Comfortable and chic: The best of quarantine outfits

Video calls, smart working or simply the wonderful feeling of feeling beautiful and in order. Here are the best comfortable and trendy quarantine outfits to stay at home but with style!

Although we are forced into the house, for some of us social and working life has not stopped!

It is important to have a routine even in quarantine and it is really good for our psyche to have an orderly appearance despite everything. Here are some ideas on the most comfortable and versatile quarantine outfits, but above all cheap: from the work video call to the aperitif in chat with friends and to be reused for evenings at home with friends!

Sober but elegant: the outfit for smart working

A practical but impressive quarantine outfit in three different colors, if you love the classic black, you will love the knot on the top that gives a twist to your look but gracefully.

Ideal for a business presentation or job interview. Hair in order, mascara and a touch of nude lipstick, without forgetting the earrings: choose a light point or a pair of pearls and you will be ready to do business!

Super sexy look for the date (home or virtual)

How much do you miss making yourself beautiful to seduce someone? The choice of the outfit, the right underwear, the light but decisive make-up. If we are at home with our better half or if we have a particularly “interesting” call, here is how to be sexy, giving the impression of having put the first thing we found in the wardrobe: a soft chenille suit with shorts and sweater with shoulders discoveries.

The comfortable suit for dining in the sun

Spring calls! That’s why every ray of sunshine should not be wasted even in quarantine and what is the best way to enjoy the hottest days if not having lunch or working on the balcony?

Here is a light dress that leaves your legs uncovered to start taking some color in anticipation of summer.

Unpretentious fashionista, for chatting with friends

Among the most pleasant moments of the quarantine, there is certainly the aperitif in video call with friends.

That moment when you don’t talk about work, you don’t talk about what you will eat or have eaten with your grandmother and you take a well-deserved break from partner and children.

If you have always been the queen of style among your friends, you will certainly not be able to give up the crown during the quarantine. Here is a super cool but comfortable quarantine outfits for happy hour.

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