How to have your own spa at home

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I love to enjoy a day at the spa with its heated swimming pools, therapeutic jets, areas of contrasts with showers of sensations, the sauna, the Turkish bath … during my stay there I feel how my body releases the toxins and impurities accumulated in the day by day and my mind relaxes deeply. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

However, sometimes I do not have enough time to go to a Wellness Center or I prefer the privacy of my home to apply those extra cares and pamper me in a more relaxed environment.

But … why settle for a shower longer than normal or a gel with the smell of exotic fruits? At home, we can recreate a spa environment with a little more imagination and helping us with natural products or we can easily acquire in specialized stores. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Although we do not experience the same sensation as in a Spa centre, still we can give ourselves that relaxing whim after a busy day.

Take note and … relax!

Arrange everything you need to have your spa at home

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being inside the bathroom to enjoy a few hours of body care and having to continually go out to look for the products you need for your evening. First of all, make sure you have everything you want in the room: towels, candles, gels, moisturizers, salts…

So, you avoid those uncomfortable outings soaked by the water in the bathtub in search of products. If you intend to make a spa at home, it’s better to get everything ready for your spa.

Decoration the atmosphere

It is important to take care of the products that we are going to apply. It is also essential to create a condition to maximize the relaxation environment. Don’t panic… it’s very simple! You only need:

  • Candles: whether large candles with fragrances that you like; small candles; electric candles to take care of the fire … You can have them in the environment of the bathtub, the sink … and do not forget to turn them off when you finish.
  • Flowers: if you are a lover of plants, place some fresh flowers in the room or a plant that you especially like, it will also help you relax.
  • Music: you can take advantage to put a musical thread in the background with songs that excite you or some specific ones for relaxation, such as mantras or jazz. In addition, for a clearer sound, you can find inexpensive portable speakers in electronic stores that amplify the sound and improve its quality.
  • Something to eat or drink: yes, although it may seem irrelevant, it is normal that you may want to take something light while you give the homage of relaxation. Prepare some chocolates, a glass of cava or a cocktail that you like; some simple canapés …

Bath or Shower Ritual

Once you have everything ready, you can start enjoying your Spa moment at home. I recommend it to be rather in a night time when you are reaching the peace of the day without hustle and bustle.

If you have a bathtub, fill it with hot water. Make sure not that hot that getting to burn you and give you an unpleasant feeling. Once this is done, you can add flower petals or some kind of ornament and begin to submerge your pumps of nutrients, bubbles or oils and introduce yourself into it.

If what you have is a shower, just alter it a little more than normal in time and focus on exfoliating your body delicately and applying the essential oils.

The body exfoliation can be done before or during the bath; you will get a more intense effect if you help with a horsehair glove, very effective to release impurities. Now it is time to take care of your feet. You can also exfoliate them with pumice stones, sponges with medium hardness…


Although it will not be the central element of the evening, you can also take advantage of the fact that you will spend more time in the bathroom to apply a more intensive mask or moisturizers. Apply it at the beginning of the bath ritual and collect it. By doing that, the moisture and cooling of the water that remains in the hair will not bother you.

What to do after the bath

After having enjoyed a delicious bath or shower, it is time to go for skin care. Extend your favorite lotion or moisturizer throughout the body. Without haste, try to reaching everywhere and pampering as you deserve. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.


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