Travel to bali warnings that every travelers should know

The last couple of weeks are filled with some sad news. And the story of the attack on the girl, what happened the other day, does not give anyone peace at all. In this article, we are going to discuss travel to bali warnings you must know if you plan to travel in Bali. 

It seems that it’s time to realize the fact that Bali is becoming some completely insecure place. And the stories of stealing from the trunk of the bike already seem trivial in comparison with the stories that ended in severe injuries and hospitalization. I will not go into sad details, but things are happening more often: someone was attacked directly at home; somewhere they surrounded a couple of villas; someone pulled off a motorbike, trying to steal a bag; someone got into an accident or was shot down on the road by an inattentive driver – this list can go on and on. Continue reading: Where to stay in San Francisco

Travel to bali warnings

travel to bali warnings

The question that everyone is surely asking themselves: what to do for your safety? From all situations, you cannot wall yourself, but at least something can be done. I’m not a fan of paranoia, but it seems that it’s high time to stop treating security in Bali lightly. Here are some travel to bali warnings, which should be taken very seriously.

Own safety at home.

If you live in a house alone – it becomes risky enough in Bali. Yes, there is not always an opportunity for someone else to live in your house, but if you have a choice, it’s better not to live alone – look for a neighbor/neighbor. The quite sad recent story, when a worker from the construction site crept into the girl’s house, attacked her, beaten (and something worse) and almost tried to kill. In Bali, construction is proceeding at a pace that half of the island of Java is located here on construction earnings. And these are people who work for pennies and do not abhor anything.

travel to bali warnings

So, try not to live alone – as far as possible. If there is such a chance, hire a guard on the villa (it costs about $ 150 per month). If you have moved to Bali forever, think about starting a dog that will bark at strangers. In the house, you can set the alarm, which response to the opening of the windows-doors or traffic.

Prevention of robberies.

Leaving the house do not leave open doors or windows. When you are at home in the evening, close doors and windows. At night lock everything, including the gate. If you are (even in the afternoon) in the back room or on the second floor, close the front door. Everything is valuable – laptops, cameras, money – if possible, store in a safe; if there is no such possibility, then at least do not leave it in sight. Stupidly hide in cabinets, under the mattress and TP. Very often only that which lies in mind is carried out, as they try to do everything quickly.

By the way, if you were climbed into the house at night, you are advised to “continue” to sleep and not to wake up in any way. Let them steal what they want to steal, but they will not touch you.

Safety on the bike

Try not to go late in the evening alone on a bike through small deserted streets. If you have a bag on your shoulder – it’s a bad idea, they can pull it off, and you fall off the bike. There are plenty of such cases in Bali. Start a bike with a large trunk, or carry a small handbag through your shoulder or a backpack dressed on both straps.

travel to bali warnings

Since they also steal bikes from the trunks, do not leave anything (even things) there if your bike is parked somewhere in an unguarded parking lot. (Although sometimes it’s dangerous on guard if it happens after sunset). Valuable things (wallets, money, phones, and cameras) do not ever leave a parked bike in the trunk.

Never sit on a bike in a drunken state. At least once every six months in Bali, some traveler is killed to death. The last death from a drunk ride was a month ago. The guy arrived in Bali and crashed in the first week. A great gift to myself and my family 🙁 And of course, ALWAYS wear a helmet.

Safety in the ocean

travel to bali warnings

Take the ocean seriously, stop thinking that this is the next lake near Moscow. Not less often than from accidents on the motorbike, Russian people are drowning in Bali in the ocean. Even those who know how to swim well. How do they sink? They go swimming in large waves, get into the currents that form in the ocean and which drag them to a depth from which they can not escape. About security in the ocean there is a separate article, be sure to read it.

If you are a surfer, especially a beginner, do not try to ride where you’ve never ridden. And do not climb on waves that are more than 1.5 meters high. Take lessons in school and do not arrange bravado riding on low tide or large waves. Waves are not a joke. It seems to sound trite, but still, not everyone understands this.

Alcohol poisoning

In bars in Kut constantly arrange happy hours with free alcohol. It sounds tempting if in Indonesia there would not have been so many poisoned alcohol poisonings, which contains methanol. From it, they get blind and even die. So do not get carried away with free cocktails in bars in Kuta.

Make insurance!

travel to bali warnings

The guys with whom the unpleasant stories happened, ended with hospitalization, got on medical bills, off-scale for $ 10.000. Right now, think about where you can get that amount of money if something happens to you. Better stop being naive and buy insurance at last. Yes, they can cost one hundred or two hundred or three hundred dollars, but you will be insured against the risk of looking for friends and acquaintances such amount of money. Medicine in Bali is very expensive, and with insurance, you will not have any trouble. If you enjoyed reading our advice on travel to bali warnings, share it on social media. Let’s discover the best destinations for couples:

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