Renovation expectations versus reality: Revive is bridging the gap

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Like most things in life, we already have an ideal outcome in our minds when thinking about renovations. It’ll be pristine, value-boosting, and it’ll only take about a week or two.

Of course, reality never fully aligns with expectation. In this article, we will investigate several expectations that homeowners have. Our solutions are bridging the gap between expectations and reality.

When you watch home renovation shows, you’ll notice that something always goes awry. As a homeowner, it can be easy to think you understand costs surrounding a renovation. In reality, what you don’t know ends up costing you.

If you aren’t a real estate professional, you probably aren’t up to date on recent trends that impact pricing. Take for example the appliance shortage. Without factoring this in, you may find yourself underestimating the price of a refrigerator or the time it takes to get one into your new kitchen.

Another example is paint. Most people think painting is an easy job and should be cheap because they could do it themselves. The reality is that painting requires taping, mudding, patching, drywall work, texturizing, all of which happens before the walls are even painted. Then, a painter has to have the skill set to efficiently spray paint the wall. If it’s a 20 foot ceiling then costs go up because they have to be on a scaffold or ladder with increased risks.

You don’t know what you don’t know– that’s where we come in. Rather than underestimating the price of a project or doing home renovations that don’t earn a high ROI, we use our industry knowledge to get the best results. We use leverage with our service providers to lower prices and source materials that make sense financially. Knowing these costs from the hundreds of projects we complete each month also helps us provide accurate estimates before anything gets done.

  • Time management

We’re only human. Most of us aren’t prepared to head an army of renovators. Even if you are, that means your spare time will be spent vetting contractors and coordinating between all of them. With a stressful job, kids to play with, and HBO shows to binge, is this the best use of your time?

At Revive, concierge really means full-service from start to finish. We have a preferred list of contractors that are already vetted who give us top priority. When they are working, we also follow up and coordinate with subcontractors to stay on deadline. With a dedicated team, we act as your spokesperson so that you don’t have to.

We’ll manage all of administration, timing, communication, and much more. That way, you can do what you want in your spare time.

  • Living in the house during renovations

Many people view moving out during a renovation as an inconvenience. What they find out sooner or later is that washing dishes in the bathtub gets old quickly. During renovations there is also constant foot traffic and noise. Since it doesn’t tend to be quiet work, everyone gets involved.

Living at home can also disrupt a contractor’s workflow. It’s hard for homeowners not to micromanage. But, service providers are already under pressure when the homeowner is on-premise. They may not be able to complete all the jobs they would like to do as they work around you in different rooms. To make this as seamless and timely as possible, it’s best to trust the process.

You probably don’t want to stay with your in-laws or friends. A hotel can be costly. As part of our services, we help you temporarily relocate. We can even find your next home while renovating so that there aren’t too many moving parts or inconveniences.

  • Design is easy

When it comes to design, there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Interior design is both an art and a science. Choosing paint, furniture, and an aesthetically pleasing home requires an incredible amount of skill.

You may fancy yourself as the next Joanna Gaines, but there’s a fine line between knowing what you like and what buyers want in 2021. We have a team of designers with trained eyes and proven success flipping houses. They know how to stage a house, what colors to use, and years of on-the-job experience. Our experts also work religiously to localize aesthetic tastes guarantee best results in your area.

Using an objective eye rather than your personal preferences is crucial to sell your home at a profit. At Revive, our home concierge team is dedicated to helping your home sell for top-dollar.

Key takeaways 

When it comes to renovations, the average homeowner has certain preconceived notions and expectations. These are often unrealistic and range from pricing to design. At Revive, we work hard to prevent you from becoming your own worst enemy. Our Seamless end-to-end renovation process is designed with your best interest in mind.

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