Types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smaller

“With all, I look fat” … Where have you heard these types of phrases ?, I think we have all gone through the same at the time of dressing, so do not worry! Maybe you’re just making a bad choice or combination of your clothes. Keep reading so you know the types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smaller, you’ll have the tips to know how to accentuate your waist, how to make the waist look smaller, clothes for women without waste and 10 tricks to mark the waist.

At the time of dressing, I think we all always seek to highlight our waistline, yes, that some might say they do not have, or that they have it in the neck, but yeah, we just talk about that and most of us complain, tell me if not?

Well let me tell you what I bring for you today, you will love it! Imagine being able to look beside beautiful, thanks to your nice makeup, a wasp waist, yes you will surely be the envy of all your friends!

Types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smaller

How to accentuate the waistwaist look smaller

Having a few extra kilos makes you think you can not accentuate your waist and have a stylized figure? Well, let me tell you, yes, if you can! You only have to pay attention to the colors and patterns, the type of cut that the blouses that you are going to wear and in effect even your shoes will help you to shape and make your waistline.

Keep in mind that the pockets of the pants and all the prints in excesses create volume, and that is just what we do not want, remember everything with size!

Clothing for marking the waistwaist look smaller

Belt, vertical stripes, prints, dresses, heels, skirts, pants, is it true that you already have this in your closet? … Well, you do not have to buy anything! Everything already has it, it’s just a matter of knowing how to choose the right thing to do the right combinations when dressing up and looking simply beautiful!

What are the types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smallerwaist look smaller

Not all of us were born experts, but you must know how to combine your outfits, to get the most out of them, and make our body shine, highlighting each of our parts. The blouses are essential in our wardrobe so choosing smooth designs, with vertical stripes, with little print and cross-section, will make them a very good complement to your dress.

Women’s clothing without waistwaist look smaller

Without a doubt, not having that part of the body formed is martyrdom for many women and we are always looking for ways to mark it and make it notice when we get dressed.

As an important note, you must remember not to use wide belts to make it notice because the only thing you are doing is diverting attention to him, that everyone notices that you have no waist, so it is preferable to use it on the hips, this way it will give you a figure more stylized.

You must forget the pants to the waist, today there are many styles of pants on the market, such as low cut or hips, which will help you if you have a tummy is distributed in a uniform manner. Choose a fair size, neither too small nor too big, so you do not highlight that fact that causes many problems, making us see a very wide waist.

10 tricks to mark the waist look smallerwaist look smaller

  • Avoid wearing loose clothing, or with horizontal stripes.
  • The styles empire or flown at the bottom, always make us hide our tummy and waist your figure.
  • Wear high waist pants, you can not miss in your wardrobe because they enhance your butt and shape your figure, at the same time you will give more shape to your waist.
  • Use blouses or crossed garments, which are tied on the sides, this gives our waist a more stylized figure effect, also highlight the shape of your breasts, making you look sexy and provocative.
  • If you love skirts, use them in the form of A, which is ideal to accentuate your waist. Choose to wear short tops or blouses.
  • He uses heels, maybe for some it is uncomfortable, but believe it or not, the heel at the time of walking helps us to have a curvilinear figure, accentuating our waist even more.
  • Use jackets to your body, avoid the width both in sleeves as well as in the cut of the garment.
  • If you are going to combine, the pieces below should be clearer than the garment above, remember that the light expands, and the dark minimizes.
  • The minidresses will always divert attention to our legs, obviously not
  • And of course, you can not miss, the use of girdles or corsets, which undoubtedly molded your figure highlighting each of your best attributes. Just remember that there is nothing better than wearing the clothes we love feeling comfortable with them.


Not all women have waist look smaller and we always think about what to wear to mark it more, look beautiful and take advantage of our attributes, also hiding what we do not like so much. They have a defined waist little can be complexed a bit, but using the right clothes can take advantage, see each other more feminine and mark the waist for that I bring tips costumes for women who have no waist. All the clothes you wear should help you see more like an hourglass, waist look smaller and demarcating the different parts of the trunk. As you can see we can accentuate our waist with simple tips, so look for the clothes that you like the most and with which you feel comfortable, but also enhance your beauty.

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