How to keep chickens warm in winter?

Do you want to know how to keep chickens warm in winter? That is an important question that needs to be discussed. Keeping your chickens healthy and happy throughout the year is very hard. But, during the winter months it becomes more challenging because cold days are much harder than hot summer days.

How to keep chickens warm in winter?

how to keep chickens warm in winter

It becomes very important because due to less availability of sunlight, your chickens may become sick. Also, the chances of birds catching a cold are high which reduces their productivity adversely.

Therefore, you should pay much attention to keeping your chickens warm in winter so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. The healthiest chickens are those who have proper shelter and healthy food to eat.

Use halogen bulb for more heating:

One of the best ways to keep your chickens warm is by using a halogen bulb for them. It provides good lighting and also gives out heat which keeps your birds healthy. Make sure that you place the light at a safe distance so that it does not overheat the chickens.

Spread straws on the floor:

Another way to keep your chickens warm is by placing straws on their floor. The use of straws creates natural insulation around the coop which keeps it warm during the winter months. In addition, you should also ensure that there is enough ventilation in your chicken coop so that they can breathe easily and stay healthy throughout the year.

Give them lots of water:

It is very important that you should provide a sufficient amount of water to your chickens throughout the year. Also, during cold winter months clean and fresh water should be provided to them so that they don’t get affected due to lack of availability of good quality drinking water.

In addition, feed them with green grasses because it provides them with necessary vitamins which help them to stay healthy.

Use modern heating equipment can:

You also use heating equipment like heaters, lamps, etc. for keeping your chickens warm but make sure that the temperature remains normal so that they are not affected by high temperatures. One of the best ways is to use the heating lamp.

Chicken coop with an attached run:

Keeping your chickens warm is not that difficult task once you know different ways to do so. One of the effective ways is by building a chicken coop with an attached run which provides good space for your birds to walk, play and also keep themselves warm throughout the winter months.

You should also ensure that you clean the coop frequently so that the chickens do not get affected with different diseases due to the accumulation of dust and dirt.


The above mentioned were some of the best ways which you can use for keeping your chickens warm in the winter months. It is very important to take care of your birds because they are also like pets and you should keep them happy and healthy. If the chickens get sick they become unable to produce eggs effectively which affects your income adversely.

So, I hope that after reading this article you will be able to take good care of your chickens throughout the year. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions then please let us know in the comment.

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