Wedding Planning in Budgetary Terms – 5 Economical Hacks

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Planning a financially rational wedding can be a demanding task for many bridal couples. Most brides and grooms are overwhelmed by lively emotions. Many of them get advice from different sides. Also, tradition is very important in some parts of the world.

All these elements can incur higher expenses than you want. Since nobody wants to ends their wedding day in debt, here are five economical hacks for a frugal but wonderful wedding.

1)    Wearing semi-formal outfits

Most brides and grooms buy expensive gowns and tuxedos, respectively.

On the one hand, it’s an understandable fashion style for a wedding. The risk of making a mistake with your choice is minimal if you go the classical way.

However, this combo is the most expensive option. You might splurge thousands of dollars on these two clothing items before you say “I do“.

So, think about wearing semi-formal outfits. By this, we don’t mean a pair of jeans or a punk T-shirt.

The bride can combine a shirt, a pair of formal pants, and a blazer. The bride can combine a less formal dress with some trendy shoes and add some wedding accessories to it.

The point is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on wedding stylists of wedding clothes.

2)    Opting for inexpensive decorations

The easiest thing to do is enter a wedding decoration agency, order dozens of decorations, and pay all that with your credit card.

Still, this isn’t the smartest thing to do.

What you can do instead is opt for inexpensive but equally attractive decorations.

Visiting a local flower market is a wise way to start. Instead of sterile and expensive flower arrangements, think about bouquets with wild flowers. They can give your wedding tables a vivid diversity of colors of shapes.

Asking your friends and relatives is another clever strategy to save some money on decorations. You can find some inspirational ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. The rest is just your time and your own creativity.

3)    Optimizing your cake

Wedding cakes are among the most expensive items on the wedding list. Confectioners specialized in wedding cakes know that brides and grooms are ready to pay more than usual for these cakes.

However, you don’t have to waste a lot of money on your wedding cake.

For instance, you can ask your family members to help you make your own wedding cake. If you downscale the entire wedding reception, going for cupcakes is another economical option. These cakes are trendy today, so they’ll give your wedding reception a taste of cutting-edge creativity.

Also, in some cultures, guests like to bring cakes to weddings. You can communicate this matter with your invitees and arrange a cake combo that could completely replace an official wedding cake.

4)    Downscale the photo session

Instagram and Pinterest can help you significantly with some frugal wedding ideas. But they can also put you under the pressure of having a fancy photo session. Hiring a professional photographer might not fit into your frugal business plan.

What you can do is downscale the entire photo session. Today, everybody has a powerful mobile phone. Some of these mobiles make clearer images than some modern cameras.

So, feel free to tell people at the wedding to take photos and make videos. After that, you can ask them to send you all those materials.

Still, it would be useful to choose a wedding photographer among your friends. This person can take photos at your wedding ceremony and the wedding session. You can read more about making the most out of a wedding photographer in our blog post.

5)    Booking an affordable venue

Contemporary wedding venues can cost an arm and a leg, especially in cities. Restaurants and wedding halls are most expensive during peak seasons. This usually means that you’ll pay more for a wedding venue in May and Jun or in September.

Think about organizing a wedding reception in a less crowded time of the year. That way, you’ll save some money on the venue itself. Other providers of wedding services will be less expensive in those periods, as well.

Besides, it’s more economical to throw a wedding party in a secluded and calm environment, such as the exclusive wedding venue in College Station. Such venues give you enough tranquility and peace for this important day.


We usually organize our wedding days overwhelmed with strong emotions. When feelings are intensive, we don’t always make rational decisions. Since nobody wants to pay a loan for a wedding, it’s crucial to stay focused and rational while arranging a wedding reception. Also, remember that downscaling wedding expenses doesn’t mean downgrading the wedding day. On the contrary, creative and frugal ideas can give special visual spices to this important day. As a result, you’ll come up with more original solutions and keep a few cents more in your pocket.

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