Green marketing and eco-branding: environmental sustainability in your company

Do you want to spread a “green marketing” culture and make your contribution to environmental sustainability? Why not let your potential customers know?

This is “green marketing”: spreading and advertising all the best practices you apply every day to win new customers and push those you already have to commit to a better world.

Have you ever thought that your company can also contribute to the creation of a “green” culture?

Yet environmental sustainability and ecology are topics that increasingly influence the choices of potential customers …

According to Nielsen research (“The Evolution of the sustainability mindset” of 2018), 81% of people think that companies should make greater efforts to improve the environment and 73% of consumers, especially young people, but also people more mature, is willing to change their purchasing habits to respect the environment, even if this means choosing products or services of lesser-known brands.

At this point, it is clear that respecting the environment, striving to reduce the impact of your office or production, making your own contribution to raising environmental sustainability also in our company or in our work is not just an ethical and worthwhile. It is also a way to influence your followers, to improve your reputation and to win customers, which never hurts.

Many companies have understood this, such as IKEA, H&M, Coca & Cola and many other great brands that have changed many habits of their production chains and are actively collaborating with non-profit organizations to sensitize their customers and fans to environmental issues.

Do you really still think that your company, your office, you as a professional cannot do anything for the environment? I am convinced that you already do a lot and you don’t even realize it … so why not let your customers know? Why not make a plan of everything in your power to change … and change it?

“We don’t need magic to change the world: we already have all the power we need within us, we have the power to imagine better things than they are.” – JK Rowling

The green marketing and the eco-branding allows you to do this …

  • Identify everything you can do in your company to contribute to a more ethical and sustainable economy, both what you already do and what you could still do
  • Sensitize your customers and your followers so that they too do everything they can to respect the environment and promote the same “lifestyle”
  • Make it known to the world so that all those who share your ideals and your goals buy your products or services

But how do you do it? The Easy Culture Association had an idea: to help all professionals and companies who are or want to become its members to carry out their green marketing campaign. I too wanted to contribute, offering my nearly twenty years of experience in branding, coordinated image and marketing to create for all members and supporters of the Association a personal and corporate branding with an ecological and “green” touch.

You’re thinking about it too, huh? Do you want to be part of the “green wave” that we are creating?

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