6 keys to having a terrace of dreams

The terrace is a very attractive space of the house. It has a special touch, thanks to the panoramic view and the feeling of freedom it offers; everything seems under control when we see it from there. Next, we tell you some secrets to have a terrace of dreams.

Given the constant growth of vertical housing, terraces are increasingly common. The cities grow up, so it is increasingly common to have a space on the roof of the house that serves as a yard.

Of course, these appearances bring new needs. The owners look for ideas, recommendations, and suggestions on how to achieve a terrace of dreams.

The good news for them is that they do not need large investments of money to obtain great results. These are some simple tricks that will allow you to do a lot with very little.

Recommendations to have a terrace of dreamsterrace of dreams

It is important to lower the frenetic pace imposed by life in the city. The terraces are very good to achieve it. That is why, precisely, that the naturalistic effect is pursued in its sets; it is necessary to leave contact with the artificial, at least for a few minutes.

The terraces offer great benefits. To the aforementioned magnificent view that provides us, you can add the reception of sunlight and permanent fresh air.

The elementary: the floorterrace of dreams

In general, the floor of the terraces is made with the basics. As it is a space in the house that is not often frequented by guests or people who do not reside in it, it is usually left to last when it comes to decoration.

Once you decide to style your terrace, the wooden floor can be a great alternative. So is the PVC deck; It is a simple and totally attractive option, as well as lasting.

While the weather can play tricks, it should not be a problem in these cases; With proper maintenance, wooden floors can last up to 50 years.

There are also other very elegant options, such as polished concrete, which stands out for its simplicity and sophistication; the stone floor, which adapts to any type of terrace; and even rubber, a material that is increasingly used for this part of the home. The combination of several of them is more than allowed.

The plants cannot missterrace of dreams

They are responsible for bringing beauty and naturalness to the environments. Therefore, plants can collaborate widely in your ambition to have a terrace of dreams.

You must vary between different colors and styles. Remember to take into account the needs of each of them in terms of lighting and hydration. Also, if they are to your liking, you can put one or two aromatic plants to give an unmistakable aroma to one of your favorite corners of your home.

Think of comfortterrace of dreams

It will not help to have a terrace of dreams if you can not make the most of it. Therefore, there are certain elements that can not be missing in it.

Here we can include a table with chairs such as for lunch, dinner or simply have a snack in the afternoon; a sun lounger to take advantage of sunny days and, of course, also an awning or umbrella to have shade.

Do not forget the children. You can place wooden or plastic swings or slides so that they also have their space here.

illuminationterrace of dreams

You can not forget to place useful and at the same time beautiful lights. Many beautifully decorated terraces lose their charm at night due to lack of lighting; It is a real wasted effort.

In addition, having good light will allow you to cook and spend time at night without problems. Portable luminaires can be a transient output; however, appeal to your creativity to place few lights that fulfill their function efficiently.

Decorate with recycled itemsterrace of dreams

Using old objects that no longer serve you can create great decorations for your terrace. Some of the ideas you can find in this article consist of creating ornaments with tires and wicker, pots with fruit boxes, hanging lamps with jars and glass bottles and other garden elements with industrial coils and pallets. Do not miss them.

Do not leave the culinary sideterrace of dreams

One of the best advantages of the terraces is that they are perfect for social events.  Therefore, it would not hurt if you put an oven or a portable gas grill in this space. Yes, it is a considerable expense compared to what we have been talking about, but you will undoubtedly enjoy it fully.

Perhaps all this is too much to do from one day to the next; neither is that the idea. The best thing about having spaces like terraces, balconies, and gardens is that we can print our style.

Therefore, it is good that you always have something more to add to them. Take your time, plan and evaluate alternatives to decide what to include in them. It is extremely relaxing and entertaining!

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