Plumbing through the ages

We have some of the most sophisticated plumbing systems in the world and these have been developed over hundreds of years. Many of the inventions and technology items that we have nowadays are based on ancient inventions that have been adapted and built upon through the years to create the items that we have now. Our plumbing systems are one of these inventions.

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We don’t often think about the plumbing in our houses. Unless we suddenly find that we have a leak or a blockage and then a call to a Emergency Plumber Gloucester way such as is often needed. If you are wondering where the first early plumbing systems were developed, take a look at our quick history of plumbing through the ages.

It is thought that the very first plumbing system of using pipes to carry water from one location to another was developed by the Indus Valley Civilisation. In the buildings of this ancient civilisation, there were wells and areas that were dedicated to bathing. There were drains placed in the floor that then took the water away in channels to ensure that the wastewater did not build up in the homes and buildings. The bathrooms during this time also had one of the first septic tanks that are similar to the ones that we have in our modern-day buildings.

During the age of Babylon, vast water systems were created under the instruction of King Nebuchadnezzar II. His palace was a spectacular building and showed off his opulence. It has bathrooms with drainage systems and toilers that had raised seats, much like the ones that we use today. The toilets were all connected to a sewer system that was covered and took the wastewater and products away from the bathrooms and into the sewage system to be carried away from the palace and the nearby areas.

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It wasn’t until 2000 BC that China started using bamboo reeds that were hollowed out and could carry fresh water and also gas that was used in the salt mines around the country. These were incredibly intricate structures but helped to keep the water clean as it was channeled through the pipes.

500 years later in the era of the Minoans in Crete the development of hot and cold running water was established and the world’s first flushing toilet was also created. The Minoans were incredible inventors and there are a number of technologies that they developed that we continue to use in modern times. The pipe works were made from clay. It wasn’t until the Ancient Egyptians that copper was used in making pipes and we have continued to use this material today.

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