How To Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Pros And Cons

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Robot vacuum cleaner has long won the appreciation of customers and have become one of the favorite kinds of household appliances, facilitating the performance of daily cleaning in the house. Classic and advanced models, variants with a variety of technical characteristics and features sometimes make it difficult for a potential buyer to choose the optimal “helper” for their home.

In this article, we’ll talk about the “pros” and “cons” of a variety of robot vacuum cleaners and help you understand the differences and opportunities of popular models

The main criteria for choosing when buying a robot vacuum cleaner for the home:

Efficiency and high quality of cleaning

The quality and efficiency of cleaning in different models are very different, so you should pay special attention to the design of the selected model, the presence of side brushes and additional functions (for example, robot polisher, robot vacuum cleaner with a water tank performing wet cleaning).How To Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Pros And Cons

The brush located in the center of the bottom panel sucks accumulated dust and debris from the flat surface of the floor, but only the side brushes are able to clean and clean the garbage in the corners of the premises, near the furniture and skirting boards, and in hard-to-reach places. The most effective are models with two such brushes, supplementing the main turbo-brush.

The suction power of dust and debris

One of the disadvantages of some models is the low thrust of the device and the power of dust absorption, so you need to take this parameter into account when buying equipment. If you have a large family with children or pets, you should choose a model with a high suction power.

Then significant pollution, small debris, crumbs, pet hair, and hair will be removed by the robot without problems. Cheap Chinese models will not be able to cope with significant pollution, and the quality of cleaning will remain low.

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Dimensions and shape of the structure

One of the advantages of such household appliances is the compactness and the resulting mobility of devices. Most models have a round shape, which allows cleaning in the most inaccessible corners of the house.

The compactness and height of most models, not exceeding 10 cm, makes it possible to clean under beds and cabinets, where it is difficult to remove dust with a standard vacuum cleaner.How To Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Pros And Cons

Duration of work and the possibility of cleaning large areas

A big plus in the robot vacuum cleaner is a reliable and powerful battery that allows you to perform cleaning for a long time and clean large areas.

If you have a large house or apartment with many rooms, choose models with this type of battery, which will ensure continuous operation of the equipment within two hours. A wide nozzle will help to clean up larger areas faster, so do not forget about such an important detail of the design.

Types of navigation and control of household robot vacuum cleaner

There are different ways to manage “home helpers”. You can control the technology with the remote control, install the program on the control panel with the buttons or select advanced models with the “voice control” function.

Voice control is considered an ideal option for the elderly.

Mobility and patency of technology

Do not forget about such important criteria as the ability of a robot to overcome small obstacles (rapids, carpets, cords, and wires, etc.). Inexpensive Chinese models are not designed to overcome obstacles. You should not save and choose this option if you want to perform cleaning in different rooms, where there are low thresholds and carpeting.How To Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Pros And Cons

The presence of sensors of different types

Proximity sensors give a signal when the robot vacuum cleaner approaches an object in the room (interior items, floor vases, furniture, etc.), avoiding a collision. The important advantages of this type of home appliances include the presence of infrared sensors of the fall, instantly signaling changes in the height of the floor.

Such sensors allow avoiding damages and falling of the robot from height (stairs, the second floor in the house or a two-level apartment). Ultrasonic sensors help such “assistants” to remove dust in hard-to-reach places and choose the appropriate speed of movement in empty space or in a room with a lot of furniture and decor items.

Some models are equipped with special sensors that can quickly “assess” the degree of pollution and choose the appropriate harvesting regime. Laser sensors are significant “pluses” of improved models. With their help, the intelligent system “understands” the exact dimensions and shapes of the room, helping to clean the entire area of the room qualitatively.

The base for automatic recharging of the device

Minus cheap models – lack of a base for recharging equipment. The charging station constantly transmits an infrared signal that allows your “assistant” to quickly determine the desired direction and recharge if necessary. Some bases are supplied with additional garbage containers, into which waste is discharged.How To Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Pros And Cons

“Pros” and “cons” of most robotic vacuum cleaners in practice

  • Do not exaggerate the possibilities of “little helpers”. With their help, it is good to carry out maintenance cleaning and to remove dust from the floor and floor coverings, but you have to, in any case, do spring cleaning several times a month;
  • The downside of the charging base with the dustbin is that garbage cannot be discharged correctly, in which case you will have to perform cleaning at the unloading site and collect scattered debris;
  • Plus some models – the presence of a HEPA filter for better cleaning;
  • Convenient is the additional function of “cleaning according to the established schedule” when the robot cleaner starts the programmed cleaning at a certain time;
  • For people prone to dust allergies, the “wet cleaning” function will be useful, but remember that in this case, it will be necessary to change the water in the tank or wash a special napkin under running water.

In which case is it worth to buy a “little helper” for the house

  • You have a busy schedule that does not leave time to perform maintenance cleaning;
  • You live in a densely populated area or not far from you is a traffic junction, which adversely affects air quality and increases the amount of dust and harmful substances in the atmosphere;
  • You have pets at home, and you do not have time to remove wool and fluff from the floor.

Manufacturer selection

In the market, there are many manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners, but it is advisable to give preference to well-known brands. The budget option will not provide a good quality of cleaning.

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Medium-price devices guarantee effective cleaning and have improved characteristics, they are reliable in operation and will serve you more than one year. Robots-vacuum cleaners of the premium class are intended for cleaning large premises, provide excellent quality of cleaning, but in some cases, their cost is unjustifiably overstated.


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