14 ways for retirees to earn money with little investment

Being retirees does not mean you have to leave work or forget about your finances altogether. Oak Financial Planners specialise in retirement planning and advise anyone wanting to retire should seek professional advice in-order to take control of your finances. Your reasons for wanting to work can range from supplementing your pension to being occupied by emotional and mental health. On the employer side, older people can offer deep experience, emotional intelligence, skills, and contacts (something you can emphasize when looking for a job).

In the meantime, we bring you 14 independent and part-time job suggestions that may be useful for the retiree who may not want to spend his time in a full-time office job.

Here we share 14 ways to earn money for retirees

1. Animal caretaker


Retirees can earn extra money by enjoying their love of animals by taking care of pets. You can walk, groom or simply take care of pets when their owners go on vacation or travel for work. Make sure that the line of work is compatible with your level of strength and physical condition: walking with dogs requires strength and endurance, and grooming sometimes involves lifting heavy objects.

Other duties related to the care of the animals may be feeding, watering, inspecting, cleaning litter boxes for cats, cages or dog houses and even bathing or administering medicines. If you have had your own pets or those of your children, you already have the basic experience for this type of work. Those hires simply want to see that you have a positive track record, related experience, and reliable references. The average salary for animal carers is 5 dollar per hour. Also, read http://trenchpress.com/5-more-steps-to-becoming-a-fine-wine-investor/

To promote yourself, you can leave flyers with your information at local pet stores and veterinary clinics. You can also open a Facebook page and a website.

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2. “Owner” in the collaborative economy

Retirees travel a lot, traveling the world or visiting their children and friends. Those who live in large cities or holiday destinations can rent their houses, additional rooms or guest houses for travelers on Airbnb.

Joseph Carbone, a financial planner at Focus Planning Group based in Bayport, NY, said some of his retired clients “rent their home all summer long.” They use the income they receive to pay off their mortgage throughout the summer – if they have one – or supplement the funds they receive for their retirement.

3. Tourist guide


Whether you have experience or not, part-time work as a tour guide can be ideal for art, food, celebrity, history buffs or for someone who knows a lot about the architecture or history of a city. A part-time tour guide will allow you to share your knowledge with others and interact with locals and visitors.

You can apply to places like local museums and historical monuments. You can also search for private tour companies in your city. It is a job that combines a social aspect (you must speak at least some English) with intellectual and physical aspects. The fun of this service is that you teach people while you walk.

The average rate for a tour guide depends on the city, but you should remember to include tips. Start looking for jobs in the tourism pages of your locality.

4. Part-time clerk

If you miss the office life and want to earn extra income, working medium may be the best option for you. You have experience, maturity, and know-how, so you can support the company in which you were or another when with a schedule that suits your needs.

Temporary work varies, depending on the industry and the role you would be developing. If it is a general administrative job, the responsibilities may include word processing, answering the telephone, entering data, organizing information, archiving, copying, booking trips, writing an expense report and investigating lightly.

5. Market researcher and tester


If you are retired and looking for ways to earn money easily in front of your computer, participating in focus groups and surveys can be a good option. Companies will pay you for your opinion and comments, although the requirements and payment for work really vary.

To start you will need a computer or smartphone with Internet access. Here are a variety of ways for you to participate in market and research tests:

Website Tester: You provide comments on applications and websites for an average of $ 10 per full test, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. Some companies that you can consult for this type of work are UserTesting.com, Whatusersdo, UserTest, UserFeel, Startuplift, and Analysis.

6. Instructor

We all have skills that are valuable, and we can turn some of them into teaching opportunities, especially if you have talents that are now considered “old school,” such as carpentry or sewing. “Skills that used to be considered common now may be in high demand,” said Alex Whitehouse, a financial adviser based in Vancouver, Washington. You may be pleasantly surprised, even if you think you do not know anything worth teaching.

You can go to the cultural centers, delegations and even clinics of the IMSS or the ISSSTE to start teaching. Ask what kind of credentials are needed (some classes require a degree) and what classes are in demand, as well as how to present a proposal for a class.

Not only that. You can even give classes online through YouTube and thus win with the monetization of your videos.

7. Gardener


If you are an avid gardener you can help others maintain or landscape the lawn, the trees, the gardens and the shrubs of their houses. It’s a pretty physical job, but it can also be very healthy

The work is mainly seasonal, depending on where you live. You can work for private clients, in botanical gardens or community garden programs, but the point is that if you want to work with plants, take advantage to help make this world a little greener.

8. Tutor / Mentor

When you retirees you not only take a pension for your career years, you also have very valuable knowledge. You can offer your wisdom in companies in the sector in which you developed or even do it online.

You do not need big things: a laptop that has FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts is more than enough to teach to students who are at a distance.

9. Nanny


Retirees can earn extra money by helping parents who work with their children. If you have already raised children and you have grandchildren, who better than you to provide temporary child care?

Responsibilities vary, from picking up a child from school to helping with homework, feeding them, and even bathing them. Decide what responsibilities you feel comfortable with. The hourly wage for child care services and nannies varies, depending on the responsibilities and geographical location.

10. Online seller


As a retiree you have decades of objects that you have accumulated, so a good idea is to sell them. You could do it the old-fashioned way with a garage sale or through local or thrift stores.

However, you can earn more money if you set up an online store. You can find good tools in Mercado Libre or even through the commercial pages of Facebook.

If you like doing crafts you can choose to sell them on websites like Etsy. What’s more, you can involve other members of your family and set up your own website.

11. Extra movie or television

You can enjoy your dreams of becoming a movie or television star when you retirees. Well, you can start by being extra. Maybe it’s not a job for every day, but it can be a fun activity that generates some extra money.

You can find these types of ads in the newspapers or go to the casting agencies in your area.

12. Copy editor / style editor


With your work experience, you have surely learned to write well. You can take advantage of this ability to check grammar, legibility, and spelling of written materials that you can review.

This is an extremely detail-oriented work for people who have an affinity for the other’s language and a high level of accuracy.

You can support printed magazines, web pages, newsletters and other places that require impeccable writing.

13. Transcriber

Transcription work can be ideal for retirees with quick typing skills and who want a job that gives them autonomy and control over working hours. To transcribe, you need accuracy in the speed to pass audio files to text. Usually, you pay for the duration of the audio, not for how long it takes you to write so it is a job that can be well paid.

As for equipment, you will need hearing aids, a computer and word processing software (such as Office Word). You will have to download multimedia files, so if you do not have the media or the audio player on your computer, you will need to download a program.

14. Homemade cook


Retirees can earn extra money in homemade cooking. If you know how to cook you can take advantage of the fashion of healthy foods and share your love for the culinary arts making lunches for office workers who do not have time to prepare their own lunches.

Surely you know many people with whom you worked that would be willing to buy homemade food to avoid having to buy fast when they are at work.

You can offer breakfasts, snacks such as chopped fruit and sweet bread, coffee and other products to help your ex-partners to maintain the diet.

If you dare, you can open the online service and take advantage of the fact that many cities have a corporate district where you can have a lot of customers.


The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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