11 profitable rental business to start in 2018

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The rental business is becoming more successful every day, and the entrepreneurs who run these companies get a good income every month with these products.

While looking for information on the Internet about this, I was surprised by the type of items that can be rented: from plates to stretch clothes, to even coffins.

The big question is: why are so many people today that prefer to rent an object to buy it?

The reasons are different depending on who you ask; Some people are only going to use that product for a day or a few hours, and they are not willing to pay the full sale price to use it for such a short time.

Others do it because they want to try it before deciding to buy. And many people simply like to change often those objects for new ones that have come to the market better or with other designs and thus manage to save money.

No matter the reason why these customers do it: what is clear is that rental businesses are very profitable ventures that you can take advantage of to start your own business.

So here I am going to show you 11 different business ideas that generate good benefits, and with which you will save yourself having to be buying new merchandise again and again.

11 profitable rental business that you can start today

1. Room rental business

rental business

The business of renting rooms is nothing new: it is a way of generating income that has been practiced for many, many years. You may also like http://how2dream.com/importance-of-social-media-for-small-business/

But if this endeavor continues to work today it is because it is one of the simplest ways to earn money.

If you have a room that you have left over at home, or you have the great luck of being the owner of a second home that you do not use, renting these spaces is a great way to start your own business. Just keep it clean and tidy.

Do it on your own or through platforms such as Airbnb where you will attract hundreds of guests who want to rent your room or your entire apartment.

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2. Designer bags and jewelry

We all like to change our accessories every so often for others that have come out new to the market, or that have different designs to avoid falling into boredom.

The problem is that some of these products, such as branded handbags or designer jewelry, have prices that are too high for anyone with a normal salary.

That is the reason why for several years there are companies that rent these items to customers who want to go to the latest fashion.

Do not think that this is a market for women only: many men also use this service by renting branded neckties, luxury watches, or designer cufflinks for shirts.

You can start this venture with a few products only if you do not have a lot of initial money (for example, with three or four new bags of brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, or Prada), and extend it later with other bags, accessories, and jewelry.

The best way to start is through the Internet, creating your own website where you teach the merchandise you have.

This is how the company Bag borrows or steal started, with a rental business where the final price also includes shipping costs and damage insurance to rent each item for a month.

Of course: in this business, it is very important that all your products are authentic, and that you can prove it to your clients if they ask you for an authentication certificate.

3. Rental of clothes

rental business

This is a profitable rental business similar to the previous one, only that here it is only about renting clothes, and not accessories (although you can also include these objects in your catalog).

You have many different options: from ties as I told you before, evening dresses or for a special occasion, men’s suits, costumes, or even clothes like bridesmaids clothes for weddings and communions, or quinceanera dresses for parties.

It is better than this company mounts in a physical location, where your customers can go to try on the live clothes to rent.

4. Wedding dresses

The world of fashion is a market that generates many profits throughout the year. And weddings is one of the most profitable sectors in this regard.

An ordinary wedding dress can start at $ 900, but one design can cost $ 2,500 up.

Many future brides want to be radiant on their wedding day and wear the best suits. But they are not willing to pay a fortune for a garment that will only take one day.

That is the reason why bridal gown rental businesses are now very successful.

Find a nice place to start your business, and buy several dresses of different prices to rent to your customers.

Create different packs to sell so that brides can choose, such as a basic pack in which you only rent the dress, another more expensive pack in which you include the dress and accessories as well, etc.

5. Audiovisual equipment rental for events

rental business

Every time there are more people who like to give a good party for their friends and their loved ones in style.

And to achieve this, they rent audiovisual equipment that they use in their most special occasions to give them a special touch.

Purchase several devices for these events, such as a projector, screens, sound equipment and lights, and rent them to celebrate birthday parties, wedding banquets, business lunches and dinners …

If you also know how to handle all these materials, you can charge an extra for installing them and leaving them ready for when your clients’ big party starts.

6. Smartphone rental

Would not it be great to be able to try an iPhone, an iPad, or the latest Samsung Galaxy that has come on the market before buying it to see if you like it?

This rental business is spreading more and more throughout the world, and for good reason: it is frustrating to buy one of these phones that have such high prices so that they do not work properly, or you do not like their features.

You can save the money of a local by creating a web page where you show the terminals you have for rent, and your visitors can rent them directly online.

Of course, as in the idea of bags and jewelry, make sure that the final price includes shipping costs, and also insurance against damage or loss of the phone.

7. Computers, laptops, and tablets

rental business

Another enterprise similar to the previous one, but here the products are computers, laptops or laptops, and tablets.

This can be very useful to people who work with their computers, but for some reason, they have broken down and they need to use one until theirs is repaired or they buy a new one.

Or for those who want to try a laptop or a tablet before deciding to buy them.

8. Inflatable games for children

Another product that you can rent for children’s parties, or even schools, nurseries, or companies that hold an event in which the smallest of the house participate.

Here you can also include trampolines and other children’s entertainment equipment to increase your profits.

Of course, keep in mind that all these products must be passed before a safety inspection to ensure that they meet all the conditions so that children do not harm or endanger their physical health.

9. Textbooks

rental business

Here is a profitable rental business more aimed at children. The textbooks that children use at school to learn are quite expensive.

And many parents find it difficult to buy them all if they have a tight salary, especially when they have two or three children at home who need these materials.

The idea is to go to the schools that are in your area, inform you about what textbooks they use, and buy several of different courses and then rent them throughout the school year.

With this endeavor you will not only earn money: you will also be helping many families who want to give their children a good education, but who do not have enough capital to do so.

Of course, you must realize that this is a seasonal business. Parents and moms will only rent books at the beginning of each course, so the rest of the year you will not get more income.

A good idea is that you complement it with the sale of diaries, notebooks, pencils, and other materials for the school so that you can be receiving benefits throughout the year.

10. Income of typical dresses

Around the world, there are many weddings and typical parties that are held in which the guests are asked to go with the traditional costumes and dresses of a specific country.

However, very few people have this type of clothes in their homes, and they do not want to spend the high price that sometimes these garments cost to use them only for a day.

That’s why renting these types of dresses is a good idea if you want to start a simple business, and do not have much capital to start with.

You can sew the suits if you are good at sewing, and then rent them to the clients who are interested.

You can add to this business also the sale of costumes or clothes for special celebrations such as weddings, and thus have a source of additional income for your venture.

11. Car rental business

rental business

Although most people have a driver’s license, not everyone can afford to buy a car and maintain it.

Or many others do not want to do it because it is a means of transport that they do not use frequently, and the expense is not profitable.

However, they may need a car at some specific time, and that is when they decide to rent one.

This is a good business that will leave you a lot of profits, especially if you open it in an area with many inhabitants or tourists such as a large city.

But you must also bear in mind that you will need good capital to start it since you will have to buy at least two cars to start your business at the beginning.

What other profitable rental business ideas can you come up with? Leave me a comment below and share them with me.


The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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