11 Unique business ideas that you can start without money

If you are one of those who think that everything is already invented, today I want to present you 11 unique business ideas that are not yet very popular, but that undoubtedly has a great future ahead.

Some of these creative products and services make day-to-day fun, while others can really save lives.

Many of these ideas are quite simple but so bright that, after reading them, you will be banging your head against the wall for not having thought of them before.

And the best part of all this is that you can start any of these businesses without having just money in your pockets, and still, get a good income only with your effort and work.

Here we list 11 unique business ides you can start without money

1. Personal chef

Unique business

Cooking delicious gourmet meals is not only done in restaurants: there are many people who would love to receive a delicious dinner without having to leave the comfort of their home.

This is where the personal chef comes into action, going to the homes of customers and preparing delicious dishes in their kitchens for those who have had a hard day with no time to cook anything, or on the occasion of a special occasion.

How to start this unique business?

First of all, you will need to have culinary skills and know a good variety of recipes for your consumers.

If you are already a master of the kitchen, open an attractive website to promote yourself and attract customers, showing what your services are and the data to hire you.

The investment is very low: you only need about $ 5 to buy the domain and hosting for your website ( you can buy it here ) since the ingredients and kitchen utensils will be put by your clients when you go home.

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2. Save babies from accidents

Are you especially cautious or cautious? Can you prevent accidents before they happen? Do you like children or do you have a special parental instinct?

So maybe your perfect business is to make those potential dangers for babies in the homes of parents who are expecting their first child disappear.

Your job will be to check their houses and advise them about the possible dangers for their children (especially babies and small children) such as plugs where they can put their tiny fingers, or stairs that could fall.

How to start this business?

As with the rest of the unique business ideas in this article, it is best to establish your website to advertise your services.

It is more: you should also create some cards of visits, and distribute them near parks, nurseries or even in classes of preparation for the childbirth to catch clients.

As you see, this advice will not cost you a penny because the only thing you need to take with you is a notebook to write down those risks, and your cautious mind to avoid accidents.

It offers complimentary services to generate more income as you sell the items yourself to avoid those catastrophes in exchange for extra money.

3. Repair of computers by telephone

unique business

It is a fact that nowadays the world would not work without computers. People are so tied to our technological devices that we would do anything because someone would fix them so as not to lose the personal information we have in them.

If you know how a computer works – and how to fix it – better than Microsoft’s own founder, become a computer repairman through your phone.

Your tasks will be to receive calls from clients with a problem in their machines, and tell them step by step how they should fix it themselves and what keys to touch to make the computer work again.

In case nothing works, offer to go to your home to fix it in person; Although remind them that this will cost more because it will count as an extra service.

How to start this business?

A web page, and promote yourself in forums and through posters on the street will suffice.

Remember that, to receive payments, it is best that your customers pay your fee first through your website through PayPal or card, and once you have received the money, they can call you – or call you – to begin the repair.

Never offer your services without having received your payment first.

4. Home care

Many people are afraid to go on vacation or spend a nice weekend away from home for fear of what may happen in their homes. And this is where you come in to keep everything under control and make sure nothing happens.

You should take care of the house that you have been entrusted with, checking that everything is closed so that no one enters to steal, or that there is no tap or open gas that could endanger the building.

How to start this business?

This market is basically built on trust. Nobody is going to give you their keys unless they know you or someone has told you about you and they know you’re legit.

Therefore, the best way to start with this unique business idea is through your family, friends, and acquaintances. Take care of your houses for a small fee when they leave for a weekend, and have them talk to you about the people around you.

Thus, your customer base will grow around a strong confidence, and your business will expand more and more.

5. Personal Shopperunique business

There are many people who would love to pay others in exchange for buying their clothes or other objects. Being a personal shopper (or personal shopper ), however, is not for everyone: you must have a sense of fashion and ability to dress others.

Do not you have the talent to dress others or do you like fashion? Then put yourself at the service of your customers by offering to go pick up their purchases at the stores they want, whether they are clothing, books, or even food.

A personal shopper does not have to serve only for clothes: it can cover any type of purchase.

How to start this business?

Here the best thing is that you start a blog in which, with each article. You show that you are an expert in trends. And acquisitions so that your readers want to hire your services as a personal shopper.

