How To Clean A Wooden Kitchen Furniture From Fat

From dirt or fat in the kitchen cannot escape. Before the table is a delicious and beautiful dish, the hostess will have to go through not the cleanest process of processing semi-finished products and cooking. And all this leaves a mark on the facades and a tabletop set. Sticky, unpleasant looking and smelling fat can quickly spoil the look of the most luxurious kitchen furniture.

The task of maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen involves fighting not only with dampness, juice and other liquids from raw foods or dust but also removing greasy stains from the surfaces of the kitchen set. Wooden furniture is an expensive and solid environment, which is bought for a long time. To the facades of the kitchen to please you with beauty, they need to be cleaned regularly, not to let the fat eat up in the surface.How To Clean A Wooden Kitchen Furniture From Fat

How to remove fat from the surface of wooden kitchen furniture

To get rid of the plaque of fat on the wooden countertops or facades of the kitchen set and not spoil them with excessive zeal, it should be remembered that abrasive agents and aggressive chemical preparations cannot be used. Wood is beautiful, ecological, but it is easy to damage. So it’s better to refuse the idea of quickly scraping the fat from the doors of the closet, located near the stove.

The first remedy is obvious – make an aqueous soap solution and wash them your kitchen cabinets. How to clean the fat, take a clean damp cloth and wipe it all, and then wipe dry with another piece of cloth. It remains to take a means for wooden furniture, which includes wax and clean facades.

A powerful tool for fighting fat is the steam cleaner. This is a great device that effectively cleans wood surfaces and dirt from grease and dirt, but does not harm them. At the same time, the flow of superheated steam disinfects all the planes of your furniture.

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In addition, for cleaning from fat, you can use folk remedies, proven by generations of grandmothers and great-grandmothers:

  • Take one part of the vegetable oil and two parts of the kitchen soda. Mix them until a homogeneous mass, similar in structure to sour cream. Next, take a brush, for example, dental and gently rub the prepared mixture into areas with fat. The oil will dissolve the fat on the surface of the wood, and soda, as a soft abrasive will remove the recycled dirt. It should be borne in mind that when using this composition, soda with dirt will fall to the floor, so it is better to bed in advance with paper or something else.
  • Dough baking powder mixes with a little water and applies to stained surfaces, wait half an hour and rinse with water. Then wipe the furniture dry.
  • Apply ammonia on the rag, sold in each pharmacy, and wipe the surface until you remove the fat from it.
  • In the moldered clay add a little vinegar and mix. The resulting mixture is applied to the dirty facade, wait until this agent dries and cleans the composition with a soft brush. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge and dry cloth.
  • In a liter of water, add 15 grams of citric acid and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Moisten a soft cloth in this solution and treat the places of accumulation of fat. Wait 30 minutes and wash the furniture with warm water. Wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
  • Wet the cloth with apple cider vinegar and wipe the contaminated surface until you remove the fat. After that, the facades of your headset will not only become clean but will also shine like new ones.How To Clean A Wooden Kitchen Furniture From Fat

We remove fat from wooden furniture in the kitchen

Also, you can prepare yourself an effective spray for cleaning and cleaning surfaces of kitchen furniture: mix vodka and vinegar in equal proportions. Add some essential oil to this mixture, for example, orange or eucalyptus. The resulting composition is applied to furniture using a spray gun. Wait 20 minutes and wipe the surface with a dry, clean cloth.

The industry produces many household chemical products for cleaning furniture from fat. The problem is that the effectiveness of such drugs is related to their chemical aggressiveness, which can affect not only the fatty coating but also the fibers of the wood itself. Therefore, the proven folk remedies for removing fat from wooden kitchen furniture remain relevant. And if you still dare to use industrial chemicals, you must first check them on a small and barely visible piece of furniture. With the help of our recommendations, you can easily clean your kitchen from fat, keeping the material intact.


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