Business Idea of Growing and Selling Crayfish

Breeding crayfish is also a type of entrepreneurial activity, so it must be properly formalized. Correct design of the enterprise will give the chance to get rid of superfluous questions and numerous checks in the future when business will go uphill. In addition, the correct design will give you confidence in your security, which will help you in the development of your business.

To start an entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to design an individual entrepreneurial activity (IP) or a legal entity. Since the cultivation of crayfish carries a certain amount of risk (they can not give offspring, freeze or die from diseases), the design should begin before the very start of sales. Such a trick will avoid unnecessary costs. 

Basics of production

Before buying and starting crayfish, one should understand their essence and learn their behavior and habits. After all, when they talk about entrepreneurship, in the field of production, any animal, they talk about the breeding of this animal with the subsequent sale of their meat.Business Idea of Growing and Selling Crayfish

Sea or river crayfish are representatives of the arthropods class; they live on the bottom of various reservoirs and are absolutely omnivorous. They feed on all that can get algae, small aquatic animals, do not disdain crayfish and eating their relatives and even the corpses of large animals. On the basis of what, the businessman cannot have problems with the food of growing arthropods.

Since crayfish are nocturnal creatures, that is, they show maximum activity at night, and then they begin after dark. During the day, they usually hide in burrows, at the bottom of the reservoirs. If you are planning to start breeding crayfish, this aspect simply needs to be borne in mind. The bottom of the lake or an artificial reservoir should be clean, if it is muddy, then cancer will be difficult to dig a hole for itself. The best thing is the presence of pebbles in certain places on the bottom of the reservoir, in which case the animal will comfortably crawl around such areas and find food for it.

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Financial expenses

Ask any entrepreneur, and he will confirm that any entrepreneurial activity requires investments, especially at the initial stage. So be ready, that in the case of breeding crayfish will have to invest. If you plan to independently grow crayfish, and the asset has its own suitable reservoir or site on which it can be created, the costs will be associated only with the purchase of cancers themselves (one flock of crayfish capable of producing offspring costs about $ 80). Costs will require and reconstruction of the reservoir.

If it is planned to breed animals indoors, in swimming pools or aquariums, then it is necessary to purchase specialized equipment (oxygen generators, various kinds of control and measuring devices), the cost of which can be several thousand dollars. What this type of entrepreneurial activity does is entrepreneurship with small capital investments, especially with the first type of crayfish breeding.

Growing crayfish in aquariums

Breeding crayfish at home, that is, breeding them in aquariums is quite cheap, and that’s why many businessmen start with this. Over time, they begin to understand that this kind of process does not bring profit and there are several explanations for this.Business Idea of Growing and Selling Crayfish

First of all, aquariums have a limited capacity, which in turn limits the number of crayfish that can be taken out in the aquarium. Scientists studying arthropods, confirm that crayfish very often eat their own cubs, so it is simply impossible to protect hatched crayfish from hungry crayfish in the aquarium. Of the hatched two hundred crayfish, until complete ripening will survive a few individuals.

Aquariums are good for breeding large, expensive arthropods (Cuban blue cancer) only then your activities will be profitable.

Growing crayfish in reservoirs

In the reservoir, it is possible to remove up to hundreds of centers or tons of animals. At current prices, one-kilogram costs from $20. From a single pond with a useful area of 50 square meters over the summer, you can collect 500 to 700 kilograms of crayfish.

Suppose the selling price of $10 per kilogram, in which case your income may be more than $1000 for the summer, which completely covers the costs of purchasing equipment and feeding crayfish. From the above amount, your net profit will be about two thousand Dollars.

Growth in income over several years

For the full growth of crayfish to the conditioning size in a normal reservoir, it takes some time. Usually, the formation of a large viable herd in cancers takes about four years. This means a significant profit; you can get only four years after the start of breeding crayfish.Business Idea of Growing and Selling Crayfish

If you divide one thousand six hundred Dollars into four years, the result, that is, your profit will turn out to be small. Real profitability can only give a farm for breeding cancers.

Crawfish farm

The useful area of the reservoir on a private plot is about 50 square meters. The farm can have a much larger area. The usual farm for growing cancers consists of special indoor heated swimming pools. Hothouse conditions and sufficient feeding create conditions for the rapid growth of cancers, moreover, on the farm; the cancers reach larger sizes than in the usual open reservoir. The size of cancer depends on the temperature, and if the farm is constant, then in the pond, for example, it fluctuates and depends on the weather.

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