How To Open A Pet Accessories Store

A pet accessories store or a pet shop is one of the most profitable businesses because pets are everything to humans. It is not from now, but thousands of years ago that humans live with pets protecting each other, so the care of pets is usually a priority.

That’s why, and for many other things, the demand for pet products and services is growing all the time. Where the main demand is divided into dogs, cats, prayers, and birds. As you know, it is a pet accessories store you can find a wide variety of products. Such as food, toys, clothes, accessories, medicines and other services such as bathrooms and hairstyles.

If you are looking to start a business for pets or a petshop, here are some tips to take into account when starting. Keep reading: 11 profitable rental business to start in 2018

Opening A Pet Accessories Store – Petshops

Pet Accessories Store


Before starting the business, you have to plan the idea, with this you can know the great potential and understand if it is worth investing in that place. With this we will avoid making a bad investment.

Location of the pet store

For this type of business, the main thing is to find a good location, since many of your clients depend on it. Ideally, the pet store is located at a point that is very easy for customers and has high visibility (a corner would be advisable).

Other points to check is the amount of competition in the area, since more than two stores can not survive. As well as verifying how many animals are in the area, it is advisable to start a store in a city with at least 30,000 inhabitants.

What equipment do I need at a pet store?

Pet Accessories Store

Well the equipment will depend on the services that are offered, taking as an example a complete store, the equipment that you need is the following:

  • A computer or Laptop.
  • Chairs and tables.
  • A closet.
  • A printer.
  • One phone.

For the bathroom / toilet service:

  • A dryer.
  • A blower.
  • A lacerated machine.

For the store:

  • Wall shelves.
  • Cash register.
  • A computer.
  • A fiscal printer.

Products For A Pet Accessories Store

Pet Accessories Store

For the sale of food and accessories for animals you will need the following:

  • food for dogs and cats.
  • Dietary foods and supplements.
  • shampoo and brushes.
  • cages and aviaries.
  • beds and pillows for pets.
  • straps and toys.
  • food and accessories for rodents.
  • aquariums
  • kennels
  • Cots and covers.

As for pet medications, you can only sell pesticides and pesticides, since you do not need any municipal authorization to sell. Without a doubt it is a very profitable sector and you should include if or if you have pets. Keep reading this story

Suppliers your pet store

Like all business, you should look for different suppliers to be able to supply the pet store. The ideal is to look for wholesale suppliers, because when you buy in large quantities your profits will be much higher. Of course, delivery delays usually take, so you should always check the amount of merchandise months before. In addition, many suppliers usually give the merchandise to pay and that is a great advantage.

Pet Accessories Store

Staff for an accessory store

To have a complete pet store, the ideal thing is to have a veterinarian present, this is something fundamental. As well as having a trained staff to perform baths and haircuts. As in any business, try to find trustworthy people and be friendly with both customers and pets.

Establish the pet store market

That’s right, before launching the business you should know which market your pet store is targeting, since that will depend on the type of clients you have. As the prices and the quality of the products can vary in each market, the ideal is to choose to offer all the quality of products to be able to cover more clients.

Advertising in a pet accessory store

Pet Accessories Store

As in all businesses, for a pet store you also have to make different ads to catch a lot more customers. The basic thing is the use of posters in other stores in your area or to create different accounts in social networks to provide all the information about your products.

Another way to draw attention is to make different offers or weekly discounts for each type of product or service. Loyalty cards are another effective thing for advertising, for example for every 6 bags of food they buy the next is free. You may also like:

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