4 Steps to Achieving Your CISA Certification

Cyber Security is the biggest concern of all times now. It is very necessary for everyone to keep your systems secure and safe. Cybersecurity refers to the protection of the computer systems from the theft or damage from cyber crimes. Nowadays, every internet user is afraid of uploading any document or personal information on the internet due to the increasing number of cyber crimes in the world. And the only solution to this problem is to have cyber security in our systems. No matter if it’s a big multi-international company or a small business firm, cyber security is important for everyone to keep all their documents and systems safe.

Different types of Cyber Crimes

The number of cyber crimes is increasing all over the world and the cyber crime is not just confined to a particular type rather it is of different types such as identify theft, hacking, grooming, child pornography. Identity theft refers to misusing the personal information of the internet user. Hacking refers to using fake messages or websites to hack the system of others. Grooming refers to making sexual advances to the minors. And child pornography is spreading in most areas of our society. In order to stop the spreading of these crimes, cyber security should be installed in every system.

4 Steps to achieve your CISA Certification:

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. This certification is a globally recognized certification and to achieve it you need to do a lot of hard work and have dedication towards it.

  1. Fulfilling all the requirements for the Certification

The very first thing to achieve the CISA Certification is to have 5 years of professional work experience in the information systems control, auditing and security. If you have 3 years of experience, you can get wavier only if you have certain things such as one year of IS auditing experience, four or two years of degree that can be replaced and a bachelors degree from the university. Even if you don’t have the above-mentioned criteria you can still appear for the exam after the requirements are met. After that you will have your certification with you. Also, the criteria should be fulfilled within 5 years of passing the exam.

  1. Clearing the Exam for the CISA Certificate

The CISA exam has a grade scale which consists of 200 to 800 points. To qualify the exam, you need to score 450 points or above. The duration of the exam is of four hours and it has 150 multiple choice questions in it. Also, to appear the exam successfully you need to have the knowledge of CISA domains. The first domain has a basic knowledge of IT auditing. The second domain has all the important steps which are required of evaluation. The third domain has the necessary steps such as testing, implementation and development of IT systems. The fourth domain has steps that ensure that all the processes for IT operations are in the right path. And the fifth domain ensures that the whole process is doing accordingly and safely.

  1. Take the right Training

After you get all the required knowledge for qualifying the exam, there are much ranges of steps which are provided to you by the ISACA to prepare for your exam. There are two options available for you. One is online classes or in-person classes, you can choose between these two as per your own convenience. You can take the help of the internet for downloading the materials and questions for practice. Other companies apart from ISACA also provide courses for the same, you can go for those companies too.

  1. Understand all the details about the Certificate

To appear the exam you need to register your name. The registration fee for regular candidates is $545. And the candidates those who have ISACA membership, the registration fee for them is $415. To keep your certification it is necessary to have at least 20 hours of professional education credits every year and 120 hours in every 3 years. Also, you need to pay annual maintain fee for the same. The fee for regular members if $85 and for ISACA members it is $45.

The CISA Certification is a globally acknowledged certification with an excellent salary and high reputation. This certification is a proof of your knowledge and experience in this field. Also, it will increase your value to other companies.

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