8 essentials of the groom’s wedding kit

In every big event there can always be small incidents, but if you are a foresighted person and prepare a groom’s wedding kit you will be able to solve them without problems. Take note and that the inconveniences do not ruin the party!

The bride takes care of even the smallest detail of her bridal look. For this, he spends weeks and even months looking for bridal dresses that will make her a princess of her own fairy tale. In addition, you will have an entourage of suppliers -modist, hairdressers, make-up artists, etc.- who will do the corresponding tests, trying different bridal hairstyles, different beauty looks and sewing if necessary. The groom must also have his entourage or his groom’s wedding kit for the big day. Do not you know what to wear in it? Here we tell you the 8 essentials so you do not miss anything.

Groom’s wedding kit:  Necktie and the spare shirtgroom's wedding

Although you are going to make sure you do not eat anything once you have your shirt and tie on, you never know what can happen and if some malignant and unwanted stain can take over your clothes. For that reason,  it will always be a good idea to have two of each, that is, two shirts and two ties to make sure you are 100% ideal to take the big step.

Mini sewing boxgroom's wedding

In many haberdasheries, you will be able to find mini sewing kits that you can store in your groom’s wedding kit. It is a must because you never know if an uncooked one can appear. These sewing kits are so small that they will not take much place, so grab one as soon as possible. In addition, they are a good idea as original souvenirs for your guests. Take note!

 A good perfumegroom's wedding

Photos and videos will not be the only means to remember every detail of the big day, such as simple groom’s wedding cakes, beautiful centerpieces or the most important moments of the party. Smell is one of the most beautiful sensory means that will take you to that precise moment of maximum happiness. Therefore,  choose a good perfume and take it in your groom wedding kit are the keys to success. In this way, every time you smell that fragrance, you will remember that special day.

Comfortable and original stockingsgroom's wedding

If you are a boyfriend with a desire to set trends, why not bet on wearing original stockings? That you wear them hidden in your shoes does not mean you can not wear funny, colorful and unique socks. This essential can carry funny sentences, such as the phrases for groom’s wedding cards that you will write for your guests, or the name of your future wife. Do not forget to take some pictures!

Personal hygiene productsgroom's wedding

In your groom’s wedding kit you cannot miss personal hygiene products like the deodorant you always use, toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrush, shaving foam and razor, etc., it seems obvious, but  the prenuptial nerves can make you forget of any minimum detail, especially if the place you chose to prepare is not your home. Be cautious, just as she was looking for hairstyles collected for marriage in advance, and grab an arsenal of all the personal hygiene products that you will need to be to the nines.

Bitumen for shoesgroom's wedding

If you want your shoes to shine as they deserve, the bitumen and brush to achieve that effect cannot be missing in your groom’s wedding kit. Make sure that the one you are carrying is not dry or, to prevent this situation, bring a newly purchased one. Do not risk wearing some shoes off!

Hair dresser’s kitgroom's wedding

Another essential aspect is a hairdresser’s kit with everything you need so that you do not miss any unruly hair. Surely this is not an item as complicated as it is for the bride, who must decide whether to do  easy hairstyles, or one more complicated, such as  hairstyles collected with braids  or hairstyles with extensions; However,  if you do not want to leave absolutely anything of your look at random , then go to your trusted hairdresser and he will take care of everything. In this case,  he will recommend what to bring in the kit. Long live providers and good data!

First aid kitgroom's wedding

The nerves can manifest in the form of pain, so it never hurts to prepare a good first aid kit with several painkillers. In addition, he cannot miss bandages, bandages, hydrogen peroxide and everything necessary to cure minor injuries.

The sooner you prepare your groom’s wedding kit, the better because that way you can take care, along with your future wife, or other aspects of the big event like sending wedding invitations to all the friends and family and of looking for the best wedding cakes to make that day the sweetest of all.

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