Excellent Tips to Clean Your Sex Doll

You can find that many people are interested in buying and trying out sex dolls because it offers a new sexual experience that can help achieve most of their sexual desires. Most of the sex dolls you will see in sex stores are super realistic that it will almost feel like you are having sex with a person. However, the only downside is they do not talk and have a straight face all the time.

If you plan on looking for realistic sex dolls and use them for sexual activities, ensure that you keep them clean frequently to make them last longer. Note that most lifesized sex dolls will cost a ton of money, so you must know the different sex doll cleaning methods and techniques. If you are new to owning a sex doll, there are several cleaning tips you should follow and adhere to all the time.

Cleaning Tip #1: Start with the sex doll’s exterior surface

The first place where you should start cleaning is the entire exterior surface of the sex doll, such as the arms, legs, and stomach. There are times when you would leave bodily fluids on its exterior surface, and you have to clean them even if you have previously wiped them off after you used them before. You might not have wiped the bodily fluids off of the doll before, so it is only necessary that you clean the entire sex doll surface.

Usually, the best places to focus cleaning are the mouth and genital areas, such as the vagina, breasts, and posterior. Do not forget to take off the wig to keep it dry, and you should use a towel soaked in soap and water to clean the sex doll’s entire exterior surface. Do not leave out all of the corners and crevices because fluids can get potentially trapped in between those tiny spaces.

Cleaning Tip #2: Clean the vagina, mouth, and anus areas

The vagina, mouth, and anus areas will be the most used areas for sexual activities, so you have to clean them thoroughly to prevent the foul smell from emanating and harmful bacteria that could stick to your private areas. The best option to clean the openings is by using a water irrigator or a shower hose to let the water run inside.

You also have the option to clean them with a towel soaked with water and soap to remove all of the potential dirt completely and unwanted debris inside the holes. Some realistic sex dolls have a vagina insert that you can remove to make it easy to clean. Avoid using harsh soap and chemicals on the sex doll to prevent its material from going bad.

Cleaning Tip #3: Clean the sex doll’s face

Remove your sex doll’s head if you can to make cleaning easier. You should also remove its wig so that you can clean it properly without any distractions. When cleaning the sex doll’s head, a good tip is never to submerge it in water as it can get stuck inside, and you do not want that happening.

You also have to be careful when you rub the towel on the doll’s face because the makeup can fade after several cleaning. And if it is time for drying, pat the water off to prevent damaging its material and paint.

Since you now know the several excellent tips on cleaning a sex doll, expect it to last long with you for a very long time.

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