Wedding Cake: 10 Ideas to save on the wedding cake

Close your eyes and imagine the 5 most important elements that turn a normal party into a wedding. I bet you what you want, you probably thought of a wedding cake, right? It is that the wedding cake is definitely in the top 5 of what makes a wedding a wedding. So, how do you do to save with this element of such importance?

Today it seems that wedding cakes are becoming more and more elaborate, more and more colorful, and also more and tastier. With this trifecta of beauty, design, and flavor if you want something really special and unique you can end up spending up to $ 120 a slice – well, that’s what they want you to believe. Actually, with a little flexibility, creativity, and inventiveness, you can enjoy a delicious and beautiful wedding cake at an affordable price.

The first thing is to prioritize, always choose flavor overlook because a modest cake that is delicious will be remembered as delicious, and a cake super elegant and decorated but nothing tasty will be remembered as the fiasco that tasted terrible. Second, calculate the number of people who will attend your wedding and consider if in addition to the cake you will serve other desserts. With this in mind, be prepared to make smart purchases and have the cake of your dreams at a delicious price.

Let’s check this 10 ideas to save on the wedding cake

1. Simplify the design

The first thing you should know is that what most increases the cost of a wedding cake are those complicated designs and elaborated with endless details. Meaning: the more time the pastry chef has to spend on your most expensive cake will come out. That is why the radical difference in prices between normal cakes and wedding cakes is because confectioners already know that they are likely to spend a lot more time on a wedding cake than on a normal cake. Not to mention that the expectation level of a girlfriend is not the same as that of a birthday boy.

wedding cakeSo, what to do? Simplify the design Start by asking the cost of a normal cake (not wedding) for the number of people you need. Opt for something really tasty and beautiful. If you do not see anything that you like among the “normal” cakes, go to the wedding cake section but remember to measure yourself with fondant, sugar pearls, painted or relief designs, and all that type of decorations. Requesting reports based on a simple cake will give you a general idea of the cost, although you will still have to add the costs of transport, assembly, decoration, and the service of cutting and serving the cake that the room or food and beverage supplier will charge you. You may also check this article:  8 essentials of the groom’s wedding kit

2. Be creative with the montage

Did you know that a three-tiered cake mounted on columns is more expensive than a stacked three-tier cake? And what is more! Did you know that three floors arranged in a display is even more economical than a stacked cake? Well now you know, it’s all for the time man that involves riding the cake. What does this mean? With a little creativity, you can have a super delicious cake, super beautiful and what is unique to be creative when it comes to displaying the cake.

3. Use flowers for decoration

If you choose a cake with a simple and minimalist design. You can decorate it with flowers that combine with the general scheme of your wedding day to create a super chic and stylized look. The secret is that the flowers of your bouquet, the bridal courtship, the flower arrangements of the reception. And the cake all combine in style and theme. Even if they are not all in the same colors to follow a theme is vital.

wedding cakeNote: You can also use other decorative details that may not be properly wedding. As toys and beach accessories like those used in the photo of the previous section.

4. Get help

If your best friend has asked you what you want as a wedding gift, do not be shy and let her give you something you really need. Such as the wedding cake topper or some aspect of wedding cake spending. In fact, in Mexico and other countries in Latin America, it is customary to have sponsors of pastel, flowers, and other things. This means that these people close to you have decided to contribute to your wedding in a special way as your wedding gift. Do not forget to thank them in a special way.

5. Explore your options

A delicious wedding cake does not necessarily come from a baker who specializes in wedding cakes. Check with your banquet provider the prices and cakes they handle, maybe they will surprise you with good prices. Ask your friends and family if they have recommendations. Do not be afraid to consult an amateur pastry chef (either a family member or recommended). Some of the most delicious cakes you will try out from the house of a baker who simply loves to cook. Another option is pastry students, they are generally eager to gain experience. And create a portfolio of cakes that can boast to future customers. And finally, give self-service stores a chance.

wedding cakeMany brides have been surprised with how accessible, rich and beautiful the wedding cakes of the self-service stores can be. These options give you the possibility of obtaining a rich and beautiful wedding cake at a more accessible price since as your cake will not come from the specialized bakery you will not be paying rent for premises, advertising, employees and everything else that a confectioner in shape. You have to cover when charging for your services.

6. Consider a small cake

If your wedding will be very busy but you want to save a little, an excellent option is to order a small but beautiful wedding cake. Let’s say your wedding is for 350 people, you can ask your pastry chef to make you a wedding cake for 100 or 150 diners and let the rest of the portions prepare them in the iron pie. This will save the costs quite a bit since, obviously, the cost of decoration. And assembly no longer applies to the iron pie.

wedding cakeAfter the traditional cut of the wedding cake, the waiters will take it to the kitchen to serve it and they will complete the portions with the iron pie. For a resounding success make sure both the iron pie and the wedding cake are exactly the same ingredients. This is very important because you will want everyone to enjoy a delicious wedding cake regardless of which of the cakes your portion comes from. This option can result in good savings at medium weddings. But the savings are significantly greater when it comes to large events.

7. Exhibits an artificial or prop cake

A version that could result in even greater savings and that also includes iron pie after scenes are to use an artificial or props cake (as in the movies). In this case, the cake you would exhibit is an artificial cake (inedible) that can be decorated equal to or better than a normal wedding cake using edible ingredients such as fondant, meringue and other confections of sugar or inedible ingredients. The artificial cake offers many advantages since they look as spectacular as you want at a fraction of the cost. This option is particularly useful if you are dreaming of a great wedding cake. But you do not have enough guests to justify a big cake. It is very expensive to order a cake of such magnitude.

8. Cupcakes or dessert cake

If your wedding will not be extremely formal, an excellent option is to offer a stand of cupcakes. The cupcakes can be decorated with the same pomp and circumstance as a wedding cake but with benefits in terms of savings and also practicality. From the outset, you will be saving cutting and service fees that usually involve a wedding cake. To celebrate the traditional cake cut you can request a small cake as the top part of your cupcakes “cake”. And you can save it for the first anniversary. If cupcakes are not your thing you can offer another type of dessert.

wedding cakeImportant: Do not assume that the cost will be less than a wedding cake. But it is very likely that you can find an excellent option at an excellent price. If as in the cake you choose simple and beautiful designs.

9. Do it yourself

You do not have to be a super expert to make your own wedding cake. But you will need some experience baking cakes and organize yourself very well. It is also a good idea to support yourself with a couple of people that you can safely trust so that on your wedding day they can help you transport, assemble, and decorate the cake. An even simpler option: cupcakes. Yes! You can bake them in advance and freeze them. But the decoration will have to be the same day. So although significantly easier to make and transport a wedding cake you will definitely need help to decorate them in the day.

10. Bonus: Do not offer cake

Do not you like the wedding cake? Rest easy knowing that you are not the only one. And best of all, you do not have to offer wedding cake just because it’s tradition. Welcome to the future: where brides decide whether or not they want wedding cake in their day.

wedding cakeToday the dessert tables are booming and not only because they can be much more accessible, economically speaking. But because sometimes entertaining your guests at the wedding does not have to be with cake. Choose a theme and offer different options that are both rich. And accessible and no one will miss the cake with so much delight at hand.

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