Outsourcing vs ODC: What to Choose to Start Your Project?

These two sorts of company management strategies have different locations and labor options, yet they may both function at the same time. ODC is the process through which a company relocates all or a portion of its services to another nation. You can find an offshore dev team now to help your company function more smoothly and effectively. Outsourcing is the use of external personnel to do normal company duties, and it can occur both locally and globally. Both are often done to reduce the expense of doing business.

Businesses often utilize outsourcing to save expenses, acquire access to workers with specific knowledge, and gain many advantages. Outsourcing doesn’t occur in a single nation, unlike offshore.  However, outsourcing can also take place outside the area where it is located or the home area.  LeverX Group is a company that may assist you in establishing an offshore business.

ODC is a term used to describe a subset of outsourcing. A company could move its operations or offices to a country where running a business is not that expensive in order to save money. Outsourcing and ODC cannot occur concurrently if a company’s processes are handled internally. But, if a company chooses to outsource work in order to future reduce costs, both of these tactics will be used.

The Distinction Between Two Major Methods

The main distinction between outsourcing and ODC is their target, place, and functions. Nevertheless, based on the intended results, the company must take other features of these two models into account.


ODC allows IT companies to access a large pool of competent and sought-after engineers. By outsourcing some firm actions, the client may focus on what is important and fulfill their short-term goals. By utilizing the skills of outside teams, the outsourcing technique addresses the issue of a shortage of individuals with a certain area of expertise. As a result, IT firms may refuse to recruit additional programmers. As a result, these techniques enable IT services to reduce operational costs.


Offshoring is the process of moving firm activities to another country by creating a software development office or an IT workforce for offshore employment. Outsourcing is the polar opposite of this since it involves giving a service provider complete control over the scope and details of a project.

Let us now compare outsourcing to offshore.


ODC, as opposed to outsourcing, allows IT enterprises to maintain complete control over the product development process. Excellent programmers are also much easier to find and hire using this technique since they want to be:

  • an important part of the organization;
  • feel like they are contributing to a common objective.

Furthermore, firms that adopt the outsourcing strategy find it much easier to develop internationally and build their brands.


Services are cautious about giving critical duties to other parties since intellectual property is a crucial component of every technological firm. Signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) cannot ensure total data privacy. This is owing to the inadequate intellectual property protection standards of outsourcing corporations, which may result in possible cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is best to avoid engaging outside suppliers in the primary commercial activity of the organization.

Having realized all the pros and cons of these main concepts of managing your business, now you can decide what is best for your project.

How Do You Choose the Right Partner?

How to pick the right expert who meets all the requirements without making a mistake is a real problem for many firms.

On the Internet, you may see the websites of companies that outsource their services. Free of charge, look through their portfolios and client reviews. It goes without saying that you want to collaborate with a company with a good reputation, but you shouldn’t discount newcomers. Experience level alone cannot ensure that your work will be finished correctly.

Although outsourcing may allow you to save money, keep in mind that it is not that cheap.

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