10 designs of facades corner house

The houses located between two lands, with a single façade to the front, have to a certain extent less design difficulty than a corner house, these houses that must have two fronts or important facades, must at the same time comply with the forced withdrawals, the sidewalk, on both fronts. In this book of ideas, we are going to show you 15 of these houses, with modern style, that has been designed and built on land that is on the corner. Enjoy this tour and take note of details that you may like for your dream home.

Modern and beautiful corner housecorner house

In this modern house, the singularity is the narrow, elongated and straight windows, on the upper floor, elongated and angled on the ground floor, located just at the corner of the house. Its facades covered in stones of two different formats and colors complete the design of the walls, smooth and in white, of this house.

Game of volumes and texturescorner house

With interesting volumes and with a strong slope of the land in this house. In one of the facades, where the level of the street is lower, the vehicular entrance to the garage of the house has been designed. On this the two floors of the house whose main entrance is on the other street that forms the corner of the land. The house has been designed, in its facades, using brick, stone and paint coatings, in most of the walls with the transparency of the glass in the balustrade of the balcony and the windows.

With open garage and original latticecorner house

The garage of this house is located right at the corner of the land, it is given some privacy and differentiates the façade from the rest of the construction by a lattice placed in this semi-open space. The construction of the house has an accentuated design where the structure is marked, on the ground floor, as an enveloping element when joined with a lower edge along the entire length of the facade, the wall of the house in dark color is behind the structural framework. On the upper floor, only a narrow corner window appears on the double facade of the house.

The facade that grants privacy corner housecorner house

Not all modern corner houses, have internal spaces that open on the facades to the two streets, which limit the land where they are built, some like this that we show you have one of the facades completely closed to the outside. Its main façade, along one of the streets, contains the garage and the entrance to the house, with wooden doors, the rest of the façade covered with gray stone, on the ground floor and beige on the top floor.

The curved corner house, minimalist and sensational!corner house

Not all corners are at 90 ° angles, in this case, the corner house is protected by a curved natural stone wall, which forms the space around the ground floor. The house of modern design and very sober, has on the second floor a window, floor to ceiling, which allows entering more clarity into the interior of the house.

The stone planecorner house

A set of volumes, in white, are those that contain the internal spaces of this house. The entrance and the garage are marked by a high wall, like a plane that cuts the facade, covered with gray stone, on the second floor a corner balcony opens, with a glass railing that does not add weight to this design, of the two-story, modern and corner house.

The volume of wood in the corner housecorner house

In the design of this house has taken advantage of the corner, just to highlight it, not having to remove the construction of the sidewalk, the corner house on the top floor, has been projected a bit on the ground floor wall, highlighting this volume remarkably its dark wood covering and the great design of the angled window, partially closed with wood.

Half-covered with naturecorner house

In a house, whose land is on the corner, one of the facades is hidden by ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees, which cover that space of the house, for that reason in this modern house the vegetation in the corner. The spaces of the house are in white volumes, with sloping ceilings, which are included in the walls that make them up.

The intercepted volumescorner house

An interesting design is this modern corner house, a large volume in the form of an inverted L shape that forms the entrance to the house and intercepts the plan, which defines the façade, on the back. The garage, with a light roof, communicates directly with the space of the main entrance.

Open to the outside and beautiful!corner house

A house whose most relevant design is the opening to the outside of its facades, both on the ground floor and on the top floor, with fixed and sliding windows that open onto the gardens and balconies of the corner house.


The corner house is treated in two ways, in a housing project, or are designated as a point of honor in the design, in this case, or left as an empty space, which is configured as a negative volume because it does not exist. In this case, the color, texture, and lighting have made this corner of the house, the main reason for the design of the facades.

Another house in which privacy is above the transparent spaces in the facades, only closed volumes with few openings that almost are just design experiences, to give some interest to the volume of the upper floor. On the ground floor, the color and texture indicate the main entrance. This type of design opens its spaces inwards, to integrate them into the open areas of the housing area.

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With a very steep slope, in the land where the corner house was built, the garage has been located at one end taking advantage of the level of the street. The two-story house is based on a first floor, with its white walls and the upper floor of simple design, as a strong volume covered in gray stone.

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