Six Styles of Tradie Pants for Different Occupations

You must pick suitable workwear when you are gearing up for a carpentry job, home DIY projects, or other trading occupations. Wearing your everyday denim or cotton pants to work will be inconvenient in terms of flexibility and comfort.

The Australian Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 has made it mandatory for employees to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to work. Therefore, you must look into purchasing FXD work pants to operate without worrying about constant fabric scratches or rips.

If you are confused about the variety of tradie pants available in the market, look at these six styles best suited for different working fields. Then, keep reading to know more!

Cargo Pants

Are you tired of stepping down the ladder and making recurring trips to the toolbox? If so, switch to cargo pants and enjoy the benefits of multiple loops and pockets strategically placed along the length. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and other tradies can use them to store rulers, keys, laser measures, etc. These trousers are available in a variety of loose and slim-fitting options.

Double Knee Pants

Workers in landscaping, brick paving, or other similar sectors often find their pants scraped from the knee area. Due to constantly squatting down, the fabric tears up and can result in bodily harm. Double knee work pants have extra fabric stitched on the middle of the length, thus providing more durability and safety. However, trousers start to get less porous and stiffer due to the additional layer.

Carpenter Pants

Work in the carpentry field is usually accompanied by increased physical movement. As such, having highly flexible and durable pants at hand is non-negotiable. Carpenter trousers are made from a durable fabric to prevent any harm from wood scrapings. Similar to the cargo pant structure, there are extra pouches and belt loops to carry essential tools.

Canvas Pants

When you work, one of the biggest concerns is getting your uniform stained with non-removable marks. To prevent such instances and keep the workwear clean, you can buy canvas trousers specially made with wrinkle and stain-resistant cloth. As a result, you don’t have to worry about washing or ironing your pants daily.

Bib and Brace Overalls or Dungarees

These pants are made with thick weave cotton and are generally preferred for tradespeople who have to bend over a front bib or structure for longer durations. Dungarees are ideal for long-term stretching and don’t slip down repeatedly. With wide leg openings, wearing or removing these trousers gets pretty hassle-free. You can easily find sleeved or sleeveless bibs and brace overalls based on the type of work.

Painter Pants

Like carpenter or cargo pants, these trousers are also fitted with plenty of loops and pockets. As a result, you can easily store paint brushes, rollers, sanding paper, or other accessories without looking for them repeatedly. Also, these pants are a little tighter to prevent accidental brushing against freshly painted walls or other flat surfaces.

Wrapping Up

Working in demanding and hazardous occupations means constantly watching for injury prevention while maintaining maximum comfort. Therefore, having the correct workwear at hand is crucial.

Buying FXD work pants will help improve your overall productivity by providing maximum durability and allowing increased physical movements.

Based on your profession, you can search for different styles of work trousers and suit the pattern fitting you best.

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