Russia 2018: Top 8 business idea to take advantage of the World Cup fever

Shortly after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, many entrepreneurs are already thinking about how to capitalize on this opportunity. Meet 8 business idea appropriate to this immense event.

The participation of Peru in the Russia 2018 World Cup is not only a reason for happiness for the whole country, but it is also a good opportunity to start. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 25 out of every 100 Peruvians carry out some entrepreneurial activity, and with the proximity of the World Cup, this percentage will increase. Next, Carlos Ferreyros, General Manager of the consultancy Prestamype, gives us 8 business ideas for this important event.

We are on the threshold of one of the greatest events taking place: the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Football is a sport that is used by brands to sponsor great teams. But small businesses, especially Mexicans, should also see it as a great opportunity to sell. Football is the most popular sport in the world and therefore a great business idea and in our country, this is no exception.

Top 8 business idea  of the World Cup fever

Import of televisions and sound equipmentbusiness ideas

“The sales of these products increased by 14% during the weeks leading up to Peru’s repechage matches. For this year an increase of 20% is projected. All this gives a favorable environment to market televisions and sound equipment, “explains Ferreyros. “It is important to focus on micromarketing since entering the mass consumption market requires a very high initial investment,” he adds.

Sale and installation of racks and antennasbusiness ideas

“These accessories are an essential complement to televisions, therefore, their demand will also increase. Another service we can provide is the sale and installation of television antennas, since, unlike the import of televisions, the working capital required is lower, “explains the specialist.

Sale of shirts of the selectionbusiness ideas

“The sales of shirts of Peru tripled in September and October of 2017. In addition, its cost came to quadruple hours before the parties of the repechage. It is estimated that this year, the sales of these products and other allusive to the Peruvian team will experience a similar phenomenon, so if we want to venture into this business, it is advisable to foresee enough stock and look for a point of sale in a busy area.

World Cup breakfastsbusiness idea

The first three matches of the Peruvian National Team will be held in the morning (between 9 and 11 am). In that sense, an attractive gastronomic proposal will be that of the World Cup breakfasts: Remember that, after 36 years, each one of those 90 minutes, as well as the previous moments and post-match analysis, will be gold; time that you do not want to devote to any other task than to be in front of the television. Therefore, provide them with breakfast ready to watch the game, and football fans, will not lose.

Inflated deliverybusiness idea

While the passion of football is in much of the country, there are many who will see the games for various reasons and, very reluctantly, alone in their homes. Here is a business opportunity: make up a fan, a happy bar with healthy fun that carries that passion, chants with which you can comment, share and live the 90 minutes of each game of the selection. You can also apply this idea by taking the ‘bloated delivery’ to the offices.

 Inaugurate courts and academiesbusiness idea

“Taking advantage of the enthusiasm for football, another interesting idea is to rent a piece of land and equip it with synthetic grass to open academies for children, or also to rent it for hours to sports fans. In addition, we can organize tournaments on weekends with paid tickets “, says the General Manager of Prestamype.

Reinvent restaurants and barsbusiness idea

For Ferreyros, “if you already have a food establishment or a bar, it is advisable to implement it with soccer decoration and the selection that attracts customers. In addition, we can launch special offers during matches. It is worthwhile to implement several types of menus alluding to the World Cup for the 3 meals of the day since most of the games are in the morning, but they can be repeated during different times of the day. Do not forget to communicate your offer on social networks.

World Cup decorationbusiness idea

In these dates, a situation similar to that of Christmas occurs: Everyone wants to live it to the fullest but, due to time or fatigue, they do not decorate their house with reasons for the occasion, especially on the dates when visitors will be visited. house to watch the game. In this context, the commercialization of World Cup merchandising (caps, ornaments, decorative chains, etc.) accompanied by the decoration service can be a goal for your economy.

All these ideas can be implemented with different budgets, and among the means to finance them, we have personal savings, family loans, and financial loans. “If we opt for the last option, the alternatives are diverse, depending on the capital required,” explains the Prestamype expert.


Less than a month after the start of the Russia 2018 World Cup, Peruvians are eager to be part of the great celebration of the sports king. This moment, characterized by greater consumer confidence, represents a business idea that entrepreneurs can take advantage of. In a recent survey by Citi and Aprenda on the business expectations of Peruvian entrepreneurs, 77% of entrepreneurs said that their sales will increase during June, the World Cup. 5 out of 10 entrepreneurs, in addition, indicated that they are making or making special promotions by this date.


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