiss, is enough.

No big words are needed on this trip because the landscape does it all. The senses are stimulated as a whole, without differences. Couples of all sexual conditions can enjoy this trip with emotions to the surface.

9. Amsterdam

romantic destinations to visit with your partner

Legend has it that who kisses his lover in this Dutch city has a guarantee of eternal love. What more romantic than declaring your wishes on the Magere Bug Bridge?

Also, there are plenty of walks to make as a couple, on foot or on a cruise. All the options to reconquer once again those people who mobilize them every dawn.

10. Lisbon

The Portuguese lookouts are places where couples would like to spend more time than expected. From the well-known castle of San Jorge, the whole city with its combinations dazzle the world.

But, in addition to knowing the culture and seeing its special architecture, they can put together their own film version. It’s about climbing the suspension bridge and under the stars, swearing company forever.

How long have you not had a romantic vacation with your partner?


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