The Pros and Cons Of Taking Longer Showers

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Showers are one of the best ways to get clean and they are effective at waking you up in the morning. But, how long do you take in the shower? Is there such a thing as taking too long a shower?

Environmental Considerations

The average shower lasts for between 7-8 minutes and uses approximately 16 gallons of water. In contrast, the average bath uses 35 gallons of water. That is a significant difference. You would need to stay in the shower for around 18 minutes to use the same amount of water.

That is a long time in the shower! The chances are even your long shower wouldn’t be that long, making a shower the better option for the environment.

Of course, whether you are using a shower or a bath you should have your plumbing system checked regularly by a qualified plumber Sydney. This will ensure you don’t have any leaks which can cost you a significant sum of money.

Dry Skin

You may not realize it but showers actually dry your skin! While water is essential for your survival, your skin is designed to be waterproof. That means none of the water from your shower will help to hydrate you. In addition, the heat of shower water can dry the outer layer of your skin. This is a particular issue if you already suffer from dry skin or another type of skin infection.

If this is the case experts recommend you keep showers to under 5 minutes, long showers are definitely not a good idea.

It is worth noting that the hot water strips the outer protective layer from your skin, this allows more irritants into your skin, increasing the likelihood of itchiness and discomfort.

Reduced Blood Pressure

A hot shower will lower your blood pressure because it warms your skin and encourages the dilation of blood vessels.  For short periods this is fine. But, if you spend too long in the shower you may start to become dizzy or light-headed as your pressure drops too low.

Help You Sleep

A long shower before bed will help your body to relax and unwind. This can assist you with preparing to sleep. It also increases your core temperature which will suddenly drop when you leave the shower. Scientists have discovered this drop in temperature can help you to fall asleep faster. It can even help you to sleep deeper!

Soothe Aching Muscles

Most people think of baths to soothe aches and pains but long showers can have exactly the same effect. They will warm your muscles and the water beating on them will gently ease any tension in your muscles, helping you to relax.

In fact, this approach can also help to lower our stress levels which is great for your overall health.

Good For A Cold

When you have a cold you will find the warmth of the shower helps. It is actually the steam that unblocks your nose and leaves you feeling better.

Long showers are not necessarily negative, you simply need to balance them with shorter showers to get the best effects for your body.

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