How Eating a Vegan Diet can Prevent Illness

Being a vegan now is a lot easier than it was a few years ago. Today it is easy to find plenty of vegan foods in the supermarkets, a wide range of vegan recipes and you can even follow recipes designed for your lifestyle such as these vegan bodybuilding meals

As well as this, it is much easier to enjoy eating out now as there are a lot of restaurants that offer a vegan menu. One of the main reasons that a vegan diet has become so popular, are the health benefits that are associated with it.

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Here are a few of the health benefits that you get from eating a vegan diet…

Lower Heart Disease Risk – Heart disease is the biggest cause of death in the UK so the fact that we can eat ourselves away from it has caught on. The main elements of a vegan diet – fresh fruit and vegetables, foods high in fibre and low in fat are the reasons why this is a diet that can massively reduce your risk of having heart disease. The vegan diet is an effective way of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, putting less pressure on your heart.

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Lower Cancer Risk – There are many forms of cancer that are linked with eating animal products. The recent reports of the links found between red meat consumption and bowel cancer for example show why a vegan diet can prevent certain cancers. As well as being full of vitamins that are naturally found in fruit and vegetables, there are some cancers such as colon, breast and prostate cancer that have been found to be linked to meat eating.

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