6. Private detective

I know what you will be thinking: “I do not live in a mystery movie”. But, although it is not a very unique business idea, the truth is that being a private detective is something real, and very profitable.

There are hundreds of people out there who are willing to hire you to investigate if your partner is being unfaithful to you, or if an employee suspected of your trade is stealing money from the box or not serving customers as it should.

You will need to consult if in your country or city you must have a license to practice as a detective. But it will not be difficult for you to access it.

How to start this business?

If you have enough money saved to rent a small office, you can start your own detective business there. But if you barely have a ticket left in your purse, do it from home.

Open a web page to publicize your services. Choose a room in your house that you do not use. And establish your own office there.

The key to success in this business? Getting your clients to talk about you to others, and specializing in a particular area (infidelities, work problems, etc.).

7. Classes for pregnant women

Unique business

Here is a largely untapped market yet and that can make you generate a lot of income. If you think a little about all the options there are.

A good business for this niche is to give classes with exercises for women in this state since changes in pregnancy do not allow an exercise routine as in a normal state.

Other unique business related to this may be yoga or relaxation classes. And even childbirth classes if you have the necessary licenses to teach them.

How to start this business?

Apart from a page, the posters and cards in health centers or hospitals can also be very useful to get your first customers.

From there, you can give classes as you prefer: going to the home of the future moms or, if you do not feel like leaving home, giving the classes through Skype with a webcam. And receiving payments by PayPal, card or transfer banking

8. Comfortable shoes

This may seem like an absurd business idea. But in countries like the United States, it is already triumphing. And little by little it is doing so in Latin America and Europe.

It’s about selling flat shoes for women that can be folded without losing their shape.

What are they for? For all the women who, after a night of partying in heels, or a hard day of work with this footwear, want to return comfortably to their homes because those shoes have tired their feet.

They are usually sold with a cloth bag and, being shoes that can be folded. They are very light and do not take up much space in a bag.

How to start this unique business?

If you already have a shoe store or have enough to open a physical, you can start there. But if your budget is low, open your own online store, look for suppliers that sell them at a good price. And start with 5 or 6 pairs of different sizes.

9. Pre and postpartum services

unique business

Being pregnant can be physically and mentally draining during the nine months of this process for many women.

Therefore, in this business, your main activity will be to provide a wide variety of prepartum. And postpartum services that are not usually given in hospitals or maternity centers.

For example, you can offer to create and manage all the paperwork for the registration of the baby, organize the baby shower for the pregnant mother, prepare everything to go to the hospital, wash the clothes once the child is born …

How to start this unique business?

If you have a nurse friend who works in a hospital maternity, ask her to recommend pregnant patients to go there.

If this is not your case, again open your own website and leave brochures with your services in hospitals, health centers. And talk to all your acquaintances who have children or who know they know pregnant women.

10. Custom tea sale

This type of online business is still little known, but the few that exist are having great success. It is about opening your own virtual store of teas, allowing the user to personalize the flavor of these.

Customers first select a base flavor – black, green, white tea, the ones you want to offer. And then mix them with two other flavors, such as almonds, caramel, mango, cherries, cinnamon, chocolate …

How to start this unique business?

Here, yes or yes, you will need an online store from which to sell. Then you will have to invest some money in buying some teas and flavors. But it will not be much since these types of products are quite cheap if you buy them in bulk.

11. Perform cosplay costumes

Unique business

Cosplay is nothing more than disguising yourself as the character in a series, book or movie that you admire. But did you know that these costumes, because they are handmade in detail, are sold for large sums of money?

If you are good at the world of sewing, and love fantasy, this may be the ideal business for you. And also with which you will generate great income: the cheapest costumes have prices of about $ 90. And there are dresses for a cosplay that they can reach $ 500.

How to start this unique business?

First, you must choose which option you are going to choose; You can make them measure – charging more for this service – or make the same costume in several sizes, or even have a mixture of both.

When you decide one of these methods, use a room as a sewing workshop. And open your website, and start selling to your customers.

It is also recommended that you go to fairs or comic events, series, or fiction movies where you can put a position to sell them. If you know how to do it, this may be the most profitable unique business idea on the list.

Now tell me by leaving a comment below: what other unique business ideas do you think of yourself? Which of these 11 ideas is the one you could start today?

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