10 health benefits you can get by eating at home

Due to the situation in which we live in confinement in our homes to face the coronavirus COVID-19, we spend hours and hours in the house.

We always have to try to see the positive side of everything and, at the food level, we can benefit from this situation. How?

There are many positives to being able to eat and dine at home each day:

1. Choose the foods that will be part of our diethealth benefits you can get by eating at home

When we work full time and go up and down because of our personal lives, it often leads to eating out, throwing out fast food, or just not eating. Confinement can help us to structure well the meals and dinners of a whole week and to be able to control what we eat.

2. Cook our own healthy dishes

You have the opportunity to choose healthy dishes such as boiled, steam, iron, oven, papillote, stews (with little fat) … It may be time to discover cooking that you did not know and reinvent yourself in the kitchen. Avoid fried and battered, which triple or quadruple the calories in a food. In addition, they do not provide beneficial nutrients for our health.

3. Improve our digestionshealth benefits you can get by eating at home

Take time to chew well and eat slowly. Think that the more you chew your meals, the more you will help make your digestion easy. Also, if your meals last between 25-30 minutes, you will give yourself time to feel full. The signal from the stomach to the brain as we are satiated is transmitted after this approximate time.

4. Have time to order and set meal times

It is important that, even if you are not working, you set a few mealtimes. In this way, you will avoid forgetting to include all the foods that should be part of your daily life in a balanced and healthy diet. Also, if you make 4 or 5 intakes a day, you will make your digestive system work more times. Therefore, you will increase your total caloric expenditure.

5. Reduce consumption of processed or pre-cooked foods

Now that, surely, you have more time; Forget about buying this type of food and make your own dishes. Think that this type of food has in its composition more saturated fats, sugars, and salt, 3 components of food, which provide us with few health benefits.

6. Being able to prepare your own healthy homemade sauces

Limit the consumption of processed sauces. Take the opportunity to make homemade and healthy sauces at home. When we go out to eat, sometimes we find sauces on the plates, which we do not know how they are made or the number of sugars or fats they carry. Take the opportunity to make your sauces at home with vegetables and little oil and salt; plain skimmed yogurt and mint or basil… You can find multiple options of sauces and healthy dressings and you will benefit from it for sure.

7. Limit salt intakehealth benefits you can get by eating at home

Whether in processed and pre-cooked foods such as canned, smoked, prepared broths … The fact of having little time can lead you to consume this type of food. Okay, you may be eating fast, but … Do you really think your nutrition is good?

Now that you can have more time, choose natural foods and cook them yourself.

It may be time to try aromatic herbs and spices so that you can accustom the palate to other types of flavors and thus reduce the consumption of salt.

8. Enjoy attractive and appetizing meals

Homemade food is not synonymous with boring. Take the opportunity to develop healthy recipes that your nutritionist has provided you, or that you have found on the internet or cookbooks.

You can also create your own combinations and surprise yourself.

9. Eat as a family

If you are accompanied, take advantage of the confinement to create healthy eating habits for everyone. Enjoy the company that many times does not allow you to do your daily life and take advantage of cooking with your family.

10. Save on food

If you organize yourself well, it is possible that your spending on food when making the weekly purchase is less than what you did before confinement. What if a coffee here, if today I could not prepare the taper and how could it be, what if the weekend arrives and I feel like going out to dinner at a restaurant with friends … It all adds up! Take advantage and make a weekly purchase thoroughly to be able to eat balanced, healthy and economical.

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