Tips On Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

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When looking to keep your house warm, there are a number of options that you can try out. Whether you opt for a new smart thermostat or you opt for traditional methods such as corrugated sheet, this could be what you need to keep your home warm all winter. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of our tips and tricks to help you keep your house warm this winter.

Add Layers To The Wooden Floor

One of the ways that you can keep heat in your home during the winter is to add layers to your wooden floors. Whether this is the installation of a rug in the living room or runners down the hall, this can help to keep the heat in during even the coldest of winters day. In addition to this, these can then be removed in the summer allowing you to enjoy the cold floor when the weather gets warmer.

Close The Curtains At Night

Another way that you can keep heat in the home is to close the curtains at night. This will help to keep the cold out as well as ensure that the heat from the radiators is not lost inside the window. Whether this is just a thin curtain to dress the window or it is a thick curtain as a permanent fixture, this will help to direct the flow of warm air into the room whilst keeping the cool air out. If your curtains are longer than the radiator, these can then be tucked behind to ensure that no heat is lost.

Set Your Fan To Spin Clockwise

One trick that some may not know existed is the winter setting on a fan. By setting the ceiling fan in your room to clockwise, you can then begin to direct the heat back into the room and keep it at a constant temperature. This can then be changed in the summer to send the warm air out of the room and cool it. If you find that this trick is cooling down the room too much, there is always the option to turn the fan down to a lower speed as this will redirect the airflow without calling down the room too much.

Program Your Heating

The final way that you can keep your house at a constant temperature is to program your thermostat. By setting the heating to come on should the house drop below a certain temperature, you can then constantly heat the home to ensure that it is at a comfortable temperature. If set up properly, this will then prevent you from seeing an increase in your heating bills and will ensure that you are warm throughout the winter without having the heating on throughout the day when you are not at home.

With this in mind, there are a number of small changes that you can make to either outside or inside your home to help you retain heat and keep your house feeling cosy for all those that decide to visit. Which of these options will you be trying out first?

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