10 trendy animations for your summer wedding

You dream of a wedding in summer where laughter and good humor are at the rendezvous. Whether you opt for a classic aesthetic or an original wedding, you always want your wedding decor exudes joie de vivre. To ensure that your loved ones are entertained, the best way is to offer them some wedding games.

Have you decided to say yes in the middle of summer? So here are some suggestions for activities and other wedding events that will bring a breath of fresh air and entertainment to your event!

Speakymagazine.com share with you 10 trendy animations for your summer wedding

1. Cocktail Bar


Let’s start with a timeless! Nothing better to cool off in summer than to enjoy a delicious cocktail. Your friends will appreciate being able to go to the bar to order their favorite mixes. Feel free to choose the refreshing options, especially with lemonades, mojitos and other caipirinhas, with watermelon, melon, and other summer fruit cocktails.

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2. Masked photobooth

The photobooth, we know! And the masked photobooth? If you are looking for a way to personalize this idea of wedding animation, make available to your loved one’s masks related to your wedding theme. In the middle of summer, opt for lightweight masks, although the latest trend is to put on masks of animals covering the entire head.

3. Magic wine of honor

Magic is against all odds against wedding receptions. This is indeed an entertaining and uncomfortable show for your loved ones who will have to let themselves be carried away by the instructions of the magician who will circulate group in a group to amuse the guests without disturbing them too long.

4. Synchronized swimming show


This is one of the latest trends in summer animation. If you have the chance to celebrate your union in a space with a swimming pool, hire a synchronized swimming group that will offer your loved ones a refreshing dance demonstration!

5. Photobooth by car

Want original wedding photos of your event? Rather than placing your loved ones in a classic photo booth, have them climb aboard a four-wheeled photo booth! Some providers offer you to rent a van or combi photobooth. Installed on the back seat your loved ones will pose for entertaining shots at will!

6. Ice roll bar


Ice cream yes, but not just any! Surprise your guests with the latest ice doll dessert trend. It is simply ice cream rolled on itself forming delicious rolls with various flavors. An aesthetic and original presentation that will leave no one indifferent.

7. Coffee Stand

Specialty coffee or specialty coffee is in fashion. This daily drink has become grand cru since people began to take an interest in the traceability of the raw material, the very particular aromas of each variety and the roasting of the grains. Introduce your loved ones to the art of coffee with a stand that will make them discover all the subtleties of this drink. And because we are in summer, we will not forget to propose a cold brew option!

8. Floral workshop


Nature SceneryHere is an idea of wedding game that seduces more and more couples. This is to provide your relatives flowers, branches, and ribbons to allow them to compose a small floral accessory that will sublimate their outfit. A professional may be present to guide them in their work.

9. Vyniles Workshop

The vinyl workshop or vinyl bar is also part of the main trends of summer weddings. We install here a stand like a record store by making available to his friend’s dozens of types of vinyl in bins. Your guests can then choose their favorite bands and entrust the types of vinyl corresponding to a DJ who will be responsible for making their favorite songs heard.

10. Champagne dress


We had to dare! The champagne dress is an amazing structure that is placed around the wedding dress or a waitress who is then surrounded by dozens of flutes of champagne. An original way to serve champagne but be careful not to spill everything!

When getting married in the middle of summer, it is important to know how to adapt your outfit by choosing a light wedding dress and a wedding suit made in fabrics adapted to hot weather. Think about it during your shopping session!


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