Slow WiFi: 6 tips to improve connection speed

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You are experiencing slow WiFi, in most cases just a few simple steps are needed to improve the speed of the WiFi connection. In this article, you will find few solution to speed up your WiFi connection.

The first thing you do when you enter somewhere is turn on the WiFi connection. And it does not matter if it’s a hotel, public place or your best friend’s house. WiFi, without we could not live.

However, it does not always work. For a variety of reasons – there are so many – we cannot connect to the network or the WiFi connection is slow. Moral of the story: we are forced to dust off the old and cumbersome Ethernet cable, get up from the sofa, take the computer on which we were watching our favorite series and get closer to the router. Frustrating, is not it? We can do something? Sure, follow these valuable tips to improve your slow WiFi connection …

1) Do not place the router at low heights

Slow WiFi

In most cases the problem is not in the router, the reason may not be “technical” in nature. If you want to improve your home WiFi connection, start paying attention to where you placed the router. It is not enough to be good at installing it – some routers do everything themselves – but it is especially necessary to know where to place the device. It has been shown that the signal is weaker when the router is positioned at low heights. In fact, radio waves could encounter numerous obstacles. The first advice, therefore, is try to install the device for the wireless connection as high as possible.

2) Attention to interference

Slow WiFi

Let’s move on to the second trick, closely connected – let’s play the word game – with the first one. If height matters, even objects that will be in the trajectory of radio waves are important. In fact, some materials absorb and shield the signal more than others shield. Even if the router is near your computer, tablet, smartphone, the connection will be slow or not enough to surf the internet. Do not get angry: look around and start looking for something in the vicinity that is blocking the work of WiFi antennas. The problem could be caused by the interference of some other electronic device: microwave, Bluetooth device, lights. And above all remember that the cement hinders the signal. So avoid placing the router in the basement or behind a pillar.

3) Place the router in the middle of the house

Slow WiFi

Pay attention to the distance. It will seem strange, but there is still someone who thinks that can receive the WiFi signal even hundreds of meters away. Of course, it is possible, but not with the common home routers. If your home is large, a solution to cover all square feet is to increase the power of the WiFi signal. It’s very simple, just buy a WiFi range extender (there are all tastes and prices). Apart from the power of the router, the best advice to increase the capacity of the wireless connection is still to place the device in the middle of the house, so that the radio waves have a full coverage radius. Obviously when it’s possible.

4) Slow WiFi connection: Overlap issue

Slow WiFi

If your router is struggling to provide you with a hassle-free connection, is to be found in your neighbor’s apartment. The routers – but also other devices – transmit the signal on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Frequency that only provides 14 channels. If the routers of the neighboring houses are transmitting on the same channel chosen by yours, the signals overlap. This means that the WiFi signal strength of your home may be interfered with. What to do? Find the least clogged channel. How? Modern routers are able to find the channel more free automatically, alternatively you could use software such as WiFi Stumbler and WiFi Analyzer.

5) Change the router password

Slow WiFi

Check password security. Do not be naive, do not leave the default security key. There are now techniques able to identify the alphanumeric codes of routers in a few moments. Do you know what this means? That anyone can enter not only in your router, but also in the web page that allows you to manage the device. So be careful, your data may be in danger. Apart from these cybersecurity reasons, if your neighbor has somehow managed to get your router’s password – maybe you gave it to him – it could slow down your internet connection. In fact, the bandwidth is not infinite.

6) Closes applications that require more bandwidth

Slow WiFi

We close with a last and precious trick: check if someone in the house has appropriated almost all the available band. As said at the end of the previous slide, space is limited. If you use applications and programs that require a lot of bandwidth – fall into this category of streaming platforms and those for video games – the WiFi connection may slow down dramatically. The only way to restore the speed of your router’s wireless signal is to close some of these software.

If you also have any known issue for slow WiFi, share with us via comments and if you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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