Green Business: 5 ideas for a sustainable future

From the car sharing company to the creative recycling workshop: Here are 5 green business ideas for a sustainable business.

Sustainability … This is the word of the future and also the present for all young entrepreneurs who, reinventing a job in times of crisis, choose green philosophy and low environmental impact as the beating engine of their project.

The green business – as the insiders call it – promises more profits than traditional professions, as well as a healthy lifestyle, conscious and tending to harmony with the environment around us.

Everyone will have their own to develop and support, we have collected the 5 most innovative and inspiring green business ideas …

1) Car sharing and carpooling company

Green Business

To reduce traffic and consequently the level of pollution in cities, young entrepreneurs can create a green car-sharing or car-sharing company. This creates an alternative to using public transport – now congested in larger residential areas – and you can decrease the number of cars in circulation by sharing the same vehicle for more people. Nothing new according to some, car sharing systems, infect are already in use and well functioning in many cities. An innovative business idea in this sense could be to provide a shared car for the inhabitants of the same building or of the same neighborhood that all move in the same direction.

2) Energy audit company

Green Business

Another green business idea could be to approach the world of energy audit, a sector in constant growth. Consulting services to analyze monitor and increase the energy performance of companies or individuals, this is the responsibility of the energy manager and in a sustainable perspective, the main task of the consultant will be to evaluate and propose energy solutions from renewable and low impact sources environmental. The energy diagnosis, moreover, is the first step that companies must undertake if they wish to certify their energy management system according to the ISO 50001: 2011 standard.

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3) Eco wellness center

Green Business

Many innovative startups orient their business towards the provision of services for personal wellbeing. In the green field, a winning idea could be to open an eco wellness center or a bio SPA, where the treatments are made with organic creams and natural oils, perhaps of own production in order to reduce the costs of supplies.

4) Green cleaning company

Green Business

Continuing on the heels of the most innovative and most popular green business ideas abroad, we find that of opening a green cleaning company, where the figure of Green Housecleaning works using only the most effective and ecological natural products of traditional polluting chemical sprays. This figure is in great demand in large companies where, given the amount of people, the proliferation of allergies and diseases is also easier due to the use of irritating products.

5) Creative recycling workshop

Green Business

To conclude this roundup of ideas of green business, we cannot fail to mention the art of recycling that underlies any ecological and sustainable philosophy. Old clothes, disused utensils, furniture in the cellar, but also plastic bottles and old newspapers are the tools of the craft of a creative workshop that will give them a second life, as well as an attractive and very contemporary design.

If you also have a green idea for your startup, share with us via comments and if you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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