Drinking diets: sometimes to lose weight, you should not eat, but drink!

As you can see from the title, any drinking diet – whether it’s the technique of losing weight on yogurt, on broth, on green tea, on juices or even on the plain water – is based on the use of liquid. And if any food is provided during a drinking diet or anything that gets into the body – should it be exclusively in liquid form? And how long can I keep a drinking diet? And most importantly – what results does this system of losing weight bring?

Drinking diet in all its diversitydrinking diet

Obviously, drinking a diet is not a specific and specific diet, but only a diet that determines the form of eating, leaving you with a choice of foods. In other words, you should only absorb everything in a liquid form, but by this everything is understood to be only healthy, natural and low-calorie foods. 

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If you are a reasonably sensible person, you probably understand that the drinking diet cannot be based on milkshakes from a famous restaurant, on alcoholic beverages, on sweet soda, cocoa, coffee, industrial drinking yogurts and similar products. Strictly speaking, the drinking regime will be fully respected, but there is no question of losing weight here.

What you can drink as part of a dietdrinking diet

Water. With a drinking water diet, you should drink 2 liters of clean, still water every day. But this technique itself is strict and complex, very few people can withstand it. Since it refers to starvation, it is permissible to sit on it for more than 3 days. The best option for drinking a diet for water is to discharge 1-3 days a month when you consume only water. In addition, such a strict drinking diet should be prepared, daily reducing the amount of food consumed a week before it starts and just as slowly returns to the usual diet.

Bouillon. It can be chicken, fish or beef, and also the vegetable. It must be prepared independently and from natural products, no semi-finished products are suitable). Add salt when cooking is allowed, you can also add carrots, celery, from the green – parsley. Pepper to add is not desirable, it kindles appetite, as does the onion.

Dairy products in liquid form can also be the basis of a drinking diet. If it’s kefir, then it’s necessarily low-fat, as well as ryazhenka, bifidok or drinking yogurt without fillers. You can also take as a basis milk fat content of not more than 1.5 percent. But it is believed that the milk is not well absorbed by the body of adults, so it is recommended to choose sour-milk products.

Fresh juice. Orange, grapefruit, apple juice will suit. It is better to choose unsweetened fruit. Grapefruit is generally considered a first-class product for weight loss. But you have to be careful and check if you have any allergies before you start the juice diet. And the main thing when choosing a drinking diet on juices is to remember: freshly squeezed juices cannot be consumed in kind – they should be diluted with still water in a ratio of 1: 1.

Tea. Choose green, black, red or fruit teas, but be sure to be leafy and of good quality. Drink it should not be sweet, you can add skim milk or lemon.

Morse or compote.  These drinks are also suitable for a drinking diet. They cook not sweet from fruits and berries. You can also cook oatmeal, he is the most satisfying.

Vegetable smoothies. In addition to fruit juices for a drinking diet, vegetable products such as juices or smoothies are also perfect. Far from always, they are pleasant to the taste, but if you have the patience and experiment a little, then you can choose an acceptable option for yourself.

Protein cocktails. Perhaps this is the most effective and fastest option for a drinking diet. As you know – protein diets are among the most effective. However, to consume protein shakes without harming one’s health, you need to be sure that you do not have chronic diseases. And besides, when consuming a large amount of protein, you must strictly monitor the water regime – drink plenty of still water (otherwise the protein will simply not be digested).

It is highly desirable to establish a schedule for eating “food” – for example, every 2 hours for 1-1.5 cups. Or every three hours – a little with more. And during breaks, do not forget to drink enough clean water.

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How long does the drinking diet last?drinking diet

The longest of the more or less known drinking diets last about 30 days. Her menu cannot be called scanty and ascetic, but all products and “dishes” are used exclusively in liquid form. In the morning – fresh fruit juices and green tea (naturally without sugar, syrups and jam), closer to dinner – light broths (always second or even third) and vegetable smoothies, in the evening – kefir and protein shakes, and throughout the day in the morning until the evening – also water in quite impressive volumes.

You think that drinking a diet, even if you keep it only for 4-5 days, perfectly relieves the intestines, removing toxins and so-called “food rubbish” and stimulates the body to use already accumulated fat as a result of current energy consumption

However, such a long period of time – 20-30 days or more – is rather an extreme variant of a drinking diet. While no nutritionist, almost certainly, will not advise anyone to adhere to such a diet (in any case, outside the constant stationary observation) for more than 12-14 days.

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The “Drinking Day” Dietdrinking diet

Recall the simplest version of the drinking diet – a day on the water. The essence is simple: throughout the day it is allowed to drink only pure still water. Such days are considered unloading, and they can be carried out once a week or 2-3 times a month. At this time you can drink only water, in unlimited quantities, but not less than 2 liters per day, or spend a day on freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit or apple juice mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio, while maintaining the water regime – 1, 5 liters per day. Such drinking days on the water give your body a break from the stress associated with the constant digestion of food. Our digestive system needs to be cleaned, just this process is launched during such unloading days.

To get out of the diet you need to gradually, gradually adding low-fat foods – first vegetables, fruits, cereals, then low-fat protein products, after a couple of weeks you can gradually return to the usual diet. But, again, to lean on flour products, sweet, fat is not worth it at once.

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Drinking diet for 7 daydrinking diet

For a week-long drinking diet, you can lose weight to 7 kilograms. For a basis, it is possible to take juices from vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy products, broths. In addition to liquid food, it is necessary to monitor the water – the amount of water drunk per day should be at least 1.5 liters. You can also drink unsweetened green (leafy) tea in unlimited quantities. To not be fed up with any one product, diet days can alternate. For example:

  • Day 1 – on milk or kefir;
  • Day 2- on the broth;
  • Day 3 – on the juice;
  • Day 4 – tea;
  • Day 5- protein or yogurt;
  • Day 6- on compote (dried apricots, prunes, raisins, boil without sugar);
  • The last day is juice.


However, strive to ensure that your daily menu consisted of 3/4 of natural, healthy, low-fat and healthy foods and dishes. Only so from the last drinking diet will remain a decent result. If you believe that drinking a diet will help you in a series of periods of gluttony and unhealthy eating to keep a slender figure.

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